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October 22, 2008

God Bless You Xavier Carter

That game never gets old.  Maybe the best home perfomance of the Richt era?  Greene was practically flawless that day.  



KRissssssssssss said...



that video just got me pumped

Hobnail_Boot said...

What a glorious day that was.. Sanford has never been louder.

Chance said...


While the LSU game was indeed loud, out of the 30 or so games I've attended in Sanford Stadium nothing compares to the blackout last year against Auburn.

That video got me fired up. Go Dawgs!

EmotionalFescue said...

Few things that jump out immediately:

-I must have forgotten what a pass rush looks like because my goodness that was like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time

-I miss the swagger. That's not showing up the other team, its just confidence

-I like our new uni's so much better

-T Brown TRUCKED that dude

-Pollack made OLineman scared

Anonymous said...

chance is right that nothing compares to last year's Blackout for overall atmosphere (at least for the Richt era).

But when it comes to our performances at home during the Richt era, in regards to being on point from the first snap, it's between this game and Boise State '05. This probably gets the edge due to it being a tougher team, but man...that Boise game was flawless as well.

Anonymous said...

I can't think about this game w/o thinking about the absolute egg the team and the fans laid the next week...

That Tennessee game was the worst performance by a Richt team, and a lousy performance from the fans...

blackertai said...

That Tennessee game remains the worst point for me from my undergrad years. I only got the 1/2 season of home games that year, and I chose the 2nd half, starting with the Tennessee game. Big mistake. I sat outside my dorm and listened to the crowd while watching the LSU game, and I went into that Tennessee game thinking we were hot shit, and I can still remember thinking that Greene had gone out drinking the night before. I mean, I have never seen such lackadassical play from our team (until 1st half of the Alabama game this year) before. I can remember sitting in the endzone following that long bomb Greene tried to throw at the end to rescue the game, and just waiting for the refs to come out and correct the score. There was no way we lost to that freshman QB'd Tennessee team. I'm still in denial.

kevin said...

JTFingC. I remember the previous year thinking LSU just OWNED us. This was THE BIGGEST tailgate of the year, the biggest game of the year, the biggest game since I've been a UGA student at the time. We set up on North campus right in front of the library. We had 10 kegs, made a pyramid. We requisitioned a margarita machine, and we had about 200 ppl show up.... the only thing that made that day better was the complete and utter dismantling of LSU. The only thing to come close to, if not surpass that day, was the Blackout of Auburn in 07..
Damn I miss college

JasonC said...

I was fortunate enough to get tickets to this game and it was incredible. I couldn't believe it. I kept waiting for LSU to come back and beat us and they never did.


You are right on...
the pass rush was insane. I can't believe how much UGA harassed Russell and how fast the Dogs were.

And TBrown did crush that guy. He must have knocked him back 3 yards.

Also, did you notice DG sidestep the unblocked rusher and then connect for a TD pass.

There was speed, power, offense and defense in that game. To all those who keep saying, "stop whining", I know that duplicating that game is impossible, but I would like to see performances closer to that than what we have seen most of this year. And I think we have some of the personnel to do it, but I know the OL injuries et al., make it tough.

Anonymous said...

I am still perplexed as to how that team did not play for the MNC that year. All the pieces were in place. A crazy loss to UT and that damn AU team will do that.

Greene still throws as good as, if not better ball than Stafford. His passes had great touch and easy to catch.

UgaMatt said...

That game was as sweet a payback victory as we've ever had. We really should have won in BR in 03, then by the time the SECCG rolled around, they were much better and our O-Line wasn't even practicing together. Greene took a beating that game and I think that game will always stay with Richt as Saban never called off the dogs and could have really hurt Greene.
For my money, even compared to Auburn 07, that's the loudest I've ever heard the stadium. I'd put LSU 04, AU 07, AU 03, Tech 02, and Alabama 03 as the loudest in Sanford I've been to. The loudest ever though, was BR in 03.

Anonymous said...

I hope the team watches this video before the game Saturday. This is how it's done: attitude. We went out there to WIN this game from the opening whistle and poured it on.

David Pollock looks even better as time goes by.

baltimore dawg said...

you know, reggie brown and fred gibson just took it upon themselves to make saban pay the price for exposing his corners in his defensive philosophy. the way those guys laid out for the ball time and again. what a sight!

Anonymous said...

Nothing was better than beating tech 51-7. Last home game of an amazing season and showed the team was focused going into the SEC Championship team. I hate that our 1 loss season ended in the Sugar Bowl while Florida and LSU have one (and two) loss seasons and win championships. That Georgia team got better every week, let's hope this one does too.

Anonymous said...

CMR needs to get David Pollack to show our current batch of DEs how to rush the QB. Those clips show him faking-out the OL and others show him just pushing through the man.
We definitely have not seen enough of that recently.


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything. The fake Pollack put on that tackle was amazing. He was speed and technique. I too wish that we could see that this year. They were on Russell in two seconds on those plays.

All I want is that intensity and commitment from this team. Nothing more. We have the skills. We have the play makers. I just want everyone of my Dawgs to say to everyone they line up against, "You Will Not Beat Me."

Anonymous said...

i was stumbling drunk by 9am (drank a 6 pack of 420 before we even got to the tailgate)and passed out at the tailgate by noon, somehow roused myself about midway through the game, somehow got into the game, found my friends, fell down several times, made some disparaging remarks about a the tuba players and went back to my tailgate and passed out again. None of which i remember, but am reminded about often. I can't wait till they come back to Athens!!!GO DAWGS!!!

Jesse W. said...

Does anything feel better than whipping up on some Tigers with a dominant performance?!?

Jesse W.

watcher16 said...

Thank you so much for finding this! I've been searching for highlights to that game for a while and never could find any.

Anonymous said...

That was such a fun game, it was just as good as the blackout because it was redemption. I've never heard Sanford that loud. I think that team would destroy our team today. If that team had Knowshon and Asher Allen they would have easily gone undefeated.

Anonymous said...

It really would be something to see our team play like THAT again!

How did THAT team lose to UT the following weak?!?

Muckbeast said...

God, I miss that defense.

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