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July 22, 2008

More Aaron Murray Headlines

The gunslinger from Tampa really heated up the news this week. Quinton posted an article earlier asking if Murray is the best Prep QB in the Country (video Sunshine Preps). Here are some more quick headlines from around the country:In other news, Urban Meyer says that Tim Tebow is "the greatest player of our era." The thing I like about Meyer is his humility and relentless focus on subtle nuance.



Emotional Fescue said...

Its amazing how much positive ink Mr. Murray has received over the past few months.

My favorite part about CUM's quote is the use of the term ''our'' when referring to an era. It implies some type of ownership. Its also ironic that this comment comes on the heels of Herbie on ESPN today saying Stafford would be the best QB in the country thid year and the #1 pick in the draft.

blackertai said...

Look at it this way, Meyer has to save his system from the ignominy of having a guy who can win the Heisman and not have a successful NFL career. He's starting early. I'm not saying that Tebow won't be good in the NFL (because all signs seemingly point to the opposite), but I'm saying that Meyer is sowing the seeds of protecting his investment. If people eventually start to believe his players can't make it in the NFL, why would top-flight QB's want to play under him? His first try has bombed hard, and if Tebow gets to the NFL and just flops unlike a Stafford who may be less successful initially in college but develop into a top-flight NFL passer, he's got to have something to hang his hat on. It's obvious that he'll want to continue recruiting QB's at Florida, but when he's hamstrung by a perceived bias in the NFL, he'll get the 2nd tier guys (See Tedford, Jeff). He's got to begin planting seeds now that he'll reap later if Tebow fails.

It can't help that there is almost no record of Florida placing QB's in the NFL successfully (Both Spurrier and Wuerffel failed).

all school said...

Florida QBs are NFL failures? You mean Shane Matthews, Doug Johnson, Jesse Palmer, Rex Grossman and Chris Leak arent guaranteed Hall of Famers? On the other hand, how many QBs has Mark Richt put in the NFL?

heck, Quincy Carter was a better NFL QB than any of those Florida guys.

Meyer's system is long on pointing and staring and braggadocio, but a little short on developing actual skills an NFL QB might need, like, say, reading a defense or finding a secondary or tertiary receiver.

If the Meyer spread was such a foolproof offense, they could run it in the NFL. But, you say, they cant; NFL offenses are too fast and too powerful. It'll work in college. Well, it might work in the puny Mountain West, but Tebow's gonna start showing the accumulated mileage this season.

If I was a QB with any pro dreams, I'd avoid Urban Meyer like the plague. That's going to hurt his recruiting at some point.

Dawg19 said...

"On the other hand, how many QBs has Mark Richt put in the NFL?"

Well, Brad Johnson did win a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay in 2003.
He was drafted by the Vikings in 1992. He's now with the Dallas Cowboys.

Chris Weinke was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 2001 and is currently with the San Francisco 49ers and listed as the starting QB, mainly due to injuries to Alex Smith (Superman before Superman) and Trent Dilfer (the most hated Super Bowl winning QB ever, for whatever reason).


I know Weinke's record as a starter sucks but, hey, he's still in the NFL.

Charlie Ward opted to play in the NBA instead of the NFL. That's not Richt's fault. But it was the right decision by Ward.

Danny Kanell was drafted by the Giants in 1996 and led them to the 1997 NFC Eastern Division title. He backed up Chris Chandler in Atlanta for a couple of years before getting on with the Broncos for a little while.

Casey Weldon played from 1992-1999 in the NFL for a few teams, too, but I don't know much about his career.

I know none of these guys burned it up in the NFL but they did get there.

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