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September 17, 2008

Paul Westerdawg, Media Darling

Check out the quote from our own PWD on the Arizona Republic's site. The funny part is they think he was being facetious.

Paoloa Boivin's column also sometimes runs in the USA Today, but I couldn't find a link.




Anonymous said...


RedDawg said...

His real name isn't Paul Westerdawg?

Wes said...

I think we will have half of the 40,000 people there. I have heard tons of people say they are heading out there. I hope we bring it like it is a home game.


MaconDawg said...

I'll be curious to see how the ASU fans show up following the loss to UNLV. If they don't fill their seats, that should skew the attendance closer to our favor (though I imagine we'll still be shy of %50).

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful article. It never occurred to me that tailgating in a cemetary was odd.

I could not believe that Jeff Pyburn is 50 years old and then it dawned on me.......I AM TOO!

It gets on you sooner than you think boys.

See ya'll in Arizona

skidawg1985 said...

This is one of those weird things where I was looking through a college football book at records and scores and saw the Pyburn years and wondered "What is he doing now?"

Then, BOOM, here is this article.

Too bad he is an attorney; he could have been something productive :)

ruteger said...

I thought it was funny the other day when I caught a bit of the Wes Durham/Tony Barnhart and they gave a shout-out to a friend of their's "Paul" who runs a UGA blog and had sent them a piece on Spurrier and Goff. LOL, "Paul".

Anonymous said...


I can't think of a better spokesman for the impending cultural exchange than a bourbon-drankin' Westerdawg.

all school said...

Wait until Arizona State fans learn about the wonders of the Turducken. UGA fans scoff at your puny western excuse for tailgating. Even Vanderbilt people do better than that.

PWD will be like Lewis (or Clarke) out there, spreading the reach of Football Civilization among the heathen. Godspeed, Paul (or whoever you really are).

I've been to the Phoenix area before. The people are nice, there's stuff to do, but it's a freaking DESERT. Brown dirt hills and cactus all the way to Central America get old fast.

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