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April 8, 2008

Expecations for 2008 (Fan Poll vs. Media)

Even Moreno needs blocking (Image: Hipple)

The Georgia Sports Blog's most recent poll asked the question, "How many football games (pre-SEC Championship) will the Dawgs win?" Your answers:

114 (31%)
168 (46%)
63 (17%)
10 (2%)
7 (1%)

That means about 77% of you expect the Dawgs to be very much in the national title race entering the Georgia Dome for the SEC Title game. I knew the expectations would be high, but that was a little higher than I thought. I personally only have us at 10-2 entering the title game.

Basically the youth along the OL, lack of a proven kicker and the schedule makes me nervous. I'll probably feel better once I learn more about the competition, and all of their flaws.

YahooSports / has two articles about our chances vs. expectations next season. Pretty good reads.



Unknown said...

Aim high and may everyone else can kiss our A double you know what!

This schedule will be murder, but as Brannon and Buck said, get up for every week take it one game at a time.

Smitty said...


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see us go 12-2 this season, including the BCS Bowl Game again. We need to settle on a kicker in the Fall, and a NC team isn't one that in August has no idea if they have a kicker who can kick extra points let alone a field goal.

We haven't had the best quarterback in the nation, and balanced offense or not - it's not that great of an offense we have fielded the past two seasons with him.

Anyone who is sitting here talking about going undefeated with this schedule again this season, as it always is with Georgia Football, is talking about stuff that is as wrong to discuss as it is to discuss what our record will be at the end of November.

The season is over in January. Any discussion about what our record will be prior to that, is a waste of time and wrong to discuss.

Anonymous said...

We lose 2 games this year..we'll be sitting on the outside looking in again.

I don't understand the whole OL comment. We kicked ass last year with 2 true FR starting on the OL and 1 RdFr.. With the OL coach we got...I just don't see that being that big of deal.

That sch. is a tough. But UF went 13-1 playing one just as tough. Why can't UGA??

Anonymous said...

10-2 with that schedule would be an accomplishment. However, I think it will be 10-2 with Florida in the Dome as division champs. And just like last year, there is no valid claim to deserving a NC shot if you're second in your own matter how hard the division.

That being said, the schedule may turn out to be fairly tame compared to what people expect. Outside of UF, is there a truly great team on the schedule? LSU should be good, but will they be truly great in 2008 (were they even great in 2007, or merely very good and very lucky)? The 07 sked looked tough but you catch UF with an injured Tebow, AU turns out to be mediocre, SC was awful, Bama awful, Tech awful, avoid LSU, and play an awful Sugar Bowl opponent...maybe the 2008 schedule will simialrly open up and be quite manageable.

Unknown said...

RE: OL comments from me.

Every interview from Richt says he's worried about the OL right now.

OLines need leadership. Leadership generally comes from veterans who perform at a high level. Like Velasco, Nick Jones, Max Jean-Gilles, Stinchcomb, Etc.

Our OL's most senior player is Chris Davis. Davis is also the guy fighting hardest just to keep his job.

RT - Tripp - Never started at OL in college.

OG - Anderson - Will eventually become dominant, but has to figure it out. Never started.

C - Davis - Never meaningful snaps at Center.

OG - Boling - Stud. Has had Mono. Will end up missing 2+ months of conditioning work.

OT - Sturdy - Stud.

This OL has more questions than last year's OL which started two seniors. The biggest difference is that we know that Searels is light years ahead of our former OL coach.

But he can't work miracles.

Last year's OL was pretty ragged at times until the Vandy game. We can't take 6 games to "figure it out" this year or we'll have 2 losses at the same point again next year.

Which is what I predicted.

Unknown said...

Dear BuLLdawg,

If you're going to post a tome, get your own blog. Don't post novellas on mine. It clutters up things for guys that have coherent thoughts.


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