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August 13, 2008

The Battle of Wounded Knee: Day 2

That's the suit of a Left Tackle if you ask me (Tripp)

In the aftermath of Trinton Sturdivant's knee injury there have been a host of articles. The basic sum of which is this...Richt doesn't know how it'll shake out. They are trying a little of everything, and everyone has a theory. I'll get to mine in a minute.I'm of the opinion that we'll end up in Columbia vs. the Gamecocks with a line that looks like this
    OT - Kiante Tripp
    OT - Clint Boling
    OG - Vince Vance
    OG - Justin Anderson or Cordy Glenn
    C - Chris Davis
I'm not sure which side they'll end up on (Right or Left), but that's how I see it shaking out. And for the Tech game (assuming no injuries):
    OT - Kiante Tripp
    OT - Clint Boling
    OG - Vince Vance
    OG - Chris Davis
    C - Ben Jones
The wild card in this is the motivation and "getting it" level of Justin Anderson. He should be a road grading offensive guard, but Cordy Glenn has basically walked off the street and taken over his spot despite having a season and two spring practice head start on him.

I don't list Josh Davis any higher because...well...because I don't. Best of luck to him.



C. Paul said...

Bean is the odd man out. And like you, I simply don't understand how Cordy Glenn can come in cold and take his spot like this.

We will see Josh Davis this year - and considering he's been in the program for 2+ years - it is time for something.

So does Boling, Tripp or Davis become the one guy we can't afford to lose now?

Anonymous said...

If there is some sliver of light to this dark tunnel, it is that at least it happened now and not mid-season. We have a few more weeks to get someone worked into the line, instead of 1 week. Plus we still have 2 B.S. games to adjust whatever needs adjusting with them.

Anonymous said...

Cordy Glenn is a man child...6'6 320lbs. Him being put on the #1 team maybe more of a motivation ploy by CSS for Bean.

Dawg19 said...

Now we see how important Clint Boling's shortened suspension is.

baltimore dawg said...

i don't get the impression that css is into motivational ploys.

right now, i'd rather just take comfort in taking richt at his word that glenn is just very good.

Anonymous said...

I think you are overlooking the size and skill of Cordy Glenn.

He is this year's Clint Boling. Here is the way i see it shaking out:

LT: Boling, Josh Davis
LG: Chris Davis, Vance
C: Ben Jones, Chris Davis
RG: Cordy Glenn, Strickland
RT: Kiante, Vance

Where Chris Davis could start at center with Vance at the LG position, but eventually ending up like above.

The honest truth is that we are still loaded.

Cordy Glenn is a manchild.

Anonymous said...

"Bean is the odd man out. And like you, I simply don't understand how Cordy Glenn can come in cold and take his spot like this."


pretty simple actually

RC said...

Sure would be nice if Vince Vance could finally fulfill his promise/advance billing. The kid is a LT straight out of central casting, and I know the staff was hoping he'd grab the job and never let it go from Day 1 of Summer camp last year.

You just don't find too many 6'8" Guards around anywhere.

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