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November 3, 2008

UGA vs. Auburn Kickoff Time TBD (another 6 day option for CBS)

CBS will wait until next Monday to pick its game for TV on Nov. 15th. Their decision impacts the ESPN game and the Raycom game. The ESPN2 Game will be Vanderbilt at Kentucky at 8:00 pm.

CBS / ESPN / Raycom will choose from:
    South Carolina at Florida
    Mississippi State at Alabama
    Georgia at Auburn
The Nov. 8th games that will impact that decision include:
    Alabama at LSU
    Arkansas at South Carolina
    UT-Martin at Auburn
    Florida at Vanderbilt
    Georgia at Kentucky
    MSU is idle this Sat
If I were guessing I'd say it'll be UF vs. SC on CBS, MSU vs. Alabama on ESPN, and we're going to be on Raycom at 12:30 pm. That's good for Georgia as Tuberville rarely has a team awake for a pre-1:00 pm CST start.



Joel said...

I thought there was a limit on the number of 6-day options the networks had. Is that not the case anymore or am I just wrong.
It seems like half our games have been on 6-day option

Anonymous said...

Very good memories of that 12:30 kickoff over in Auburn of 2006

Anonymous said...

Sucks. If UGA is on Raycom, I do not get to see the game :(

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