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September 23, 2008

SEC Power Poll Ballot

1. Georgia -Unveiled their first scary wideout since Andre Hastings by throwing to freshman A.J. Green for 159 yards.  The offense still looks like a Ferrari in second gear, all the parts are there but they are held back somehow.  Two things get figured out this weekend: Is the impenetrable run defense for real and can a patchwork offensive line hold against a legit defensive front?
2. Florida - Called UT quitters and then beat them down again.  Percy must get more touches after averaging a first down every touch last week.
3. LSU - The Tigers won a huge, huge game toward the SEC West crown and may have found a solid quarterback.  Could LSU repeat?  The only tough road game left is at Florida.  With the way their defense plays, it's not ridiculous to say they have a real shot to win in Gainesville.
4. Alabama - Did what a lot of teams are going to do to the Hawgs this year, destroy them. 
5. Auburn - When we heard the halftime score sitting in the stands at ASU, no one around me could fathom the Aubs scoring 14 points on LSU.  Each year of Tubs reign, they get things figured out around this point in the season.  The only trouble this time is that they don't have the quarterback personel to run that offense correctly.
6. Vanderbilt - How brutal is the SEC East?  Vandy is now a top 25 team after a miracle fumble in Oxford. 
7. Ole Miss - They are 2-2, with losses to Wake and Vandy.  Normally that would be embarrassing, but both of those teams are ranked.  It gets no better this week when they head to the Swamp.  
8. Tennessee -The Clawfense is befuddling Crompton, leading to a curious lack of production for an offense with lots of good players.  If they lose to Auburn this weekend, which they should, they might have to battle to stay out of the East cellar. 
9. Kentucky - Munching cupcakes and stuck here until October.
10.  South Carolina-The Cocks have winnable games until LSU visits in mid-October. 
11. Mississippi State - Looked silly against Georgia Tech.  Will look sillier in Baton Rouge Saturday.
12. Arkansas -Took the first of many awful beatings to come.



Anonymous said...

i would say s.c. was a legit defensive front?

blackertai said...

If Kentucky plays well, we could see every team in the SEC East with a ranking at some point this season. When is the last time that happened?

Quinton McDawg said...

The SC front wasn't exactly held in check. Whether UGA's offensive line can hold up against a legit defensive front is still an open question.

Crane said...

Dag nabbit. Because the University is hosting GameDay at Myers Quad, ESPN is taking over half of the Quad... No big deal. HOWEVER they're not going to allow tailgaters to set up till 1pm.

Besides ASU folks, who the hell sets up a tailgate at 1pm?

Hobnail_Boot said...

Has Myers Quad been confirmed? That area makes me think of Road Trip and ultimate frisbee.

Anonymous said...

areyouhappypetrino said...

You know. I would love to see Arky in that spot the entire season...

dawgnotdog said...


not exactly what you were asking, but last season 4 East teams were ranked at some point in the TOP 10.


None of them made the SEC Championship Game.

chefboyardee said...

What's this "LSU has found a quarterback" meme all about? He had a good game, after throwing an atrocious pick-six. Chris Smelley had a good first game this year. Crompton supposedly looked good in spring practice.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the rankings as they stand right now. I'm just not ready to hand LSU the SEC West just yet.

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