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February 4, 2008

Bobby Knight resigns effectively immediately

Knight is out at Texas Tech. He got to 902 wins and then just stopped. His son had been named Coach in Waiting in 2005 so he takes over today. Texas Tech has won 3 of its past 6 games. A video interview with Pat Knight is online here.

In honor of his departure, here are some of his greatest quotes.



Anonymous said...

I'd love to have wins like Bob Knight brings to programs, but I'd rather neer win another game than have that man run our program. Hope no Dawg fans here get any crazy ideas about wanting him to come to UGA.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for us, Bob Knight is 67 years old. Ideally, we should have made a run at him when Harrick ran us into the ground.

Knight is an ass to the media, a jerk and a bully to many people, but he can coach. He has 900 or so wins - you heard that correct.

Plus he runs a clean program and his athletes go to class and get their degrees.

No why would we want someone like that?

Anonymous said...

I don't know...maybe because he hits his players? The guy is a douchebag. 900 wins or not, he's not someone I want representing our program. Call me crazy I guess.

Anonymous said...

Knight should have quit coaching in 1988. He would have saved himself and alot of other people a sizeable amount of heartache. Of course, megalomaniacs don't always know when it's time to leave.

Anonymous said...

Uhh not to mention the fact that he just pulled a Petrino - quitting before the season is over.

Maybe he wants to get back to shooting at his neighbors full time as a retirement activity.

Good riddance "coach" knight.

Anonymous said...

total douche bag. despicable human being. and let me add “complete effing hypocrite”: i’ll never understand why the least disciplined person i’ve ever observed is mythologized by some as a model of good, old-fashioned ‘murican values and discipline. he’s horrible. wake up, people. he’s not misunderstood—-he’s just an outrageous prick.

and he was already past his sell--by date as a coach when uga hired harrick—unless you think the blot on your university’s reputation is worth the 18-20 wins and 1st or 2nd round tournament losses that bob knight has delivered since ’92.

Anonymous said...

Thank you people for not buying into the "tough" "disciplined" bullcrap that some people spew about Knight. The man is trash, plain and simple. How disciplined do you have to be to say and do whatever you want all the while telling others to walk the straight and narrow?

Hobnail_Boot said...

re: Anon @ 11:14am..

"It's on film."

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to defend Knight's indefensible actions by any means, but 2 things need to be pointed out.

1) Outside of the couple of examples where he loses it on a player, his former players love him and would take a bullet for him.

2) He has been to the NCAAs more times with Texas Tech than UGA has with coache felton. He has insanely high graduation rates for the NCAA and his kids go to class.

That being said the man is a lunatic and has no business coaching a team because you never know when he is going blow up and God only knows what he will do next.

Anonymous said...

I meant more times than felton in the same time period

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