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August 19, 2008

More SEC TV Headlines

The Chattanooga Free Press has some more insight into the SEC/CBS TV Deal. Here's the money quote as it relates to football:
CBS will keep using 3:30 p.m. Eastern [Time] as its time slot and will continue to broadcast one additional game at noon, one at 8 p.m., one game the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the league title game.
To me that means two double headers per year...or basically the same deal as this year except that ESPN won't get any first picks. I think the exception to the rule will still be Weeks 1 or 2 when CBS is showing the US Open Tennis Championship.

CBS also said, that it "experimented last season by televising Alabama-Florida State and Alabama-LSU at 5 p.m. but...that will never happen again."

On the basketball TV contract with CBS, the money quote is:
Aresco said his network now averages between 18 to 19 telecasts per season but will show 14 under the new agreement. In addition, CBS will no longer televise the SEC tournament title game.
That answers MemphisDog's questions around the Hoops Contract.

Ian Rapoport of the Birmingham News also found the same early copy of the SEC TV Schedule that Quinton found for our site. His info came via the polar route...well via Seattle anyway. Ours came straight off the site. I'm not sure why CBS didn't just say, "It was on our site by accident." The leaked copy that is referenced in Ian's article, even has the same typo about the ND vs. Navy game that Quinton's link had...although, our version was in EST instead of CST.



BCS-Sucks said...

Why aren't there more CBS day-night doubleheaders... is ESPN (or the SEC) blocking this... or does CBS simply not want more than one each year?

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