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November 17, 2007

SEC East Co-Champs! (at least)

We would've won the whole thing outright, but Quinton jinxed us. lol. More on that later. Huge performance by the defense in the second half. The play calling was a bit odd at times, but we won and physically dominated the Wildcats for most of the game. I couldn't be happier.

Did you ever think we'd be sitting here feeling this way at halftime in Knoxville?

Go Dawgs. No posting from me til Sunday.

The AP's summary is here.



dawg 05 said...

I know everyone likes to bang on Martinez for waiting till the 2nd half to make adjustments, but I'll congratulate him today for changing stuff up earlier today. If I recall correctly, UK had 106 yards passing in the first quarter. They had 121 passing at the half. Good job of adjusting after a dismal opening quarter.

Moreno is the freshman everyone is talking about (and rightly so), but I am getting very excited about watching Rennie Curran play for 3 more years. That kid is a nuclear tipped sidewinder missile. His hits and tackle form reminds me of Thomas Davis. Go Dawgs!

stick jackson said...

Go Dogs, indeed.

We found out the final, crucial piece of information about our coach this year: not only can he keep things smooth when they are smooth, but he can manage a crisis, right the ship and move on.

And yeah, he is a lucky SOB that we recovered the two fumbles at the end against Vandy. Lucky is good. And, yes, I know he and others would say it isn't just good fortune. We all have our world views.

But please remember, beat the rush -- hate Tech early.

Anonymous said...

Seriously I've never wanted to bang Martinez.

Hobnail_Boot said...

+1 Anon

Anonymous said...

I agree that CWM has been making good adjustments as the game progresses, but the question is why is his initial gameplan so off? Against good teams we find ourselves behind early and playing catch up.

In today's game, once we put pressure on Woodson with the blitz packages his accuracy went down. And there were receivers open on several plays where Woodson just missed them. Why not start the game with the same aggression? Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of this team for turning the season around after the UT game.

I'm now a HUGE Wildcat fan! I think we can take LSU for the SEC Championship if we can just get a chance.

Gooooo Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

I need to say this: there was nothing wrong with CWM game plan that couldn't have been fixed by an offense that didn't turn the ball over and give KY a short field. the offense played better ball handling after the first quarter (except for TB's fumble) and that made the D look better. The D was fine.

Anonymous said...

goshhhh vandy had it and they let it slip. c'mon cats

Anonymous said...

what's up with havercamp

Anonymous said...

Check Ching's blog. He liked the Athens downtown scene a little too much apparently.
Didn't we lose a great transfer recruit last season b/c of the scholly given to Scott? That sucks.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to find the clip of Knowshon folding that Kentucky defender like a lawnchair!

Anonymous said...

I think the transfer we lost out on last year wasn't really supposed to be that great, more of a Calloway project. Just means one more scholly we can this year, and it seems like there are some good recruits stil left.

Frank Franklin said...

I know it was Senior Day and T. Brown has worked hard for the Dawgs over his career, but I don't think he and Moreno should be sharing the workload equally. Moreno is a much better back, and needs to get the ball as much as possible. I understand we don't want to wear him out, but he seems to get better as the game goes on. Maybe something like 30 carries for Knowshon and around 15 for Brown would be better. If we do get the chance to play LSU in the Dome, we'll need Knowshon to have a huge game to have a chance. I just hope our coaches give him the ball enough so he has the opportunity.

ace said...

Did you feel that way last week when TB broke out for that run & a TD?
Even with sharing the load Knowshon still had 130 yds yesterday. Considering the luck we've had with injuries at that position, its smart to share the load.

Frank Franklin said...

I'm all for Knowshon and T. Brown sharing the load - just not equally. Knowshon averaged 5.6 yards per carry ("ypc") yesterday, Brown only 3.3. Brown averaged 5.8 ypc against Auburn, but 58 of his 81 yards came on that one long run. Take away that one run - which was a great run - and he only has 13 carries for 23 yards, not even 2 ypc. Knowshon is the better back - he should get all the touches we can possibly give him so he can get into a rhythm, wear opposing defenses down, and get better as the game goes along, i.e. Florida. If we had done that yesterday, instead of splitting carries equally, Knowshon would've had 200 yards and the game wouldn't have been close heading down the stretch. Again, don't get me wrong, I appreciate what T. Brown has done for the UGA program, I just think we have a very special back in Moreno and we need to get him the rock as much as possible.

Go Dawgs.

Chris said...

In case you are interested, here is the Battle Hymn video from the Kentucky game, with all the blackout clips. I love it.

JasonC said...

CWM & the defense did do better as the game went on and the pressure and changes did help, but we dodged some bullets there with bad passes and missed catches, when our defenders were clearly beat.

But as anon 8:22 said, our defense was put in bad spot by all the turnovers.

I had breakfast with a former Dog OL today and we were talking up Curran. He is a monster on the run and when he understands pass coverage better, he is going to be special. The former Dog also said that Clint Boling is already a "Manster" and is going to be great.

As far as the Brown-Moreno situation, I love Thomas Brown- great kid, incredible athlete, runs and plays hard, but he doesn't have what Moreno has. But as anon 6:02 pointed out, the difference is meaureable as well. I don't think they should be evenly splitting carries and a 25/15 split is probably a better way to handle it, but who am I to question CMR?

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