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September 28, 2007

Bryant Denny Wallpaper: Peace Offering for Bama Fans

IronChefTurducken took this shot from the cheap seats in Tuscaloosa. I'm mainly posting it here because it's such a quality shot. Click to enlarge and get the wallpaper sized version of Bryant-Denny Stadium at night.



Georgia Bulldogs said...

Must have been a wide angle lens...

Paul Westerdawg said...

It was actually a series of photos that her software "stitched" together to make a panoramic.

In the really large versions, you can barely see the stitch marks on one of the hashes. It's an exceptionally well done panoramic.

Fallen Hero said...

Nicely done! Clean stitching is tough to do! Too bad the UT game isn't under the lights or I'd do it next weekend. I still may do it if I have room on the llama with all the oxygen we're having to pack in!

Fallen Hero said...

Ahhh, my seat is LL-28, I am dead center of the goalposts. I will be shooting! Would love to get in contact with the "artist" for any pointers in shooting or stitching.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Dawg Pile!

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