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June 4, 2008

UGA vs. South Carolina Kickoff Confirmed

The last trip to Columbia turned out pretty good. Image:

As expected, the SEC announced today that CBS will carry the Georgia Bulldogs vs. South Carolina Gamecocks game at 3:30 pm EST. Georgia is 33-22-1 in CBS games.

Actually, the SEC announced their full TV slate for the first three weeks. As many of you know, TV contracts are driven by the home team's contract. Several SEC teams are hitting the road in the first few weeks and providing the networks with additional programming options. All told, there will be 16 games televised across six networks during those first three weeks.
    CBS (1 game) - Coverage starts in Week 3
    ABC (3 games)
    ESPN (6 games)
    ESPN2 (4 games)
    ESPNU (1)
    Raycom (3 games)
With all the ESPN, ESPN2 and Raycom spots locked up for the first three weeks, the only way our games against Georgia Southern and Central Michigan would be televised are (a.) Pay Per View or (b.) the rumored Fox Sports South mini-contract. If those two games aren't televised, you have to expect that they will be a 1:00 pm start. I'm still holding out hope for at least one of them to be a 3:00 pm kickoff.

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Andrew said...

I like the larger-scale photograph kicking this article off...definitely more attention-getting than the smaller ones.

Unknown said...

Thanks Andrew. The problem is bandwidth for users with slower computers. If I put an image that large in every article with 20 articles on the page, the front page would load at about 1 megabyte larger than it currently is. That's just too much.

dawgnotdog said...

3 pm is hotter than 1 pm....

if you want to change the time away from the semi-traditional 1, go ahead and make it a night game.

Unknown said...

I can't work up a good tailgate for a 1:00 game. It's hot either way 1 or 3. So I'd rather eat good, and get a few cocktails in me.

The size of our tailgate is such that I can't tailgate big willy for a 1:00 game very well.

Anonymous said...

JMO...Why doesn't the UGA have their own cable channel?? If they do, why isn't state wide and why doesn't it show UGA football games that don't make CBS/FSN/ABC/ESPN.

Andrew said...

Fair enough, PWD. I knew there would be some reason why we don't roll that way all the time. Still--for bigger-deal articles, and if limited to one per page...looks good.

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