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August 21, 2008

Media News -- Radio and TV info

If you're looking for quality college football talk, I have two recommendations for you.
  • 790theZone - Tony Barnhart and Wes Durham's College Football show airs on Thursdays from 11 am to 1 pm each week. They almost always pull quality guests, and the two of them have great on-air chemistry. I would list it as the top College Football radio show in the Atlanta market by far.

  • 680theFan - Jim Donnan now has a weekly two hour radio show on 680theFan. His show airs from 1:00-3:00 pm every Monday. He recently interviewed Georgia's offensive coordinator Mike Bobo. He was asking Bobo about his plans for Moreno this year in terms of special packages, sets or schemes. Bobo's response (paraphrase): "Coach, we only tell Knowshon two things every week. 'Bus leaves at 3:00, and don't fumble the ball.'" Comedy. Donnan's dry humor actually comes off really well in this setting. Although, I must admit that I keep hoping someone will call in and ask Donnan about Quincy in the same twisted way that I always hoped someone would ask Skip Carey about the Infield Fly Rule. Kidding.
And one more tidbit:
  • WSB-TV - UGA grad and long time sports anchor Bill Hartman, Jr. is retiring from WSB after 35 years on the air. In his final column on WSB's web site he lists his top three memories as a broadcaster. I thought #2 was really interesting
    My second favorite event you would have never guessed. It was UGA's first national tennis championship in 1985. The Bulldogs had always been a regional powerhouse but had never captured an NCAA title. I was at the stadium in Athens that day they clinched the championship and it brought tears to my eyes. Coach Dan Magill had finally grabbed the brass ring. Dan had been one of my late father's closest friends. He had taught me to play the game. I had spent my summers taking care of the courts before playing for three hours every day. When I became an adult, I worked for him and even lived next door to him for a while. Dan Magill's triumphant was one of the greatest days of my life.
    Good luck to Bill in his retirement.
Update: One more item of note that I missed over the past few days. The Athens Banner Herald has dramatically renovated their DogBytes UGA page. They've finally brought it into the 21st Century, and I love it.



Anonymous said...

They need to add the appropriate HTTP headers to indicate they have RSS feeds available. Web browsers pick up on that and put the little icon in the location bar. I had to view the page source and search for "rss" to find the link. It's an option under "Extras" on their menu.

For anyone who is interested, you can get a list of their RSS feeds here:

Dawg19 said...

Will Bill Hartman Jr. continue to do The Mark Richt show?

It'll seem odd without him.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Dowdle does the Mark Richt show, not Hartman.

Dawg19 said...

Anon 11:43...

Thanks for correcting me. I was asleep at the wheel. I was thinking of the sports show that comes on before the Mark Richt show.

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