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December 14, 2008

George Wallace's Reaction to the AU Hire

George Wallace Approves of this Hire

I'm not one to get into race very often on the blog because it never ends well. But just how exactly does Auburn justify the differences between Gene Chizik's resume and Turner Gill's resume?

Chizik is 5-19 while riding a 10 game losing streak at Iowa State. Meanwhile, Turner Gill took over arguably the worst program in college football history, and he made them MAC Champs in three seasons. In fact, Gill's winning percentage as a head coach is almost exactly twice the percentage as Chizik's.

The only teams that both programs have played over the past two years are Kent St. and Toledo. Chizik was 1-2 vs. them while Gill was 2-1. As for national titles as an assistant, Gill has three to Chizik's one.

Basically, Auburn's athletic department could've made the search easier if they had simply spun George Wallace's "Wheel of HR Success" to find the appropriate hire.

Ironically, Gill would be an exceptional hire for Iowa State given his ties to the Big 12 North, and his expertise in program building. So this could end up being the best thing to happen to Turner Gill.

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(ht - weaglejohn for the Wallace reference)


Andy said...

That Bulldogs Blog plug the other day was brilliant. I'm loving it; much better than this piece of sh#t site. Kidding!!!

Auburn might be f-uknowwhat-ed. I mean, we'll see. But Gene? Who? At least it wasn't Garner. If I was AU, I'd glory-hole Tubby to come back immediately.

But, watch, Shiznit will run some triple option crap and we'll be f-uknowwhat-ed. I hate Tech.

Andy said...

BTW, ESPN bottom line is reporting that Tebow placed "Philippians 4:13" decals underneath the eyes of Bradford's trophy. After which, Colt took possession of the trophy and smashed both in the skull, killing them both. Muschamp thereafter ruined his khaki pants.

Dan said...

Why is it so much fun to watch dumb reactionary rednecks get what they deserve? I give him 17 games and then, midway through the 2010 season, they can do it again.
Has any other program run off two consecutive coaches who'd had an undefeated season within four years?

ky_dwag said...

Wow, I was offering up Steve Kragthorpe from Louisville and Auburn went out and hired someone even worse. I have one word for Auburn's season next year. "Trainwreck"!

NM said...

Paul, you might be jumping the gun a little here. Do we know they *didn't* offer Gill? (Or Leach or any number of other top choices?) It seems entirely plausible to me that they reached out to Gill and HE said "Thanks but no thanks" given what happened with Tubs. Gill seems like a family-first kind of guy, who, like Richt in '01, wants to move one more time and that's it. And at a place like AU, where they fly to Louisville behind your back and fire you for one bad season in ten, that ain't gonna happen.

And not to pick nits, but saying Chizik only has one national title is a bit disingenuous. He was on the undefeated AU '04 staff, too. Much like I don't think a coach on LSU '07 could claim to be superior to UGA '02, I don't think the words "national title" mean anything more impressive than an undefeated SEC season.

Still, all that aside... swapping Tuberville for Chizik has got to be one of the all-time weirdest/dumbest hires. We'll see how it pans out.

And Gill would be a great hire for ISU, but I think he's too smart to go there. He should wait a year and try to get a *good* job.

Dubbayoo said...

I was watching Outside The Lines this morning on ESPN. One of the commenters, I can't recall his name, said two SEC COACHES TOLD HIM Turner Gill would NEVER get that job because he's married to a white woman.

I have no opinion. I'm just relaying what I heard.

rbubp said...

If they actually hire Turner Gill it would probably be the best thing that happened to Iowa State.

I'd hope that Iowa State is not the best thing that's ever happened to Turner Gill, though; that would be very sad.

Anonymous said...

I think it was an awful hire, but I want to know why Syracuse got a free ride for basically the same thing?

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