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September 16, 2008

SEC Power Poll Ballot

1. Georgia - Escaped Columbia with a win after their offense sputtered.  The Dawgs don't have a pass rush yet, but that run defense has been impenetrable so far.  Do the conference proud in the desert.
2. Florida - Prepping for the Vols this weekend. 
3. LSU -Crushed one of the worst teams in the country.  Yawn.  Can the offense put up points against a real defense?  We'll see Saturday.
4. Auburn -Three points was enough against State, but LSU can actually run an effective offensive play.  Is there a quarterback anywhere on that team?
5. Alabama -Again, we won't know the trust about Bama until they visit Athens.  Should slaughter the Hawgs this weekend.
6. Ole Miss -Must beat Vandy in Oxford to keep the congregation hopeful.
7. Vanderbilt - Pulled away from Rice in the second half.  Win this weekend and could we see the Commodores in the Top 25? 
8. Tennessee -I can't remember a less impressive blowout win.  Time to either step up and redeem yourself or start debating Fulmer's future again. 
9. Kentucky - Munching cupcakes and stuck here until October.
10.  South Carolina-The defense looked good and the offense moved the ball, but gave up their normal choke job turnovers to let the Dawgs escape.
11. Mississippi State -Just punt it on first down and let the defense try to score.  That offense is painful to watch.
12. Arkansas - Be glad the game was postponed, Hawgs.



WFDawg said...

Haven't watched UT yet this year, but methinks it's hard to believe they're worse than Ole Miss and Vandy.

JasonC said...

RE: Bama
Truth, not trust

Raleigh Urbain said...

On ESPN radio today Saban called Arkansas the best team they have played up to this point. Ouch.

Clemson - We're Really Good*

*Slogan not valid outside the ACC.

Anonymous said...

Hey Raleigh Urbain how good are the likes of Ga. Southern and Central Michigan? Please!!! Not to mention aN unranked SC Gamecock team that had you on the ropes and sweating till the clock ran out. UGA = OVERATED.

Dubbayoo said...

Who do we have that's hurt but should be back this year? Southerland...

RedCrake said...

I don't know about Georgia Southern, but Central Michigan would be a mid to high level ACC team.

If South Carolina didn't play in the SEC, they would be ranked in the Top 25. They would also contend for the ACC championship on a yearly basis. As I recalled they did won pretty convincingly against their ACC foe.

Hobnail_Boot said...

You know those Bud Light radio ads, the "Real Men of Genius" ones?

They really need to do an "anonymous poster on sports message boards d-bag".

Dawg19 said...


Replay of the south carolina game tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17th at 11PM on SportsSouth...

bobby bulldog said...

Dawgs get DUMPED in desert.

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