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August 22, 2008

Most Obnoxious SEC Football Fans....

Mark Bradley lists the SEC's most obnoxious fans. It's a topic that has gotten play in Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky and elsewhere. Here's his list (full article):
    12. Mississippi State
    11. Kentucky
    10. Vanderbilt
    9. Ole Miss
    8. LSU
    7. Tennessee
    6. South Carolina
    5. Arkansas
    4. Alabama
    3. Georgia
    2. Auburn
    1. Florida
I could quibble with the placement of a variety of teams, but I'll just start with this one statement. LSU at #8, are you frigging kidding me? What is your definition of obnoxious that doesn't have the Lunatic Tiger Fans ranked higher than 8th? As BamaReport said, "Many LSU fans would be offended by being ranked this low."

Brace Yourself
I will now shock you with the following comment. I don't think the Gator fans are the most obnoxious in the SEC. Sure, they can be Doucheous-Maximus, and their most obnoxious and unforgivably trait is the refusal to acknowledge that football wasn't invented in 1990. Beyond that, I can deal with their fans at the Cocktail Party easier than I can deal with my personal #1 ... Gamecock Fans.

There's not a more petty, small, whiny, humorless, chip on their shoulders, sh*t a$$ lot than the Gamecock fans I frequently encounter during my visits to Williams-Brice-Richt Stadium.

If I were doing my rankings, it would look like this:
  • Latest Arriving Tailgaters and Nicest Fans - Arkansas Razorbacks
  • Most Like Looking at Our Retarded Poorly Constructed Clone - Auburn
  • Most Inflated Sense of Themselves - Florida ("The tradition of Wake Forest and the Arrogance of Notre Dame" - Orlando Sentinel)
  • Most Likely To Talk Smack About the Wrong Sport - Kentucky
  • Most Unnerving / Scariest - LSU
  • Best Looking and Possibly Drunkest - Ole Miss
  • Least Prosperous and Most Baffling Not a JUCO - Mississippi State
  • Biggest Whiners / Least Fun to Party With - South Carolina
  • Fattest - Tennessee
  • Most Irrelevant- Vanderbilt
  • Most Bear - Alabama
Am I wrong? What are your SEC Superlatives?



JasonC said...

I lived in South Carolina for 4 years and honestly, I didn't have that much of a problem with Gamecock fans. I do understand that some of them act like they have Bama's tradition instead of a pre-1990 Florida tradition... and having Spurrier probably adds to that, but the ones I dealt with at work and church were usually pretty decent.

Also, UGA-Carolina games also churn out some of the best eye-candy.

Anonymous said...

100% spot-on. Nothing is more obnoxious than 'chest-thumping' with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to back it up than a scarce win here or there. The 'Cocks are beyond pitiful.

Mackalicious said...

LSU: Most likely to be barefoot.
BAMA: Most likely to tow your car when you play at their stadium.
VANDY: Most likely to pull your pants down and punch you in the nuts if you EVER try to pull that "It's Homecoming, we're gonna beat a cupcake." bullsh*t again.
AUBURN: Most likely to be listening to Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, or White Snake right now.

Dante said...

I'd be putting LSU at #1. As far as obnoxious goes, they own it.

And if by "Bear" you mean "Likely to Live in the Past" then I wholeheartedly agree with Bama's superlative.

KY_Dawg said...

I currently live in Kentucky. I'd move them up the list some. They went to a minor bowl game last year and you think they played, and beat UGA, in the Sugar Bowl. They haven't won a national title in basketball in 10 years, but they still act like they go to the final four every year.
Just seeing blue makes me wanna puke now.

Jason said...

All Bradley had to do was youtubes "LSU tailgate".

There are some gems in there.

T said...

LSU runs away with this title The inbred idiots from there are scary.

the gaytors always wait until after the game to talk smack.

Ole miss, i wished we played there every year. Beauitful girls everywhere

EmotionalFescue said...


UGA (let's be fair)- Most likely to spend 20 minutes at a tailgate explaining to anyone who will listen how great the academics are at UGA now... all while drunk as a skunk.

FLA- Most likely to think that jeans with white tennis shoes is still a good look.

SC - Most likely to have a quarterback with a questionable hair cut.

UK - Most likely to have erotic dreams about your team.

Vandy - Most likely to not care about whatever snarky comment I throw up here. Two busy swimming in trust fund vault like Scrooge McDuck.

TENN - In the time it took me to write this sentence, the UTenn marching band played Rocky Top seven times.


Auburn - A student body where seemingly half are from Atlanta, applied to UGA only to be rejected, and settled for Auburn.

Alabama - A student body where seemingly half get very excited at the sight of those long white lines on the football field.

Arkansas - Never let an Arkansas fan borrow your phone. After they make the call, they'll go through and read all your text messages.

LSU - Easily the poorest spellers in the SEC.

Ole Miss - Most likely to pleasure themselves to a Brooks Brothers catalog.

Miss State - Most resourceful. The cowbell phenomenon is actually an attempt to cause a massive migration of cattle from the greater Auburn-Opelika area.

Bradley's list is terrible.

Universal REMONSTER said...

I think LSU and Alabama fans are the most obnoxious. SC fans are too damn pathetic.

I agree with the Florida assessment though. I think I got more crap last year at Alabama than I ever got from Florida fans in JAX. As a matter of fact, I have had nothign but pleasant experiences with them. The last TWO YEARS I've ended up walking through the parking fields at Alltel and been invited to join a kickass tailgate with Florida fans.

Dog44 said...

As a former member of the UGA redcoats, I have several experiences worth noting on this topic:

1) Cups of urine tossed down on the band from upper-level UF fans the one year we visited The Swamp. Then as we marched out of the stadium after the game our tuba players literally had to protect some of the woodwind gals from some crass, drunk gators. (My personal opinion is that if we went to Gainesville every other year there would be no doubt as to the most obnoxious fans)

2) Marching with the band into Williams-Bryce stadium and being mooned from the windows of the frat houses. (Granted, this was pretty funny... but still obnoxious). I have to agree that the Gamecocks bring a certain level of disdain for UGA that is hard to match elsewhere.

3) On a positive note, my perspective was that the reception at Auburn's Jordan-Hare was actually respectful. (Except after the quadruple overtime game ('95 or '96?) we literally had to sprint from the stadium to the buses, because their fans were in no mood to be civil.

Fun times...

a-phiz said...

I would have to go with Florida fans. They think football wasn't invented until Steve Spurrier took over as head coach. They also love to look at the past 20 years of the rivalry but never last year (if we win of course) or the overall record.

ChiliDawg said...

I've never been to Tiger Stadium, but a friend of mine has been and was dressed as the visiting team and he was cussed out by a 10 year old and watched a few people get spit on. He also is aware of an incident in 2003 when the Dawgs were at LSU. A Georgia fan went to use a port a potty outside of the stadium, and a group of LSU fans turned it over while he was inside.

I've never been to Jax so I'm not sure how Florida fans are. I would say if the stakes are still very high for both teams come November 1st, with the venom that Meyer has infused into it, that they will be a little more hostile towards Georgia fans.

I didn't really have an opinion on Alabama fans until they hired Saban. That whole deal and their obsession with the Bear is borderline insanity. Too involved with things. A friend of mine from GA goes to school in Alabama and he said you would think hiring Saban was the second coming of Christ. Watching that drunk lady kiss Saban as he landed in T-Town was hilarious. Finding out she was arrested for DUI later that day was even more hilarious. Youtube Kissing Coach Saban and it should be the first response.

Anytime I've been to a Tennessee game (baseball, basketball, women's basketball, football), I've just gotten annoyed at how they think they know more than the coaches. One drive Fulmer had the ultimate praise, but by the end of the game he needed to be fired. A couple of guys actually sat there and questioned Pat Summitt. Really? Are you serious?

ChiliDawg said...


Interesting you had a good experience at Auburn. My Dad ran into the mom of one of the Georgia players at the Dawg Walk a couple of years ago (I can't remember the game or the player) but she said they had cups of booze, urine, spit, etc. dumped onto them as they walked into the stadium during one of the visits. I believe she said this may have been their students as well.

UgaMatt said...

I don't know if they qualify as obnoxious, or just piss-poor, out of control drunks, but LSU is a cut above (or below in this case). Going to a game in BR is as close to going to a third world country as I ever want to go. The things I saw just at College GameDay in '03 were so insane that no one believes me when I tell the stories.
As for pure obnoxious, no humility fans, it's tough to top Florida. I'll never forget my dad telling me after my first GA-FL game in '92, "You just have to remember son, they were just this obnoxious even when they couldn't win anything."

christuckeruf said...

a-phiz said:

"I would have to go with Florida fans. They think football wasn't invented until Steve Spurrier took over as head coach. "

Kids born during Steve's tenure are now enrolled in college. This is not "recent" history as the series after 1990 represent over 1/5th the total series.

Notre Lame homers loves to count championships their great-grandparents watched when players wore leather helmets and were not on scholarships. When would you start counting football history? 1980?

I followed Florida football prior to Spurrier and will always follow the Gators.

At any rate (worst fans):

1) LSU
2) Alabama
3) Florida
4) Georgia
5) Tennessee

Will said...

@ the Jean Shorts fan:
Unless UF is admitting a ton of Doogie Howserian students, it's pretty much this year's crop of freshmen that were born during SOS's first season.
Sure, he was gone by the time they hit HS, but they still grew up with the "UF as powerhouse" notion, which didn't exist prior to 1990.

1980 was a good year, but UGA had a national title and a few SEC titles before then.

That aside, since no one else made the joke: so Bama's the fanbase that attracts the most fat, hairy gay men? Or did you mean Bear Bryant and the new unofficial chant "Dig him up, prop him up, roll tide"?

BarkingDawgUGA said...

LSU- Most likely to scream a sentence at you that looks a little something like "SUEXJFDIATDFGADFGDAFGFGDFGAD"...sure I cant understand what I wrote...but I also dont understand what their screaming at me either!

Auburn- Most likely to not have a CLUE on to way they have certain you know how many versions of why they are called "WAR EAGLE" I have heard from Auburn fans

Ole Miss- Most likely too not care about what time the game starts...or how it ends. Even more likely to end up passed out on the grass somewhere.

UT- Most likely to not be able to count to 10....but they can tell you how many times Rocky Top was played! 164 times....all in the first half!

Bama- Most likely to have you thinking "Damn...that was just racist on so many levels" (Think Dave Chappelle)

RC said...

Agreed. Any such list that doesn't begin "1-LSU..." is immediately discredited.

And yes, like your friend said, PWD, most LSU fans would also be highly offended by anything short of a first place finish.

Dawg19 said...

The number of wins a team in the SEC(or any confernce)has in the last 10-15 years is proportional to how obnoxious their fans are.

(Exception: South Carolina)

Georgia, florida, tennessee, alabama, auburn, and LSU have the most wins in the last 10-15 years. Hence, they have the worst fans for the most part.

As a Dawg fan, I can honestly say we have some obnoxious fans that I'd just as soon send to any of our rivals.

That being said, IMO, gator fans are THE WORST.

Then again...I've never had to deal directly with LSU fans. I have heard stories that they are incredibly rude.

Just wait 'til Bama starts winning again, especially against Auburn. Their fans will ramp it up then.

Anonymous said...

Florida fans are obnoxiously short-term memory types, but otherwise, not so bad. We've been tailgating in Jax for what seems like a hundred years, and it's 50-50, and if someone runs out of beer or propane or water or just about anything the others are fine helping out.

And I think Bradley has just never been to Louisiana, and just didn't know where else to put them.

Anonymous said...

that list is ok except for sc, bama, and lsu. lsu should be higher. bama should be lower (i could be biased cuz i just dont hate them like UF and AU) and sc should be higher. (nerver been to arkansas)

Anonymous said...

First off - GA TECH is and will always be #1 for obnoxious fans. After that, you can pick LSU, Florida, or SC - pretty much a tie for 2nd (ok 1st in SEC).

And for all you Dawgs that think Techies are ok, you are either young are myopic b/c they are the alltime worst when they beat GA.

Anonymous said...

In my four years in Athens, the absolute worst fans I have encountered have been Tennessee fans, hands down. Gamecock and Florida fans follow after that.

Anonymous said...

i always wondered how tn got 107k in that stadium. they each have to take up two seats. and although i've never been there, i hear the seats are pretty small anyway, so maybe they're really taking up 3 apiece.

RedCrake said...

You can squeeze in a lot of folks with a little Shedd's Spread Country Crock and a little bit of effort.

upstatescdawg said...

Paul I have to disagree with you on Gamecock fans. I've been to Columbia many times for football and basketball games and have never had an issue. Their fans that are on the Internet tend to be much more boastful and out of touch than any Gamecock fan that I've encountered. Of course they're not the only fan base like this (ahem, Dawgvent). Any SEC list has to have us top 3, so I would go with LSU and Auburn as the other 2. I would say that Tech tops any SEC team in obnoxious fans.

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