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May 19, 2008

Barnhart Gets this "blogging" thing

I've said many times that I think Tony Barnhart is the #1 reason to subscribe to the Atlanta Journal. Unfortunately for the AJC, I don't think there is a #2 reason. Don't get me wrong, I really like Chip Towers' stuff. However, it's all free on the really...paying for the hard copy gets me what? Isn't buying a hard copy newspaper just an arbitrage game centered around coupon clipping?

But I wildly digress.

Barnhart gets the blogging thing. He's all about quick hitters that generate discussion and keep the reader coming back for more. He's especially good at the "5 Things" format. Today's edition gives us an update on the UGA vs. ASU Ticket situation and the news of College Game Day coming to Atlanta for the Clemson vs. Bama game at the Dome.



mr. egger said...

You forgot Dave O'Brien Paul. For a Braves fan, his blog is about as good as it gets.

Andy said...

The Tech Season Ticket ads are a hoot too.

Anonymous said...

i don't give a damn about college gameday goin to atl. We are gonna get them at ASU, Tennessee, vs. Florida, and @ Auburn

Anonymous said...

anon 3:56- we'll see about that. remember last year, when the auburn game was the only top 25 match up (and a game of huge importance to both teams) that weekend? well, they didnt come, they went to some Div II game in boston or somewhere. i'm very doubtful we'd be on 4 times any year. any chance that gsb is gonna do another projection of where gameday will be week to week (i know its only may)?

egger- pretty sure pwd did mention dob. yes, he is good.

Anonymous said...

Gameday will not be at the Tennessee - Georgia game.

I can promise you that.

JasonC said...

RE: Bloggers
I was listening to the Braves on the radio today and Skip threw in his 2 cents. Basically, he said (paraphrased), 'there are some guys who know what they are talking about and really work to do a good job, but there are others that are just sitting at home drinking beers and writing whatever and treating gossip like facts.'

I don't know if I would have put it exactly like that, but I think the viewpoint is pretty fair. You have some quality bloggers and you have some that don't put out a lot or any quality work.

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