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July 9, 2008

Countdown to Kickoff Fan Event

Preface: I talked with Matt Stinchomb today about the upcoming Countdown to Kickoff Fan Day. He was nice enough to share some information about the event, fundraising for children's healthcare groups, his playing days, and his thoughts on the 2008 team. That interview is here.

The Countdown to Kickoff Fan Day is a festival for fans of all ages to get up close and personal with their favorite Dawgs.

At the event, you'll find NFL Dawgs, Georgia football legends, and the 2008 team all on hand to run drills, play games, throw passes, sign autographs, and take pictures.

Every fan in attendance gets a lunch from Chick-fil-A and Coca Cola.

You never know who might drop in, last year had a surprise visit from Coach Dooley and his players from the 1980 National Championship team.

The Details:
UGA Football Practice Fields
July 19th 3-6 pm
Tickets are $30 (Buy Now)
Facebook Event Info

More Information:
Attendance for the event is capped at around 1,500 people so reserve your ticket early. They limit attendance to keep the event intimate and avoid the chaos that comes with having too many people clamoring for autographs in a confined space. According to Matt Stinchcomb, the event has raised close to $250,000 for causes that help children over the past two years.

His description of the event:
"We feel that this is the ultimate Georgia fan experience. We have everything there except the opposing team. The cheerleaders, the band, and the current team are all there. Where else can you catch a pass from Greene or run through drills with NFL players?"
Past players who have attended the event include (in no particular order) Garrison Hearst, Vince Dooley, Buck Belue, Greg Blue, Sean Jones, Jermaine Phillips, Musa Smith, Scott Woerner, Ben Watson, Randy McMichael and many more. They are expecting another great turnout of former players this year as well.

The interview with Matt Stinchcomb is up.



JasonC said...

I heard there are free scooter rides too.

Anonymous said...

Any chance, I wonder, of UGA VII making his debut? Or will that be saved for UGA's fan day?

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