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June 2, 2008

Domination: Bulldogs Shutout Tech

Nick Montgomery, fifth year senior pitcher for the Georgia Bulldogs, picked the ideal moment to have the best game of his life. Montgomery threw a complete game four hit shutout in which he surrendered only one walk and issued nine strikeouts as Georgia beat Tech 8-0 at Foley Field in the Athens regional.

Montgomery faced just 30 batters, three over the minimum with the aid of a double play and a runner caught stealing. It was about as flawless of a performance as you will ever see from a collegiate baseball player.

When you combine the pitching with the defense and impressive offensive power display, you have complete domination. In the 8th inning my mom looks at my brother and says, "The only Tech fans left are their mothers." The Tech crowd never really made a peep as they weren't given a single thing to cheer about. When the lead stretched to 8-0, they started hitting the exits.

For a football comparison, I thought of the 2003 season opener at Clemson that UGA won 30-0. After that game, I remember thinking that the Tigers didn't really have anything they could point to and say "we can build from X, Y or Z." It was just a total write-off. I would imagine that's how Danny Hall will spin this one. There's nothing positive about it for the Nerds except that they still have Game 7.

Speaking of Game 7, Coach Perno was quiet on who his starter will be tomorrow. I imagine that we'll see everyone with a functioning arm tomorrow.

This and That:
    -- Before the game, I felt that Georgia had to win Game 6, but Tech would have to win Game 7. In other words, all the pressure shifts to the Yellow Jackets in Game 7. Their legacy of post-season collapses to the Dawgs weigh on them as they toss and turn tonight.

    -- The Bulldogs are an eye popping 14-0 at Foley Field in post-season elimination games.

    -- Do your self a favor and read the player profile articles on Nick Montgomery in the AJC and Banner Herald. This kid has beaten Tommy John surgery and career threatening blood clots. Amazing.

    -- Nice work by the Kudzu Hill gang. From the ABH: "NCAA rules prohibit the stadium's public address system from playing music between at-bats during post season games. But the NCAA cannot silence the fans atop Kudzu Hill when Georgia's players went to the plate. Using a sound system powerful enough to wake up the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, they cranked up each Georgia batter's individual walk-up theme before every plate appearance."
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Bdavis said...

Dawgs win 3 games in 2 days...kinda sounds familiar for tournament ball for Georgia, doesnt it?

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