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January 9, 2009

Tebow: "My Goal is to play in the NFL"

Please. Sooner is better than later. Tebow hasn't announced anything yet, but he's considering it. We'll probably know in a few days. A new Detroit Free Press article argues that the Lions should just go ahead and draft "the man of douche." They actually said "man of steel," but I just can't go there.

Update: He has decided to skip his senior year and ascend directly to Heaven.



Anonymous said...

I am becoming less and less a fan of this blog.

This thing has really gone downhill in the last 2 -3 months.

Anonymous said...

Then leave and don't come back!!!

PWD - I love this blog and I think you rock!!!

j Meg said...

This blog has really gotten better in the last 2-3 months.

rbubp said...

He's the new Vince Young. Or Jim Thorpe, I'm not sure which. Are the Lions considering the single-wing offense, too?

A-Phiz said...

Well with the past draft decisions that the Lions have made...Tebow would be an excellent fit for the organization

Paul Westerdawg said...

No problem. I've become less of a fan of Anon 3:31 over the past 30 minutes.

So we're even.

Dubbayoo said...

Heblow is probably more apt than Stafford to withstand the pounding any Detroit QB is sure to receive.

rbubp said...

If they do draft him, watching the pounding and failure will almost be fair payback for putting up with him the last few years.

Anonymous said...

this blog site is a daily stop for me....keep on keeping on and GOOOOOOOOO DAWGS!!!!!!!

Will said...


BCS-Sucks said...

I love that in just 2 years we've (myself included) gone from "he's a glorified fullback" to "Please... just leave us alone."

Someone please shoot me.

Hunkering Hank said...

I would shoot you, but Tebow would save you. So what's the point?

You know, if you'd just spend five minutes with Tebow, your life would be better. Or so says that total idiot on Fox last night.

Paul Westerdawg said...

+ 100 for Hank

Anonymous said...

did you also hear the one after tebow's unsportsmanlike penalty: that may have been the first mistake tim tebow has made in his entire life!

i couldn't watch any post game stuff, but i understand it was a total slurp-fest.

also, he didn't will his team to victory. he threw two terrible interceptions and the defense saved him.

Seth said...

I don't want him to leave. I want our team to just play FOOTBALL against them and whoop his monkey ass. I am not afraid of that fullback. Just because his system has been successful, doesn't mean he is the end all be all.

Their D was good enough, and their O put up nice numbers. I want him back again, just so Corneleus Washington can get acquainted.


Hobnail_Boot said...

Thank God it's basketball season.

What's that?

Oh, right.. dangit.

Irishdawg said...

I would much rather bid bon voyage to Brandon Spikes and Percy Harvin than Jean Shorts Jesus (although I'd like to see him go). Tebow can be stopped if he's hit hard enough, but with a great supporting cast, we get the beast that was Florida this year.

skidawg1985 said...

I would much rather bid bon voyage to Brandon Spikes and Percy Harvin than Jean Shorts Jesus (although I'd like to see him go). Tebow can be stopped if he's hit hard enough, but with a great supporting cast, we get the beast that was Florida this year.

END Quote

So in 3 years he has apparently yet been hit hard enough...

skidawg1985 said...

PWD, can you not just require every person to login and avoid Anonymous posts?

ky_dawg said...

Well, the suck-up fest continues today. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and every freaking television had something about St. Tebow.

I can't wait until he enters the draft and disappears from view in the vast expanse that is the NFL.

Irishdawg said...


I venture to say that we and Michigan both hit him hard enough last year. Hell, OU hit him a few times last night and he sucked in the first half.

Anonymous said...

No, the "best part" about nepotism boy's fawning was that he followed up his comment on the penalty being the "first mistake that Tebow ever made" by saying that the comment on Tebow being the 4th best QB in the Big VII was, and I quote, "the most ridiculous thing ever said." The hubris of Brennaman literally has no bounds. And, Charles Davis is so dumb, I am shocked that Fox doesn't make him wear a helmet for liability reasons.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that our arch enemy's coming out could actually keep Stafford from being drafted by the NFL's worst organization in the freezing abyss of hell that is Detroit. Actually, if the Lions do draft Tebow, wouldn't that officially qualify him as Matt Stafford's savior? Karma, indeed.

Bernie said...

I'd love to see Tebow stay, if only for one more chance to see Curran lay him out.

Other than that, (should he turn pro)I'll just read about him going in the 6th round as a future H-back to the Giants.... or Ravens.

Anonymous said...

Tebow tip toes on sewage in Gainesville and the bromance will continue. Forget national championships; we have to beat Florida and Tennessee next year and win the East. 2005 has become a fond memory of the past. I expect a full turn around in the defense next season. People forget to easily that 9-4 Florida last year had a terrible defense which got a major face lift this season.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Irishdawg. If Harvin, Spikes, and company leave and Tebow stays, we'll have one final chance to give him a tearful sendoff a la Ole Miss.

Muckbeast said...

I just want to beat Florida and Tennessee in the same year.

Is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

yes it is gooooo gators!!!!!!!

Muckbeast said...

You know you are a giant loser when you waste time visiting the blog of a team you don't actually root for.

Threshold RPG

The Cuatro said...

Anon at 11:56,

I hate to burst your bubble of optimism but the 9-4 gator squad of '07 is nothing like our 10-3 team. They were very young and returned almost the entire team for the 2008-2009 campaign, most importantly their 3 or 4 biggest play makers which included Tebow. They were not supposed to be great that year... they were supposed to be great this year.

This past season was our season to shine, and it goes without saying that it didn't work out that way. We enter next season losing our two biggest playmakers including our 3 year starter at QB. You'd be better served comparing our 11-2 team in '07 to their 9-4... both were young teams returning most everyone to make a run at the 08-09 title.

I'm not saying we don't have a chance next year, I'm just saying you can't compare our team with the gators from a year ago simply because of similar W-L records. If we do make a title run it will be a surprise rather than an expectation. I do think our O line will be one of the best in the country though and our defense will certainly be improved. Who knows what could happen. Without all the preseason hype, it should be a fun season to watch.

Your Mother's stinking Vag said...

Skidawg -

How's does this make me any more accountable than simply posting under the anonymous tag?

ugagirl24 said...

Tebow will not go pro this year. He has said many times that academics are more important than football. He'll return for his senior year, then enter the draft next year.

I loathe Fla as much as anyone else, but you gotta admit he's a good guy!

Anonymous said...

No I do not have to admit he is a good guy. There is something creepy about him. I would like him to come back so we can sack him six more times. However, I think Urban has figured out he is not a passer (65th in yards per game in Div 1) and has designed most plays to avoid him being a drop back passer. This limits our ability to sack him unless we can take away their running game. I hate to put my hopes on our defensive staff (yes all of them) but we will have to next year.

RedCrake said...

Anon 12:10 -

I couldn't agree with you more.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, everybody liked OJ Simpson in college too.

Anonymous said...

As for the DAwgs '09 version -

(1) I am very comfortable having Joe Cox b/h ctr. While Stafford's skillset and potential are nearly un limited, Cox brings his own style to the game which includes accuracy, a very catchable ball, and a strong understanding of fundamentals. Plus, he has serious brainpower and leadership skills which I occasionally questioned with MS.

(2) The D returns nearly every starter, sans Ellerbe, and it will not only be healthier, it will have a stable of tremendously talented redshirts eager to get theirs. Don't forget our entire DLine is returning - big plus. In addition, a few players return from season ending injury such as marcus washington, an integral LBer on the 07 squad.

(3) WR and RB - while Knowshon is simply irreplaceable, our entire OL is returning and regaining its best player in Sturdivant. We'll see if Samuel, King, and Ealey can step up. Certainly, another year of practice and experience can't hurt RS and CK, particularly in blocking and confidence. We all know that Chapas is a fine FB who will only improve. We lose MoMass, however Moore, Durham, King, and that kid from south carolina should be fine. Actually, I really like the way Moore stepped up as the year progressed. Makes me wonder what in the hell ever happened with Harris and Goodman. White and Figgins give us a great tight-end combo as well - finally.

So to recap - slight drop in QB (NOT measured by guys like Kiper), drop in RB but manageable, gains in DL and OL (where it all begins and ends), experienced wideouts and TE's returning, the entire secondary (which can't help but to improve), and a coaching staff that has been tested and tempted to leave but stayed b/c they know we have the potential to equal Florida's success.

Don't forget intangibles like team chemistry which we had in 07 but not in 08 - we'll see that return.

I like our chances guys, I really do. I have a feeling everyone involved with be working their asses off.


rbubp said...

"Don't forget our entire DLine is returning - big plus."

We lose Corvey Irvin and Jarious Wynn.

rbubp said...

"I like our chances guys, I really do. I have a feeling everyone involved with be working their asses off."

I agree. I have the feeling that this past year will leave a bad taste in enough players' and coaches' mouths, and we have enough good leaders returning in Curran, Cox, Allen, Owens--and I think Michael Moore, I like his on-field effort-- that we will be at least as good in record and truly competitive in every game.

I do wish we Knowshon back, though. He could get 2000 running behind a better OL as a featured back, and what a great energy guy he was.

The Cuatro said...

Anon at 1:25

Our entire secondary is not returning... we loose our 2 year starter at SS (CJ Byrd). I'm also pretty positive that Ealey redshirts, he's pretty small right now and could use the time IMO, plus there is a lot of depth at RB. You can't forget about the other two highly touted backs in last year's class, Dontavious Jackson and Carlton Thomas. I think DJ will contribute quite a bit as our third back and CT will be a stud on ST and as a change of pace back.
As far as the D Line goes, losing Irvin is tough, but getting Jeff back from injury more than makes up for that. I also think the guys we have coming off redshirts and coming in from prep / hs (namely Washington and Jackson) should solidify our weakness at DE.

And rbubp, I completely agree with you that having returning leaders like Jeff, Asher, Geno, and Rennie will make a huge difference on defense next year.

rbubp said...

Cuatro, I just read Steve Hummer's article on Cox and Shockley on the ajc website, a really good read. Makes me feel very optimistic about next year. Cox is no Tereshinski; we can win with him.

Here's to 2009. When do we get started??!

Anonymous said...

Ok Cuatro and rbubp,
we lose Irwin, Wynn, and Byrd from the D. That's it. Attrition will not be a factor for next year's Defense. As Cuatro says, what we have coming in more than compensates for what's departing.

And remember this guys, Fl's 2007 D wasn't worth a flip. The resurgence into 2008 was remarkable, and can be emulated by GA - IF Willie coaches 'em up AND we stay healthy. Lord knows we need a defensive end that can rush.

FL likely loses 2 of its best D starters in Spikes and Cunningham - everyone has attrition. It's what WE have coming back on coming up that excites me.


Anonymous said...

Ok Cuatro and rbubp,
we lose Irwin, Wynn, and Byrd from the D. That's it. Attrition will not be a factor for next year's Defense. As Cuatro says, what we have coming in more than compensates for what's departing.

And remember this guys, Fl's 2007 D wasn't worth a flip. The resurgence into 2008 was remarkable, and can be emulated by GA - IF Willie coaches 'em up AND we stay healthy. Lord knows we need a defensive end that can rush.

FL likely loses 2 of its best D starters in Spikes and Cunningham - everyone has attrition. It's what WE have coming back on coming up that excites me.


The Cuatro said...

rbubp, great article. got me fired up for next season. G-day should be interesting

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the first anon/comment. It's becoming an embarrassment.

Dear PWD,
   Do us, and yourself a favor, and just stop talking about Florida. I don't know exactly when or why you reverted into a 12 year old, but it's not funny. No really, it's not, I assure you. Just stop. Please.
   -Adult members of the Bulldog Nation

Bernie said...

Anon 6:41,

I sure hope our coaching staff doesn't adopt that philosophy. The gators are not just the top of the SEC, but the nation right now. To defeat them we must know our enemy well, inside and out. I share your frustration that all of the sports world is giving them all this attention. It is also frustrating that it is much deserved. Hopefully they'll get so full of it, they never see Cox, Curran and Co. coming 10/31/09.

Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Knowing them is one thing, but "man of douche" and "this is why you suck" posts are just retarded. I guess it's PWD's failed attempts at humor, but perhaps the saddest part of all is, not only is Florida better than us on the field, EDSBS blows this stupid blog out of the water the last year or so as well. But hey, at least in between all the bad posts he still tries to sell us junk too!

Anonymous said...

i guess the anonymous "georgia" fan has nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Some folks/Ga fans amaze me. Take for instance this anon 6:41 character. "Stop talking about Florida"....."I'm sick of hearing about FL"....."Orson's blog is better"...... what absurd comment. Does this guy think Steve Spurrier caught grief from the FL faithful when he returned to gainesville in '90? NO! Spurrier (as has been mentioned 1.2 million times since) circled the GA/FL game on the calendar and said (paraphrase) "Men, winning this game is now our primary objective". Knowing that by defeating GA, they were essentially capable of beating most any team on their schedule. Of course, UGA shat its pants and hired Goff in '89 and the rest is history. (some say Spurrier wanted to come to GA).

So fast forward nearly 20 f'ing years and here we are facing a program that Dooley said to watch for, God forbid FL ever finds a coach. Well, they did, and have. 2 of them. Sucks for us in Ga since we'd all rather moan and whine and take it up the ass each year, right?

Well you know what? F*CK THAT. A competitor - a real sonofab*tch competitor - would be studying the head mullet to see what he's doing right. He'd be emulating his primary opponent to determine how he can improve his program and team, and REPLICATE the success. I'm not talking about constructing a f'ing Tebow & Harvin robot and copying every single play down to the fabulous jump pass. I'm talking about studying and learning from, let's face it, the best program in the nation (sans USC). Special teams, practice habits, defensive methods, eating methods, sleeping methods, sh*tting methods. Whatever it takes to replicate the success under legal and honorable methods (no one is questioning the legality and honorability of Meyer this week). Grow a pair of stones and do it.

Now let me add this. Experience shows that just when you think programs are destined for eternal glory and are being called the best ever - something happens. Like a coach leaving. Like an AD leaving. Like the team bus roll a few times (God forbid) and breaking a few bones. Like Spurrier leaving after 2001 and Zook arriving (didn't matter with us, did it?). Like something no one saw coming which opens up the gates for a new team to dominate. We all know Tebow has one year left and that FL will not be able to maintain its success level after that. Just with herschel, we trended down. No way FL replicates its success after Harvin and Tebow leave - 0%.

So my point is clear. Work like hell, study like hell, compete like General Patton would've, and lo and behold good things will happen. Mark my word.
Just stop acting like Mark Richt and the Bulldog nation shouldn't focus on FL. When we do, we will win.


FisheriesDawg said...

GPOOE is officially coming back. His announcement was incredibly awkward and gay in pure Tebow fashion.

A Georgia win over Florida next year would mean Tebow finishes 1-2 for his career against Georgia. I think that would be rather nice, don't y'all?

Anonymous said...

A funny recruiting story... while in high school, Tebow called CMR and was interested in the Georgia program. CMR told him that Stafford was our guy, and he should look else where. With our offensive philosohpy, I'm glad we stuck with Matt, but Tebow and Richt seem like a match made in heaven... literally.

Anonymous said...

Tebow is officially coming back.

Is the SEC now officially Florida and the little eleven? Seems like a one team conference from an outside observer.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 3:18 - That's not true about Richt/Tebow.

Anon 6:41 - Do you want a refund? Otherwise, I'm not sure exactly what it is you're looking for?

But I'm sure you can find it on another blog.

D. Smith said...

This just in. Tebow is staying in Florida for another year.

Dan said...

Tebow coming back is about as surprising as Stafford leaving.

Anon 3:47
Great point since a different SEC team won the national championship last year and Florida hasn't been undefeated in the conference since when? Genius.

Anonymous said...


No need to get testy. Seriously, 2 Championships in 3 years...likely a 3rd next year. They crushed all the big SEC teams last year.

SC doesn't go undefeated in the Pac 10 but there isn't a question that they are the best in that conference.

Florida is turning into the USC of the SEC.

rbubp said...

Anon 4:06,

The key word there is "turning," the key phrase "is turning into." You may be a prescient observer.

Get back to us when it has happened. Has.

Thanks, the Little 11

Anonymous said...


That was exactly my point...IF Florida wins it again next year. However, right now it looks more like when than if.

rbubp said...

Anon 4:22, since you've continued to argue this point, let me be a little more clear about why it won't happen as you say. I should point out that others on this blog have stated this before me:

USC owns the state of California, a gigantic region (not state) for recruiting, and ALWAYS HAS. No other Pac-10 school has ever been consistently strong enough to challenge USC's base even when USC was struggling in the late 80s and 90s. Yes, UCLA, Arizona State, and Washington have been good from time to time, but they have, I believe, one football national championship between them in the last 50 years, and not that many more top 10 finishes, I would bet.

Conversely, Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia have historically battled each other for players and conference supremacy in much more equal turns in the last 50 years. In each decade one team has been on top of the rest at some time. But in each of those periods the others have stuck their noses in there and won the conference and been a national player. Look up the history to see how this has worked. Not just one or two teams doing this--SIX. I don't have the numbers with me, but I would welcome a comparison of top 10 finishes in the last 50 years between conferences. I don't know who will have more, but I would bet quite heavily that the SEC would have more teams represented with more balance among the total.

For this reason--historic and recent success across several teams--they continue to fight for the same players, six almost-equal powerhouses in a region about the same size and population as...California.

Anonymous said...


I hear ya. I certainly realize the SEC is different from the Pac 10. No question. However, I also don't remember such a huge talent gap between one team in the SEC and all the rest...especially in the east. Also, I think it has much more to do with the players in Florida than the rest of the south east (ie: Miami and FSU being down recently).

Anonymous said...


That story certianly is true. Heard it straight from Katharyn Richt herself.

Dan said...
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