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August 20, 2008

Westerdawg Labs: Disposable Flask Product Review

PWD NOTE: The following is not a paid endorsement.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the folks at Xela, LLC, the makers of the "Original" Disposable Flask. They wanted me to review their product. Given my love of booze, tailgating and football, this seemed like the perfect product for me to investigate.

Their Sales Pitch:
"Stop carrying bulky metal flasks and cumbersome containers. Disposable Flasks are the most convenient and inexpensive way to transport your favorite spirit or other liquids. Our flasks fit comfortably in your pocket or jacket.

The flask is durable, compact, collapsible and lightweight. It stands freely when filled, empties completely flat and freezes safely."
My Review:
I put this product through its paces for my readers. I tested fluid capacity, leakage, temperature tests and "wearability." (All while drinking bourbon.)
  • Fluid Capacity - The web site lists a max capacity of 7.5 fluid ounces, which translates to 5 shots of liquor. In my tests, you could put 7.5 ounces of fluid into the flask; however, that much fluid really pushes the flask to the limits of overflow. It also makes it a bit more difficult to hide. I found the ideal capacity to be around 6 fluid ounces (4 shots). Score: B- (it's big enough)

  • Leakage - The company sent me three flasks. I filled all of them with water and shook them for as long as 60 seconds. I also stored them over night upside down. No leakage. The two most important factors in a traveler are lack of leakage and ability to hide it. Score: A

  • Temperature Test - I have no idea why anyone would freeze their flask, but the web site says it will freeze safely so I tested that too. Score: A

  • Wearability - To put the flask through its true game day test, I put on my game day pants and shirt. I walked around the house with the flask in the front pants pocket, back pocket, small of the back, ankle/sock and behind the belt. I generally wear pants to games, and I felt like security would be able to see the line of the flask from the front pocket. However, the back pocket (shirt untucked), behind the front of the belt and behind the leg worked great. I didn't notice any visible flask lines in any of those places. I didn't like the way it felt in the small of the back.

    The lid area around the mouth of the flask is solid so it provides a little less slippage when placed behind your belt. The contours of the plastic flask also make the behind the leg (calf area) in the sock a more natural fit than the ankle area. It would be much easier to hide this thing in any of those locations than a bulky metal or hard plastic flask. Score: A

  • Pourability - If you've been drinking for a few hours, ringing the tiny mouth of a small flask is a bit dicey. You're going to want to buy a tiny funnel. They sell those on the site,or you can do the old folded paper plate trick as well. Score: B (If sober) C (If drunk)

  • Cost - The price starts at $1.99 each and it drops as you purchase more flasks. Score: A

  • Colors - They have a red and black flask. Score: A+


The 6+ oz size is a nice amount for one solid first quarter drink in one of big collectors cups available at Sanford Stadium. If you sneak two flasks in, it should reasonably help even big fellas hold a nice buzz through the game. However, if you're looking to get drunker as the game goes on vs. simply maintaining a buzz, you need to consider re-enrolling in college....or a much bigger flask.

Compared to ZipLock baggies, metal flasks or the way too large plastic flasks that they usually sell at liquor stores, this is just about the ideal size. I'd use it.


DISCLAIMER: Your experience with this or any product may vary. If you get thrown out of the stadium, arrested, if it leaks on you, or if you don't like it, that's between you and the vendor. It's against the rules to sneak booze into the stadium. That's why it's called "sneaking."


Anonymous said...

the sippin seat look promising

Anonymous said...

Three words:


nuff slaid

Anonymous said...

You can also try Floppy Flasks. They look basically like an IV bag turned on its side with a belt so you can wear it like an under your clothes fanny pack. At 32oz it would certainly keep you feeling well through out the whole game.

Anonymous said...

hmm, nevermind on the floppy flasks. looks like they are not selling them anymore. That's a shame since i kept putting off my order

Dante said...

What the heck is that long list of directions claiming to explain how to make a funnel when "you may not have a funnel readily availabe?" If I don't have a funnel handy, I sure as heck don't have paper, pencil, a cup or bowl, scissors and tape laying around either.

A much easier method to making a paper funnel is to just twist the piece of paper into a cone shape and make sure to leave a hole in the tip of the cone (which will be around the middle of one of the long sides of the paper). I used to do that all the time to add oil to my old Explorer. You could also use a paper plate for that. Funnel too big? Rip off the top half after you twist it.

7-5 said...

If you don't want to purchase these online, Kinnucans over in Alps sells a generic clear bottle just like these. They come in a variety of sizes, work great, cost just a little bit more, but you don't have to wait on shipping.

S.A.W.B. said...

As another alternative, there's always the Pocket Shot, which I surmise one could rig up like a bandoleer of booze underneath one's shirt...

but the disposable flask is likely an entirely cheaper idea. Thanks for the heads up PWD.

NCT said...

Three words: urinary catheter bags. They're sterile, intended to be concealed, leg-strap inclusive, valved. The extreme types among us can wear one on each leg and never have to leave their seats (just remember which one's which).

Jason said...

Anon 12:37am -

I utilized the Sippin Seat last year and found it to not really be all it claimed to be. The stuffing inside the seat was shoddily made.

Half way through the season I ended up just taking the bladder out and using it instead of taking the seat.

Anonymous said...

A+ Post. Would read again.

j.leonardjr said...

Great product!

Another idea I would recommend is purchasing your date or wife one of those red quilted cloth UGA purses. I did this and removed the stitching from the lining in the bottom of the inside of the purse and replaced it with velcro thus creating a false bottom in the purse. We then put our ziplock baggies of Makers Mark inside the false bottom. Close the lining with the velcro, throw in a few tampons with the lipstick, driver's license and car keys and you are all set. She opens the purse at the ticket gate, male security guard sees tampons and is discouraged from touching purse and your liquor is easily in the game. Works like a charm.

We use the small purse and can still get enough Makers in to sustain two buzzes during the game. The purse has a plastic piece in the bottom under the lining which makes it hard to feel the baggies through the fabric.

We may need to get a bigger purse and start using the disposable flask in place of the zip lock baggies. Double bagging and all that can be a pain to prevent leakage. The disposable flask could be just the improvement we need to our current method.

Jason said...

Another option that's worked for years is to get a large bottle of contact lens solution and wash it out.

Anonymous said...

i have been using the reef flask sandals with flasks built in on both sides. works very well. it holds about 1 1/2 mini bottles per shoe, and comes with a funnel for your key chain. ive been using these sandals for years check them out.

Hobnail_Boot said...


One of our fraternity brothers worked in the vet school. We sent him a pledge and had his leg set in a cast. We then put him in a wheelchair and put a pony keg on his lap. It was cold outside so the security people didn't think it was odd that he had a few blankets on his lap.

S.A.W.B. said...

I bow in the glow of your reverence, HobnailBoot...

Bop said...

hobnail_boot...I tend to agree with every comment you make all over the interwebs (ie: bama biggest scare game, etc.)

Well, this comment tops them all. Well done. I'm even starting to wonder if I was the pledge.

Anonymous said...

1-888-2Flaskit no longer works? that makes me sad. The floppy flask was great. I still have mine, but I haven't used it since graduation. Ahh the memories.

Anonymous said...

Cold games are the best, I've smuggled a couple of beers in to the 00 GT game and the 00 Ole Miss game. I think the Ole miss game was the coldest I have ever been in Sanford. Cold, Rainy, and I think the wind was blowing. I couldn't drink enough to stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Also comes in handy for you ladies...

you know...

when you have that not-so-fresh feeling?

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