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May 2, 2008

Arizona State TV Time Set

The Arizona State game will kick off at 8:00 PM Eastern on ABC. The 6 5:00 PM local time start should allow plenty of tailgating. That is, if the Arizona State authorities will allow tailgating before 2:30 PM, which university policy prohibits.

If you're making the trip, you have to be pleased with the early evening kick off.

UPDATE: As commenter "cwl" reminded me, the entire Arizona State cheerleading squad was scrapped this week. The Dirty posted photos of six cheerleaders in their underwear. Frankly, they're not that great or that scandalous. What's the deal ASU? Banning your cheerleaders because they took some pictures at a slumber party? No liquor, at all? No beer or wine until three and a half hours before the game? I thought we lived in the Bible Belt, not you.

If the rumors are true, we won't care if there are cheerleaders because every coed is supposedly smoking hot at ASU, and not because its 120 degrees outside.


(Thanks to the time experts in the comments section. Arizona apparently toggles their time zones and in the half of the year that includes September they prefer Pacific Standard time, as opposed to Mountain Standard for the other half of the year.)


CWL said...

Too bad about their cheerleaders though

NYC Dawg said...

Got the ASU season tickets for the game yesterday in section 228. Apparently 230 & 229 are already sold out...if it is because of UGA fans, I'm damn proud.

JasonC said...

Didn't ASU also have some scandal with a cheerleader in porn flicks or something? Probably fallout from that.

Quinton McDawg said...

I thought that was Louisville.

David said...

yes google courtney simpson

fisheriesdawg said...

Phoenix is on Pacific time, so the kickoff is at 5 PM local time rather than 6 PM.

Anonymous said...

Flew up to New York last December. I ran in to a co-ed from ASU who was flying home. She was an 11. She was absolutely unreal.

Anonymous said...

Arizona is on Mountain Time half the year, the half including September, so the local time for kick-off is indeed 6 pm. (I spent all of August 2001 in Tempe for work.)

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's exactly the opposite. They stay all year round on Mountain Standard Time, or winter time in the Mountain Time Zone. When we're on Daylight Saving Time, it's the equivalent of Pacific Time.

Anonymous said...

NYC dawg- How did you get the ASU tickets? Getting plane tickets next week and have an insider that works for ASU.

I have visited out in Arizona in the past. It is beautiful country and the women are as advertised. But be very careful out that way. That is Sheriff Joe country. They do not play around. You will spend the weekend living in a tent wearing a pink jump suit. And it still hot as hell in September!

Flights for Delta are filling up fast for the Wednesday and Thursday so that is a great sign.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be a 5 p.m. local kickoff in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Does it seriously say that it's against the law to consume liquor during tailgating?

Obviously we're not in SEC football country anymore

skidawg1985 said...

As someone who has a business contact in Phoenix that I call 2x per week, I keep a note about what time it is in AZ on my desk. In September they will be on Pacific Time. Right now in Phoenix it is 3 hours later than on the Eastern Time Zone.

There are numerous web sites that will give you the correct time of day.

skidawg1985 said...

As for the cheerleaders, if they had been wearing the same amount of clothing lying by the pool, nothing would have been done. We can be so funny about clothing.

Anonymous said...

dsvqcjtShould be 90-95 degrees at kickoff, 20-25% humidity. Alcohol will jump you in that weather--take my word for it.
I was hoping for a later kickoff. I hope the team goes out a day or so early to acclimate.

Anonymous said...

historical temperatures for Sept 20 in AZ range from 90-104 in last 3 yrs...its a dry heat and if you sat drinking alcohol in a parking lot (no trees but palms - so no shade at all) near Sundevil Stadium from noon - 5pm you would be a potato chip by kickoff. Just go downtown and hit Fat Tuesdays or another watering hole pre-kickoff. Please, please, remember to drink plenty of water cause people will be dropping left and right in this heat....the hottest part of the day in AZ is 5 pm and the temperature doesnt go down after dark - there is a heat island effect in the Valley metro area and for those of us with upper deck tix the faint breezes will feel very good once the sun goes down.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh at this or take it seriously...Are y'all being serious??

What do you think the temp will be for those first 2 games against Southern and CM? 75 with no humidity? I mean seriously, i guarantee you that I would prefer 95 with 10% humidity than 88 with 80 to 100% humidity.

I'm pretty sure we'll fair all right.

Anonymous said...

I am completely serious. In the south it is hot and muggy. In the southwest it is HOT and not muggy. Sweat evaporates before it can cool the body. Keep hydrated and out of the sun, everybody will be fine.
The issue is that it is just ask likely to be 110 that day and it will feel like 85 and folks don't drink enough fluids because they don't appear to be sweating and it doesn't feel that hot.
But, you do what you want. They have hospitals out there too.

Anonymous said...

The guy above me is right. Dry heat is much more comfortable, but a lot more dangerous when it comes to dehydration.

Also, the entire state of Arizona is on Mountain Time, but it doesn't observe daylight savings. Therefore, now it's 3 hours behind, but when daylight savings ends it'll be two hours behind. I don't know the date DST ends, but if the game is after that, the start time should be 6:00 local.

Anonymous said...

If my sweat evaporates before it cools my body, then I'm in an oven getting baked. I sweat ridiculous amounts. Do you live out in AZ now and have you visited GA during the summer? 110 that feels like 85 would be incredible. Try 88 that feels like 110.

I did a little research and while AZ leads the nation in heat related deaths, GA is not far behind.

As far as consuming plenty of liquids, I think I'll be ok.

BTW, this is fun..trash talking about weather.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5/04/2008 2:21 PM

Beginning last year DST begins 3 weeks earlier and ends 1 week later. In 2008, daylight time begins on March 9 and ends on November 2. So last year instead of getting an extra hour of sleep after the WLOCP, we had to take it after Troy. I wasn't nearly as drunk against troy as I was against UF. The schedule this year will rectify this as we play UF on 11/1.

skidawg1985 said...

As someone who moved from ATL to Colorado and goes to AZ at least once a year: the dry heat does sneak up on you. Where I live can get to 100 in the day with 25% humidity. So in the south you get the feedback of sweat on the skin to remind you to drink.

However, the idea that the sweat evaporates before it can cool you is silly. Sweat only cools when it evaporates.

I am not too concerned about the athletes conditioning as someone notes the heat stress will be high in GA. However, the trainers need to be on the players to drink before and during the game as they will not be getting the usual feedback.

Andy said...

Pre-game week and first quarter, the announcers/media will be yada-yada-yada how our Dawgs are at a big disadvantage in this heat, how oh how will we survive? Late third quarter it'll be Hawaii all over again - UGA came to play, but you have to admire the let's-never-quit attitude of these ASU players and their leader at QB.

Anyone up for heading to Wally World the day after?

Anonymous said...

No, I live in GA, but I spend at least 4 weeks a year in Ariz or Utah. It is a work deal.
I really don't know the deal with the sweat, but I sweat beaucoup here at home and I never seem to sweat at all out there. But that is just my experience.
It is a wierd feeling to look at a thermometer that says 110 degrees and it feel like about 85. All I am saying is to prepare for it.

It will be much more uncomfortable for ASU to come to UGA.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the punishment is pretty standard. There is a zero alcohol policy for the cheerleaders at UGA as well.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Tempe quite a few times the past year for work. My observations about tailgating is that there really isn't a good place to tailgate unless you have a tent to sit under. There is almost no grass and no trees. sitting at a bar most of the day will be the way to go. I just don't want Dawg fans going out there expecting the tent city or a nice shady quad to set up in.

skidawg1985 said...

Anonymous (so many of you), the "deal" with the sweat in the hot dry climates is that it evaporates very fast unlike in hot, humid conditions.

Having grown up in GA and now living in Colorado (temps in upper 90s, humidity <50% almost all the time), the odds on me noticing sweat on my daily run in the summer is pretty minimal. That is part of the problem.

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