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September 25, 2008

Georgia vs. Alabama 2007 Highlights

From the



Andy said...

I forgot how insane Knowshon was that game. I also forgot we were ranked 22 while UA was 16. That didn't last long.

BTW, I'm sick of this UGA-Kingsford commercial on the WWL. Enough, I get it. People eat food.

Anonymous said...

Wtf are you talking about dude? This post is about Bama - you know the other team in Alabama that's better than you.

Oh, and you don't have enough weapons to whip uga this year. LOL!

RedCrake said...


We all know that USC is head and shoulders above every other team in the country. They have already punched their ticket to the BCS Championship game by virtue of a victory over a powerhouse Ohio State team.

Heisman Final Voting:
1st: Mark Sanchez
2nd: Joe McKnight
3rd: Ray Mauauauaualuga
4th: Brian Cushing

It's science.

RedCrake said...

By the way, if USC comes back the press will find a way to tell us that it is proof of their resilience and come-back ability.

They are, after all, the best team EVAH!!!

ralf said...

wow and wow. go beavers

Baxter Sanford said...

Lovin' me some Beavers!

Andy said...

WTF? Staff's calling in to Dr. Lou at halftime?

Andy said...

I'm watching auburnallen - and also, thanks for the heads-up on the Herd-Knowshon post earlier today. I turned it on just in time. High-six.

Andy said...

Why does Sanchez wear those muscle bands on his arms? He's a quarterback! Damn, nice 4th down conversion. Yuck.

Andy said...

Don't give up OSU, don't give up.

Even if USC loses, polls go: 1. Okies 2. USC 3. USC 4. USC 5. Okies 6. USC 7. CUBS 8. UGA

Andy said...

This same ref crew missed 12 on the D with ASU. Yet, they're calling the best game of their lives for USC.

Wow, my word verification is "ugasl." Coincidence? UGA Saban Loses. GATA OSU!!

Kris said...

@Andy (1st comment)

--what is so funny about that UGA-Kingsford commercial is that we are playing Tennessee and it has Georgia scoring a TD & the TN fan being they must have made that commercial in 2005

Andy said...

Kris, Every Day Should Be Saturday had a good one on Richt's Dalton Carpet commercials. But yes, that Kingsford stuff is old, but I still love it. Oh you Shockley!

Hell of a throw! First down, shut 'em down! Orange is beautiful tonight!!

RedCrake said...

I hate Orange! Unless its on the mighty Beavers.

Until we go out there that is.

carter said...

So USC has two #4's: RB Joe McKnight and DB Kevin Ellison?

Kris said...


i was just wondering that?

RedCrake said...

Rodgers gets through with 8 in the box for USC....freakin' beautiful.

Kris said...

27-14... simply beautiful

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be the USC of the east anymore

brandon said...

Go Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't worry no team in the SEC is the USC. The big over rated Turd in the punch bowl. WE fo real doe!

Anonymous said...

This is a strange thread of responses since none discuss the highlights. Re: those highlights, we could have avoided alot of drama, including overtime, if we Stafford had not thrown the 2 ints. Upon review, the 2 picks were the result of pressure, which resulted in scrambling, which resulted in picks. In addition, we let their receivers get past us deep a couple of times resulting in long completions and quick scores.

I believe Staff can avoid the same mistakes this year and our dbacks & safeties are more experiences. They do, however, have the Jones kid. And we have the Greene kid.

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