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October 18, 2007

Opinions are like....

Three solid editorial pieces and tidbits around the Dawg Blogs. Here are some highlights:In looking at those articles, I was most impressed with our redzone stats from Get the Picture. Go ahead...write down what you think our TD and overall redzone conversion percentage is this year on a piece of paper before you do the link. you'll be shocked.

And here's a video for you. Our kicker commitment for next year Blair Walsh (who will likely get a 4th star soon if you care about that sort of thing), has a video up on's myspace page (Ht - Scott Kennedy). Per the caption:
    "Cardinal Gibbons Kicker Blair Walsh doubles as a punter, and he took a brutal late hit against St. Thomas Aquinas. The personal foul put Cardinal Gibbons into field goal range, and Walsh got his revenge with a 45 yard field goal, just three plays after the hit. Walsh is's #1 Kicker in the country and is committed to the University of Georgia.

Kickers aren't tough...

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Non-Dawg, but MGoBlog wrote an exceptional piece a few weeks ago that I refer to as "I call Rock." Brian Cook, the writer for MGoBlog, talks about the mentality of Michigan's offensive coordinator. Anyone who has ever been frustrated with stagnant play calling should read it. It's well done.

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blackertai said...

Good lord, what is it with us and recruiting kickers?

Also, damn, what a horrible late hit. Not even trying.

Anonymous said...

CMR does not really recruit kickers. Drew Butler was signed last year, Coutu was a walk-on, and later awarded a scholarship, a damn good deal IMO, (battlefield promotion as Coach Dooley called them), Billy Bennett wass a walk-on, the last kicker we "recruited" was Andy Bailey.

JasonC said...

Probably residuals from work with Bobby Bowden and his whole wide left/right drama.
Actually, I have been pleased with Mimbs so far. His average has got to be pretty decent- 42-43 yards I would guess.
Hopefully, this kid Walsh can put the ball 5 yards deep into the endzone from the 30, cause that's what we really need is someone to make most of our coverage teams needless (instead of useless).

Unknown said...

The kid has a cannon for a leg. He's hit in game kicks from 57 yards.

I think everyone has a negative idea in their head when it comes to offering scholarships to kickers based on the Andy Bailey fiasco.

However, both Jonathan Kilgo and Brent Kirouac (sp?) were scholarship kickers under Donnan. They both did fine.

I don't have a problem offering kickers scholarships if the coaches are that confident in them.

It's not like kicker scholarships have been cutting into OL or DE offers. We signed few OL/DE in years when no kickers got 'ships, and we signed a boat load of OL the most recent year (last) that we offered a punter a 'ship.


Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

As someone who suffered through the never-ending cardiac episodes of the Hap Hines era, I'm just grateful that we have enough scholarships to be able to offer one to a kicker.

C. Paul said...

And as Paul asks - please read the MGoBlog piece about play calling - just fantastic.

shliknik said...

All these kicker names you guys have been dropping - Kilgo, Kirouac, and Hines...brought back scary memories of my undergrad years!

Anonymous said...

Blair Walsh is going to win us some games. He's a weapon. I've seen him play...and earlier this season he just missed a 67 yarder that was a few feet wide.

Oh, and another thing. He can kick it into the end zone as well. How many of you out there are tired of seeing our opponents take over at midfield? Thought so...

Anonymous said...

After looking at that play several times, it looks like Walsh has some speed to go with that cannon leg.

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