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December 28, 2008

No NFL Rookie Wage Scale for 2010 Draft

Matthew Stafford (Image: Dennis Hodges)

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has informed ESPN and others on the record that the NFL will not implement a Rookie Wage Scale for the 2010 draft.
"There will be no change in our current [rookie pool] system, at least until 2011," Goodell told ESPN on Saturday. "I've explained that to some college head coaches, athletic directors and league commissioners. Any underclassman who is hearing differently is probably hearing it from an agent or from another source who is misinformed."
This means that Stafford and Moreno can think about their decision without the fear of losing tens of millions by sticking around for another year.

Unfortunately for David Hale of the Macon Telegraph, he wrote a story on this topic before Goodell made his announcement. Also a bummer for Mark John Clayton making such a strong prediction that there would be a rookie wage scale only to see Goodell state otherwise.

In Hale's article, he talks how much Stafford might have lost if the Rookie Wage scale had been implemented.
For Stafford, who has been projected by many draft analysts as the best quarterback available should he choose to forego his senior season, the salary hit would be significant. Ryan, who was taken third overall in 2008 by the Atlanta Falcons, is earning an average of $10 million per year, with $30 million of the contact guaranteed. Under the proposed salary cap, Stafford could be limited to as little as $3.25 million per year as a maximum in 2010, Clayton said.
Regardless, I hope Stafford and Moreno come back, but I'm still not expecting to see either of them in Athens next year. I hope I'm wrong.



Gen. Stoopnagle said...

I hope they do what is right for them in the long run. I think that means Stafford stays (given the track record of QBs who jump early) and Knowshon goes.

I'd like for them to be back in red and black next year, but they each have to do what is best for themselves and their families.

But if they are both back and the defense shores up... we could have another successful year.

skidawg1985 said...

Who are you people?

My guess is that Herschel, Buck and many, many others did not wear UGA PJs are kids. Eric Zeier probably did not either.

I guess you think only players born in GA should play for UGA--think about that for a minute.

When has Knowshon done something that takes away from the team? I want something specific.

NRBQ said...

MARK Clayton, Paul?

Great news, but old news. NFL sources have said this for weeks, and I'm sure our eligible players knew it.

I hope our guys come back, but I really want them to play the bowl game as if they aren't.

Go Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the negative waves! I'm sure you guys were cheering your asses off when they scored their 36 TDs between them this year.

matt b. said...

these comments are becoming quite old. obviously many visitors to this site have no life during the holidays.

it's simple in my opinion. moreno should go, stafford should stay. we will find out in the coming weeks, so until then, everyone should keep their half-wit comments to themselves.

Paul Westerdawg said...

I deleted the first 2 idiot comments.

Also - thanks for the edit.

Anonymous said...

Paul, now for an important question...are we wearing white or red Thursday?

Anonymous said...

With no rookie cap, a chance to get better as a QB, and the possibility of being drafted by the Lions I have a feeling Stafford will be under center in 2009.

KRIS Chamberlain said...

Our offense will be wearing Red, but our defensive players will be wearing Pink... (Because they play like abunch of girls)

rbubp said...

Getting either one of them, back would be amazing.

Getting both back would really be something...the records will be falling. Stafford has a real chance at 4000 yards and 30 TDs, and Knowshon would certainly have a crack at Herschel's record.

I would like our chances to be a top 5 team with both back.

Jacob said...

Georgia will be wearing white in the bowl game Thursday.

Anonymous said...

rbubp: the only way we'd ever be considered a top 5 pick by any intelligent or sane person, regardless of having Stafford & Moreno back, would have to include actually fielding a defense. We don't have one, in case you haven't noticed, and probably won't next year with Willie at the helm.

If this year taught us anything, its never to believe the hype and dream too big. It just ain't gonna happen for us with Richt and especially not with Willie.

Charles said...

Anyone who thinks we'll NEVER win a national championship with Richt is an unbelievable moron. Anyone who expresses this belief, on a Georgia fanblog, is an unbelievable moron and asshole. Posting said thoughts anonymously only makes it worse.

I mean, really, guys?!?! Seriously!?!? The guy is well on his way to becoming the best coach in the history of a quite storied program. But, what the hell do y'all care? You'd rather see the gelheads on ESPN fawn all over us, like they do over Urban, Saban, Pete Carroll, and any of the other flavors of the week.

I'm proud of our coach, and our school. Y'all should be, too. His record speaks for itself. We'll get there, and it won't be due to any of the haters.

PatinDC said...

Thanks for booting out the morons PWD.

I hope they both come back. My opinion is there is no downside to either of them coming back. From up here in VA it sure looks like they both bleed red and black. The trolls are bored this week.

Go Dawgs. Stop Ringer. Bet the little ten.

rbubp said...

Anonymous 5:00, if you followed this board at all over the last month you would know with absolute clarity what I think about our defense, our coaching, and this year's team.

Anonymous said...

rbubp: then you're an even bigger dumbass! No way we can be considered a top 5 pic - even if Matt & Knowshon come back!


Keep dreamin' kid.

Will said...

Knowshon would have to come back and stay for his senior year to really have any legit shot at #34's total yards...5,259 is a lot of yards.

Anonymous said...

to address a couple of above comments:

1. Should Knowshon return, he may have a shot at Herschel's TD record, not total yards.

2. Florida and USC are NOT flavors of the month. BOTH have won National Championships this decade, and there's one more years left. May I also point out that FL is favored to win another NC, AND should Tebow return, they are young enough to win ANOTHER in 2009.

Seemingly, Richt has reached a plateau with this program. Time to knock the lid off again and win that MNC. Gonna take tremendous work, especially from Willie.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Stafford is throwing off his back foot again. Trying to rely on his arm again. Yep - another year in Athens would do him good.

rbubp said...

Re: Herschel's record, I was really thinking of the single -season (1,891). I think he could get that.

Personally, I think Knowshon's 1330+ yards with an OL that could not run block very well because of lack of physical maturity was extremely impressive.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Hey guys,

Ease up on the language.


plop8703 said...

Stafford = Great talent, even better arm..... he just needs to learn how to look off a defense before he gets to the Big Show....
Its aight hes still the best out there its hard to show it in the toughest conference in the Nation....
Knowshon, dont change a thing we'll see ya on Sundays!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hard to have the motivation to improve a unit(defense)when you get a raise even when your side of the ball has declined each of the last 4 years.

Wish my employer would reward me if I was not performing.

Dubbayoo said...

I thought I said this already but maybe it got deleted. I just don't see what Knowshon gains by leaving TWO years early. He's so unique that he's likely the first back taken regardless which year he goes.

Who's on the list of guys that left two years early besides Maurice Clarett, Mike Williams, Todd Marinovich and Tommy Maddox? Cuz that list would stink up any roster.

Anonymous said...

I agree 7 needs another yr.No reason for 24 to stay, he has reached his peak.The longer he stays , the more his weaknesses become obvious.Take the money and run.I do hope 22 stops putting the ball on the ground.btw aren't you guys getting tired of beating up on CWM? Get over it , he was fine when UGA was winning.All of UGA staff had a bad yr.10 wins isn't awful.

rbubp said...

What Knowshon gains by leaving early is a possible extra year on his NFL career: the average NFL running back career is only 3.2 years, among the shortest of any position. Any RB whose stock is first-round high should probably enter the draft.

Anonymous said...

The person who said "10 wins isn't awful" is guilty of what all Georgia fans (and likely players) have been guilty of all year: overconfidence.

After we lost to Florida, everybody had "resigned" the team to an 11-2 record. Though I personally feel Michigan State SHOULD be outmatched by our team, I felt the same way about Tech, Auburn and Kentucky.

chg said...

Ko SImpson and Sidney Rice both left as RS SO's. Further afield, I think Larry Fitzgerald was a a RS SO entry.

Dubbayoo said...

rbubp - running back careers are short because of the pounding and knee injuries, not age. In that sense the average career would be the same length whether you start at age 21 or 24.

rbubp said...

That's a good point, Dubbayoo. But if it were you, would you risk injury while putting in another year in school rather than make money at it, knowing how little time you will likely have to make it?

In short, if you know your status is not likely to change from playing in school--Knowshon's downside is a physical one (lack of breakaway speed) that can't be fixed rather than one that can be improved by more schooling, such technique, focus, work ethic, strength--why would you risk not starting the earning clock?

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