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September 22, 2008

A Quick Munson Tribute

I'm sure Paul has a big and better piece coming on this, but I wanted to give a quick note on Larry Munson's retirement.

As some of you may know, I didn't grow up a Bulldog.  I converted when I enrolled at UGA in the last throws of the Goff era.  I didn't know much about Georgia football other than a vague knowledge of Herschel Walker.  I had no idea who Larry Munson was.  When I was buying books for my first quarter, I picked up the Munson's Greatest Calls VHS tape because I needed something to watch before my cable got installed.  I ended up watching that tape for about a week straight.  

Thus, I learned Georgia football almost exclusively through Larry's eyes.  As a result, I think I've taken on his views toward the Dawgs: overly pessimistic and excitedly hyperbolic.  If the other team was winning, it was because they were better.  If the Dawgs were winning, God or Lady Luck were somehow helping them improbably overcome their obvious weaknesses.  It made every game an epic struggle and it made winning exhilarating. Larry Munson grabbed me, a foreigner, and threw me into the Bulldog Nation. 

We'll miss you, Larry.



Unknown said...

My sentiments exactly Quinton.

Larry - you will be missed in the booth on Saturdays. That much is certain.

Anonymous said...

No wonder I don't respect your Dawg knowledge cat has been a UGA fan longer than you.

Brian Evans for Heisman.

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