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April 10, 2008

As much as I heart Evil Richt....

...I gotta tell ya...Normal Richt pretty much kicks ass, too. The Oklahoma State student newspaper has a great article about the recovery of OSU wide receiver Artrell Woods. You may remember that Woods was almost paralyzed during a weight lifting incident in Stillwater prior to the season opener with Georgia last year. Woods talks about his time in the hospital and the support UGA game him:
Woods said the level of support he received was a motivating factor in his recovery.

“I got tremendous support,” Woods said. “Nurses would walk in with a stack of e-mails from people from all over the place, not just Oklahoma. People from OU, Georgia, Texas, wherever, just everybody.”

The University of Georgia football team and coach Mark Richt sent Woods an autographed football and the players and coaches sent their best wishes. That gift meant a lot to Woods.

“They were so nice to me; I still have that football,” Woods said. “It’s like a showcase thing for me. “It just meant the world to me.”
Damn. What can you add to something like that? Nothing.

Separately, the expanding national story that is the 2008 Georgia Bulldog team, grows daily. Today, the LA Times suggests that Georgia could be the team to beat. However, a much larger media super power (The Tifton Gazette) interviews Richt and says the coach cautioned fans not to book travel to Miami for the title game ... yet.



Mark Castleberry said...

LA Time wrote "Georgia's big test will come Sept. 20 in a road game at Arizona State".

That doesn't say much for playing the defending MNC and the rest of the best in the SEC.

Oh well, any pub is good pub.

RedDawg said...

As a native and current Tiftonite, I certianly appreciate the shout out on GSB!

EmotionalFescue said...

Conspiracy theory alert!!!

I did a lil' digging I found that the Tifton Gazette is owned by the Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. (CNHI) which is based out of... Birmingham, Alabama.

I think its pretty clear that this type of "yellow journalism" from the Tifton Gazette is also a response from its main advertising supplier: Eagle Marketing based out of... Oklahoma!

Obviously this anti-UGA material is a result of a top down program by Auburn, Alabama, and Oklahoma powerbrokers to crush any hope UGA has at a national championship.

Thank God a wholesome Mom and Pop newspaper like the LA Times is out there protecting us from the corporate scumbags over at CNHI.

Paul Westerdawg said...

+1 EmotionalFescue

RedDawg said...

Wow! My friendly little home town newspaper isn't so friendly after all... Thank you for opening my eyes emotionalfescue

Andy said...

What did we think he'd say? The power of our Dark Lord and Saviour Satan will guide us easily and effortlessly to in-honor-of-all-that-is-evil victory over our God-mistaken counterparts?

Though, he has been known as "Evil" Richt at times. . .

Blackberry Bandit of Tift County said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blackberry Bandit of Tift County said...

I'm just saying...I heart Tifton, but the folks at the Tifton Gazette usually can't even get the birthday and wedding announcements correct. If they are involved in such a "conspiracy theory" they probably are not aware of it.

That article was just Richt doing his usual thing of downplaying expectations so he can come back later and make a bigger impact as Evil Richt.

Anonymous said...

Blackberry Bandit,

do you have family at the Tiftonite? Sounds kinda fishy...........

Blackberry Bandit of Tift County said...

Yeah, we're kind of a big deal there.

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