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October 16, 2007

Munson Mix Juke Box: The New Blog Feature

Well...finally! With help from Kit and the DawgGoneBlog I finally have implemented a juke box feature that allows me to upload my Munson Mixes to the blog. By the way, check out Kit's blog. He has his own Mixes on his JukeBox. I'm partial to his version of WolfMother's Woman.

You'll find the jukebox over on the left just below the Site Feed.

The current play list:
    1. Hard to Handle (Black Crows) - Highlights from the '03 season including Sean Jones' fumble return, Odell's INT return and I think some clips from the GT game.

    2. Where the Streets Have No Name (U2) - Personally, I think this is my best mix. The three main clips are UF '80, AU '92 and the early 70s UT game that I can never remember the year.

    3. Song 2 (Blur) - I call this the Clemson Killer mix. It has several great Munson lines from the '91 night game against the Tigers. It also has Butler's kick in the upset over #2 ranked CU in '82.

    4. Back in Black (AC/DC) - UT '80, LSU '99, UF '97, UT '00 and AU '96. This was one of my first mixes back so it's a little shaky. I lacked a thematic focus. lol.

    5. Paranoid (Sabbath) - SC '92 (that's Zeier to Graham), UT '00, and UT '88. This one ain't much better than Back in Black.

    6. Battle Hymn (Redcoats) - I'm not even sure I did this one. It could be from "DrewDog" or Talldawg. Drew was the first guy back on the old Napster to do any of these Mixes, and TallDawg is really good at this as well.

    7. Root Down / Sabotage (Beastie Boys) - This one has some explicit lyrics. I've always like this one because it starts with Catfish Smith talking smack about the 1929 Yale Game. Yeah, that's right. Old Man Smack. At the transition between the songs, it also has Wally Butts talking about Form Tackling. You know, our current Dawgs could use the same pep talk. Other clips include the game Between the Hoses ('86 AU), AU '96 (I think), UT '00, UF '97, GT '01, It could've used more Munson clips.

    8. Whiskey River (Willie Nelson) - This one actually does have a theme. It's just Munson railing on about obnoxious / drunken fans. UF '97, UK '78, UT '00 and UF '80.

    9. Stay a Little Longer (Willie Nelson) - Both Whiskey River and Stay a Little Longer were adapted from the same Live album. So one naturally follows the other. It starts with GT '71 (I think) with Poulous (sp?) scoring a late TD. It also has the Terry Hoage highlight reel from Vandy '83. Bonus: '78 LSU.
I'll upload more later.

The Technology:

I used technology from to make the jukebox. The end product seems to work pretty well, and it doesn't look like it hampers site performance. The front page already loaded sort of slow, but it doesn't seem to be loading any slower. If you disagree with me on the site's performance, then PLEASE let me know. I'll ditch the technology before I slow the site way down.

So far, I can recommend the end product, but the admin side of their application is a pile of crap. It's the least user friendly and least navigable site I've tinkered with in a very long time.


PS -- As for file sharing...As of right now, no. I'm not going to email you the MP3s. Sorry, but that's a large logistical hassle. And I'm not comfortable sharing URL for the Mix's other home base. It's jukebox only functionality for now.


Ludakit said...

Looks like the slow loading thing speeds up after about 10 seconds or so. It doesn't affect the page at all and I think it's just the jukebox trying to download all the clips automatically that's dragging the player down.

Like I said though, it speeds up and rolls along after about 10 seconds or so.

Thanks for the shout out! I'm partial to the Whiskey River one.

Anonymous said...

Do one to Hero by the Foo Fighters...........

CitizenCrane said...

I love the intraweb...

DOTWU said...

PWD: What software do you use to create the mp3's? I'd like to do some of my own...



Paul Westerdawg said...

I used a program called "Cool Edit 2000" which is no longer available. It's now sold as "Adobe Audition."

It went from costing $70-99 to around $350 today.

I'll ask Kit what he uses. The software I had was overkills, and I'm going to need a new version.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded these on another site about 2 years ago....and have made copies for most of my Dawg friends. I had no idea this was your baby. I have you as my home web the blog, and all the links. GO DAWGS....beat Florida (trying to have faith that we can.) We need Knowshon to have a HUGE day! Good mix by the way, I don't have the AC/DC one though. Keep up th good work

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Greatest Website jukebox evar.

On a related note, I always thought "Hard to Handle" would be a song the Redcoats could play at games. Would sure beat the "Souljah boy" thing...

Red & Black Redneck said...

Oh blogging god, thy files are great as art thou. I want the mp3s to put on my mp3 player when I am jogging. Any way to email the files?

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