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November 9, 2008

Georgia vs. Auburn Kickoff Time and TV News

As I predicted last week, it's official. The Georgia Bulldogs will play the Auburn Tigers at 12:30 ET on Raycom Sports.

Other SEC TV Games:
  • South Carolina at Florida - CBS at 3:30 ET
  • Mississippi State at Alabama - ESPN 7:45 ET
  • Vanderbilt at Kentucky - ESPN2 8:00 ESPN2
I'm not really sure why ESPN2 decided last week to pick the Vandy at UK game. I'm skeptical it will be a better game than ours. That's probably some sort of back room deal as part of other picks earlier in the year. But that's neither here nor there.

Tommy Tuberville is one of America's worst pre-1:00 pm kickoff coaches. It's a break for the Dawgs to play the Tigers so early. Off the top of my head with minimal research, here are some early afternoon kickoffs that Tuberville has lost. Auburn was the heavy favorite in most of these.

Tuberville sleeps late on Saturdays:
    2006 - UGA (home)
    2006 - Arkansas (Home)
    2005 - Wisconsin (Capital One Bowl. 1:00 pm Kickoff)
    2002 - Arkansas (home)
    2001 - Arkansas (away) I think this was 11:30 local
    2000 - Mississippi State (away) Not sure on this kickoff time
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Anonymous said...

not being a smart a$$ or anything but what does it mean that Tuberville is the worst pre-1:00pm kick-off coach? Do they just happen to face a better team for early kickoffs or does he constantly get beat by inferior teams when games are earlier?

chris said...

I ask you what is wrong with the UGA defense? Is it talent or coaching?

ky_dawg said...

I just hate these Raycom games. The production value on them sucks and our local affiliate can't seem to remember to switch back to HD after a local break.
Oh well, at least the Dawgs are on the tube again next week. I should be thankful for that!

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure the early kickoff works to our advantage this time. Unlike '06 Auburn has no reason to overlook us this year, and while we certainly shouldn't overlook them either we probably will. We'll get ambushed, but hopefully will survive.

James W. said...

the reason the Vandy/UK game takes priority is because Vandy coil clinch a bowl birth for the 1st time since 82'.....that could be the only reason...

Anonymous said...

Don't forget...that's an 11:30 AM start on the Plains. Last time we were on that early over there, they didn't wake up until the game was over.

And Tre Battle just picked off Cox again.

Cash Mag-Direct Mail Ads in Savannah., GA said...

Raycom picks prior to the Deuce and the Vandy-Cat game was released by the other 3 networks.

Anonymous said...

did anyone else see that we are 7th in the BCS? We might catch a break and get a BCS bid somewhere, just a thought.

Anonymous said...

annon 6:23

we're 10th in the bcs, but if we win out and bama beats florida in the SEC championship then we have a shot at a bcs game, a bowl would probably not want a fla team coming off a loss, but seeing as how they absolutely destroyed us, who knows...

mitch said...

If bama and florda win out, the loser will be in the sugar bowl. The sugar bowl would love to have either of those teams.

rbubp said...

Does anyone think we can hold Auburn's powerhouse offense to less than 40 points? I mean, our D is awfully good, but then, so is Auburn's O. I bet we win another shoot-out.


ej said...

If UF poops their pants and loses to FSU at the end of the year... and then loses to Bama in Atlanta... and Georgia wins out in semi-impressive fashion....

Then we **might** sniff a BCS bowl.

Otherwise, I agree with Mitch.

But after watching the game yesterday, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Anonymous said...

It is always an advantage to the visiting team to have an earlier kickoff. I couldn't be happier about the time.

Andy said...

rbubp, I feel you 100%. But if Willie and the Poor Boys can get it together by Saturday, we should hopefully be having a shoot-out between our RBs and WRs.

But, we shall see.

NBRQ said...

Anon #1:

Did you read the list?

Three losses to Ar-Kansas and one to MSU.

Paul Westerdawg said...

nbrq - I added the detail last to help out Anon #1.

It was a late addition

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA 12:30 kickoff, Georgia sucks!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah what a compelling match up this one is going to be...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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