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April 10, 2008

Sugar Bowl Highlight Video

UGAMummRa finally has his Sugar Bowl Highlight video up. I'd bust his balls, but I'm more behind than him. lol.



Dante said...

There's an online site called Hulu that legally streams TV and movies. One of the things they have on their site is all of the Fox New Years and BCS Bowls. You can watch the Sugar Bowl there in its entirety. You do have to watch commercials but it's one 15-30 second commercial where a whole commercial break used to be. It's really entertaining watching the Fox Media slobber all over themselves about Hawaii while they're slowly getting torched by UGA. I've rewatched the Sugar Bowl and Cotton Bowl several times.

Anonymous said...

Dante, would it be possible to get that link, "Hula"? I have searched under Hula and have come out empty.

Anonymous said...

RedDawg said...

I've been looking for a link to a Georgia Boise State highlight video. Anybody know of one?

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