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July 1, 2008

Uga VI's first game

Uga VI's first game vs. South Carolina. Photo from's Old School Pic of the Week Collection.



Anonymous said...

That was my second game as a student. September 11, 1999

Anonymous said...

Great story I heard from a former vet student helping to care for Uga VI that day. Apparently the Seilers and vet folks wandered away from Uga's pen for a bit, and when they returned, the dog had passed out, his airway was blocked, and he was turning blue. They had to perform emergency resuscitation immediately, after which he popped up like the DGD he was and left for the stadium as if nothing had happened. This was all a mere two hours before gametime. Uga "put me in, Coach" VI.

Anonymous said...

Not a GA fan, but that I have to agree with everyone....UGA was a damn good dawg! Best Wishes

michael"DEE"house said...

Michael House Winder-Barrow high school class of ninety three

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