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September 15, 2008

SC Game: Offensive Miscues 2nd Half

If you take our gigantic miscues and their gigantic miscue (fumble on the goal line) out of it, the score looks more like 24-14. Like I said yesterday Sunday, most of our stuff is fixable. Below is a look at the offensive miscues from the 2nd half.

1st Drive

1st Drive Overall

6 plays and 4 yards net. Moreno got one touch. This drive was derailed because various members of the offensive line lost one on one battles at the line of scrimmage. Then a Matt Stafford pass was deflected into Kiante Tripp’s arms resulting in a huge loss. Not so much miscues as our guys getting beaten and a bad bounce on the deflection.

2nd Drive

1st and 10 SC 34

Incomplete pass

Pass intended for Richard Samuel. This is an instance where Knowshon being a decoy actually made sense. Good play call, but Stafford just missed Samuel deep. 30 yard passes aren’t high percentage plays, but it’s a great gamble on 1st down.

No cost to this miss because the next play was a Stafford run for 30 yards. Followed by the awesome TD run by KM.

2nd Drive Overall

The play action bootleg play from Stafford to Goodman to start the drive was a helluva play call executed at a high level. Moreno touched the ball 3 of 7 plays on this drive, and he was a critical component to the zone read run by Stafford. When our offense flows through Moreno, great things happen.

3rd Drive

2nd and 7 UGA 17


Stafford didn’t see the corner blitz, and Shaun Chapas completely ignored the on rushing defender. If Chapas picks up his block, there is no sack. He literally ran past the blitzing defender. They could've given each other high fives before the guy clobber Stafford.

Cost – 2 plays later UGA punts.

Drive 4

1st and 10 UGA 20

Incomplete pass

Bobo called for the bomb to Massaquoi following the fumble. I loved this call because we are trying to win a national title AND the game. This could have been a "sweep the leg" moment. From our seats, you could tell that Massaquoi was wide open initially. Unfortunately, Stafford didn’t hit him fast enough. Instead it was double coverage by the time Stafford got the ball there.

2nd and 10 UGA 20

Stafford run for no yards.

Stafford kept the ball on the zone read. The play had worked twice earlier. I’m playing arm chair QB here, but I think you give it to Moreno immediately after taking the big shot down field.

3rd and 10 UGA 20


Vince Vance also called for holding. Penalty declined. It looked to me like Chris Davis lost his battle with an interior DL resulting in the sack.

Drive 5

Three and out

Our OL lost individual match-ups to their DL. Plain and simple. However, they did eat up almost two minutes which was critical to getting the victory.

If you take our gigantic miscues and their gigantic miscue (fumble on the goal line) out of it, the score looks more like 24-14. Like I said yesterday Sunday, most of our stuff is fixable.



Denny said...

richard should have caught the ball, stafford placed it perfectly

montgomeryaldawg said...

K Tripp did not catch it in the air, it bounced off the ground, replay should have ruled it incomplete.

peacedog said...

Paul, my only problem with the bomb playcall post-Davis Fumble was that the way our OL had been going, it didn't seem prudent. I thought passing there *was* the right call - it seemed obvious to me that just giving it to Moreno repeatedly wouldn't be enough. But you are right regarding the thinking behind the call, and ultimately if we can get to a better place in terms of execution that thinking will serve us well.

Anonymous said...

Then a Matt Stafford pass was deflected into Kiante Tripp’s arms resulting in a huge loss.

Montgomeryaldawg is right - the ball bounced. Saw it live, and kept waiting for the announcers to come back to it, but they didn't. Shouldn't have been ruled a complete pass.

all school said...

Me, I love the call for the bomb following the turnover. I like that we were being aggressive and going for the kill, not going into the fetal position and hoping we could hang on for dear life.

Obviously, it would have been a better result to get the completion and punch in the score, but you only make those kind of plays if you try them. Maybe later in the season, when we're in a tight situation in a big game, that call will keep our opponent from putting 8 or 9 guys in the box to stuff the run. Or, if they do, maybe next time we make the play.

Heedlessly aggressive is stupid, but intelligent aggression wins football games. Gary Danielson, who strikes me as being very sharp and who's much, MUCH more football/strategy savvy than I could ever hope to be, seemed to like it, too.

Anonymous said...

This is probably not the thread for it but WTF is going on with our kickoffs?

Didn't our kicker consistently kick the ball into the end zone in high school? I know he has a leg. You can tell that by the field goals.

I just don't understand kickoffs being fielded at the 20.

Can anybody explain to me what is going on?

BCS-Sucks said...

Montgomeryaldawg is right. The Tripp pass went straight into the ground and then into his hands. He started to run and they correctly blew the play dead. But then they spotted the ball for a loss. WTF??

BCS-Sucks said...

Also, on the CB blitz sack, Chapas wasn't supposed to block him. He was going out for a pass. This one is on Stafford. He is supposed to have audibled Moreno out of the play-fake and to a block on Munnerlyn.

Hunkering Hank said...

Is Georgia the only undefeated team in history to start the season at No. 1 and end it 3 weeks later at No. 3?

ChiliDawg said...

No, Oklahoma in 1985 started at number 1, went 3-0 and dropped to number 3.

ChiliDawg said...

It is official: Alabama @ UGA 7:45 on ESPN

skidawg1985 said...

UGA is second in the country in penalties and third in penalty yardage.

It is really hard to win with that stat. Naturally the context of a penalty carries weight, but unless there is a sabremetrics person out there who will crunch each penalty and weight them, I will go with having fewer is better.

Some are certainly mental: offsides; some are stupid: roughing the passer often falls into that category, and some are necessary: getting beat on a pass play and grabbing the guy. I saw all forms from UGA.

A blogger (Chris Low) had a good point about UGA missing Sutherland a lot. I wonder if he picks up some of those blitzes better than Chapas or gets open as a safety valve better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and if you take our gigantic miscues away from last season, we'd have won the national championship. And the season before, and the season before, and the season before...

Anonymous said...

Three things:

1) When does Brannon Sutherland come back?

2) Does Stafford constantly overthrow the WRs on the bombs, or are the WRs slow?

3) Penalties. My God. Richt and Martinez need to wake these kids up. It's embarassing.

bcdawg97 said...

#1 - Sutherland back on special teams for Alabama, starting FB for UT

#2 - the bomb is debatable. everyone claims since he hits is so well, that's why he'll be the #1 pick. I think he just had an off day at Cackalacky. I think the wheel route to Samuel is caught by Moreno or King. That was a matter of Stafford throwing to a spot, but the player wasn't a WR quick enough to get under it (or at least he should have dove for it)

#3 - penalties. You'd think they'd be "focused". The roughing the passer I think were awfully ticky tack given that SC had some questionable ones that were not called.

ugagirl24 said...

I just don't understand why we continue to seemingly have the attitude of "This was a tough game and we're lucky to win." We seem to continue to play down to the level of our competition! Why recruit these wide receivers then throw it to Chandler? 2 BIG DROPS! He had a HUDE drop last year in a key game. We seem to run down the side line in a straight pattern. Ugh!

Dawg19 said...


I don't understand why LSU didn't just give up football in 2003 when they lost to florida 19-7 AT HOME.

Or how florida in 2006 had the guts to keep playing when they had to block a field goal on the last play of the game against (you guessed it) south carolina AT HOME to win 17-16. (They also walked all over Vandy in Nashville that year by a whopping 25-19).

Man...can you believe that last year LSU actually lost to (gag!) Arkansas AT HOME in 3OT 50-48.

Those teams must have really had ice water in their veins to some how find the courage to show up for the rest of their games. I'm sure all their coaches were immediately fired at season's end.

In the meantime...we found a way to win at south carolina 14-7 despite playing a lot of youngsters and carolina throwing the kitchen sink at us. Good Lord, People...that game was carolina's Super Bowl for crying out loud. They will beat somebody for us. They're only going to get better. Anbody notice that Vandy is 3-0? Road games in the SEC are NEVER EASY!!

Anonymous said...

My complaints thus far:

1) Penalties. They're fixable. We're committing too many of them. This can be addressed by good coaching.

2) Kickoffs. We're consistently giving up 10-20 additional yards each time. That's like a free first down or two. Need a solution. Need it now.

3) Pass rush. I knew it was bad when we didn't overwhelm GSU and CMU. Our lack of pressure on Smelley bodes poorly for the rest of our schedule. We're needing someone to emerge. As in, this week.

With all that said, I'm not joining in with the "sky-is-falling" crowd. I think we'll improve as the year goes on, and we'll be glad we got our legs under us against 3 bad-to-mediocre teams to open the year. If ASU lays another egg this week, we'll be glad it was 4. We reeked to open 2002 (see Clemson, SC), and improved drastically. It's all about hitting your stride at the right time. Week 4 would be a great time for us to hit ours and never look back.

Anonymous said...

Georgia, You suck!

Anonymous said...

Georgia has to get better in the secondary!!!! I know the pass rush is hurting those guys but come on!! Where are the heavy hitters? When did Brian Evans start playing? Yesterday? he doesn't tackle, he doesn't defend well either. i am a true dawgs fan and want nothing more than many national titles but UGA will not beat Florida with this joke of a secondary, they just won't! I know it stems from QB pressure but some of these plays are embarassing even if the QB ate hot dog while wating on the play to develop. they must step up out there! i think we will have to beat Florida to win the SEC, they've got to improve!!

Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!

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