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March 17, 2008

Quick Note on Official UGA Tickets

They go on sale at 8:30 am Monday on Georgiadogs.com. More on the 2008 Bracket later. My brain is fried from trying to understand the unknowable.



Anonymous said...

What makes this even sweeter is the fact that the Dawgs earned a bid to the tournament by winning at gt. :)

Chuck said...

Mr. Westerdawg, you have GOT to feature this picture on your site.

It was made in response to Felton saying back in January at a press conference that he'd shave his hair and mustache if we won the SEC Tournament...


There's also this picture of Felton holding a copy of that photoshop upon arriving at Stegosaurus last night:


(picture 4)

Chuck said...

Also, there's this one of Felton cutting down the nets at Tech...


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