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April 17, 2008

Hawai'i Can Afford It Now

Good news: Hawai'i did get something good out of the Sugar Bowl, besides an expensive vacation to New Orleans to watch a blowout. The Warriors received a record bowl payout for a non-BCS team, $4.4 million. After the expense of transporting the team, band, and hula girls from the islands to New Orleans, the team is expected to net about $2.2 million.

Maybe that will be enough to reassemble Colt Brennan from that pile of agonized body parts under Marcus Howard into a functioning NFL backup QB.



Andrew said...

I hate Mark May so much.

Love the video around the 4:00 mark when the red arrow points out a fist-pumping Richt. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

best video ever

mike said...

mark may...always naysaying

great video...loved the thugs cry part haha

Jason said...

I liked all but the part about thugs cry :) For Brennan to stay in that game after being beat like a red headed step child took alot of guts. He ran options even knowing that the option would get him hit even harder.
Go Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

I like all the cheezy sound effects of the hits. It made it sound like a cartoon. I haven't seen a beating like that since I watched Tom and Jerry as a kid. Is Colt Brennan out of the hospital yet?

Dawg19 said...

I like the comment towards the end...

"Georgia just wanted it more."

Yeah, right.

That's a comment reserved for when two teams are fairly evenly matched and one of them plays inspiring football to gain the victory.

Georgia DOMINATED this game. This wasn't fair from the coin toss and all DAWG fans knew it.

"Georgia just wanted it more..."

What? To kill Colt Brennan?!!?

FisheriesDawg said...

I'm not sure which video I laughed at more...this one or the LSU tailgaters. Both were hilarious in their own way.

walter geiger said...

to colt, reform school must have been looking like easy street after three qtrs.

Xon said...

Having watched the whole game again on, it really is cringe-worthy (but in a wickedly good way, since it's our Dawgs doing what they're supposed to do...but still kinda sad). Honestly, they should have stopped the game in the 3rd quarter for the sake of the Hawaii players. Their future quailities of life were in danger.

It's been asked before, but in all seriousness did any other opponent we played last year match up with us more poorly than Hawai'i?

dave clark said...

xon- FWIW, Western Carolina gave Georgia a game until about the end of the 1st quarter. Hawai'i? All of Georgia's other regular season games were still in doubt at halftime.

So yeah, Hawai'i gave Georgia its easiest game of the year. Well done, Warriors.

Dubbayoo said...

Bottom line is this. The true football hierarchy is NFL > SEC > rest of D-I > D-II > D-III > high school.

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