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October 22, 2007

Div I-AA Innovation

Updated to fix image load problem
I watched Tennessee Tech play a game over in Alabama on Saturday. Long story. Anyway, check out the innovations on display. Click to enlarge.

Innovation 1: The Beverage Tray Visor
Is the sun too bright for you? Well, don't let that get you down. Simply take your concession stand beverage tray and flip it upside down. It makes a handy visor.

Innovation 2: The Outdoor Locker Room
In Div I-AA, they believe that locker rooms are for wussies. Why not enjoy the outdoors pre-game? Photo taken ~20 minutes before kickoff. In two weeks, this Tennessee Tech team will be in Jordan-Hare Stadium playing in front of roughly 90,000 people. Talk about culture shock.

Innovation 3: The Cowboy-Plumber-Trainer-Medic
In Div I-AA, they lack the budget to have dozens of support staff for the football program so people need to wear multiple hats (pardon the pun). Here we see the TTU Cowboy-Plumber-Trainer-Medic with a utility belt that would leave Batman, Dwayne Schneider and Curly Washburn in awe. I'm pretty sure that he has athletic tape, a screw driver, a toilet scrub brush, a six shooter and a feather duster on that belt. (Click to enlarge).

I wonder if our players...really all Div I-A players sometimes forget how nice they have it.

Note: Tennessee Tech is by far one of the worst football teams that I've seen in my life, and I've seen half dozen Citadel games back when they were truly wretched. I know from bad football. The Aubies get Tenn Tech the week before playing us, so they'll be rested and confident rolling into Athens. Oh. Joy.



Anonymous said...

The pictures aren't coming through, so I can't tell if this is a dig at UT or is actually about Tennessee Tech.

Anonymous said...

I was actually at that same game watching a friend of mine play in the marching band there at JSU. Tennessee Tech was very bad.

Paul Westerdawg said...

I'm not sure why some of you could see the images and others couldn't, but I've rehosted the images the way I normally do.

Anyway - if you can't see them let me know.

JasonC said...

What was Mangino doing at the game?

Anonymous said...

why were you at that game?

MaconDawg said...


To echoe the sentiment of anon. 2:58, I think you really need to explain what you were doing at the Tennessee Tech/Jax State game.

It's like calling a friend for a lift from a truckstop outside Tishamingo. The price of admission back from the sudatenland of college football is an explanation of how in the hell you got there in the first place.

Todd Jones said...

Tenneessee Tech's HC is former UAB coach Watson Brown. The Cowboy was a fixture on the Blazer sidelines for the entirety of the Watson Regime, so it's not just a 1AA thing, it's a Watson Brown thing. I have no idea who he is or what his role is, and no one I knew every could figure it out either.

Paul Westerdawg said...

I was "trying to have fun even if it kills you."

Anonymous said...

Let's see...I can watch Alabama-Tennessee and Kentucky-Florida on television or catch the Tennessee Tech-Jackson State game live. Sounds like a logical choice to me. Must not have been a church revival nearby.

If I was staying at a hotel right next to the stadium (sic) and the hotel desk clerk gave me free tickets, I still wouldn't go to that game. I can't wait to hear this excuse. is it two teams we beat at THEIR HOUSE go out and put it on two other teams we looked horrible against? This SEC season is so goofy, I fully expect Georgia to beat Florida by 40.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Mi familia.

Anonymous said...

While I loved watching the JSU band to support my friend, it definitely was borderline on not being worth the $12 I paid to get in.

Anonymous said...

Paul, If you missed Georgia Southern end App State's 30 game home win streak in Boone NC., you missed a great finish. Go Dawgs, Go Eagles GATA.

S.A.W.B. said...

My younger brother went to JSU, majored in music, and marched in their band. For being a middle of the road I-AA team, Paul Snow stadium isn't a bad place to see a game, and there's a fantastic 'cue shack in town called Cooter Brown's Rib Shack. If ever you find yourself in Anniston for some god-forsake reason, or are in need of a 'cue roadtrip, Cooter Brown's wouldn't be a bad place to aim for...

Andrew said...

That top beverage-tray visor picture screams to be on the front of "Super Size Me II," "Fast Food Nation Continued," et al. Not just for visor guy himself, but everyone else in the periphery around him. Jackson State raises 'em right!

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