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February 18, 2009

Friday is for Freshmen

This weekend's opening baseball series against Youngstown State will be a freshman showcase.  The Diamond Dawgs signed a stellar recruiting class this past year and the opening day lineup will reflect that success.  Coach David Perno said five freshmen should start Friday night in a recent interview with AM 960 The Ref. (Image: The Red & Black)
Colby May will start at third as expected.  Levi Hyams gets the nod at second, although Perno said veterans Thoms and Starr will start the weekend's other two games.  The outfield will start three freshmen: Johnathan Taylor in left, Zach Cone in center, and Chase Davidson in right.  Wow.  Perno raved about Zach Cone in the interview, but hinted that Matt Cerione will likely take over in center when he comes off suspension.
This is the most starting freshman in a Perno lineup.   Some might argue that this lineup is cause for concern.  After all, playing freshmen in a game where experience counts can be a losing proposition.  Plus, a freshman is just physically weaker and less developed than a junior.  I would counter that you need the type of youth and talent these freshmen represent, but it needs to be mixed with veterans like Holder, Poythress, and Massanari.  LSU played a lot of talented freshmen last year and were on the brink of a mediocre season.  But their young team woke up and won 23 straight games, including the SEC Tournament.  So, is this cause for concern or celebration?
Also, for your bat connoisseurs, Anthony Dasher at reports that the Dawgs have been authorized to use Easton composite bats this year, defying their exclusive Nike contract.  No more equipment excuses.



Anonymous said...

If the pitchers can settle in behind Holder, stay healthy and play good D, this team will be good. There are enough veterans to lead the way, and give the kids time to settle in. Like most all of baseball, get some good pitching and we'll win our share of ballgames.

dean said...

I think Mr. Egger is right. Pitching is going to be key (as it is with any team) especially the closers. I don't see this team blowing out many quality opponents so the pitching will have to be better than average.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find out a tv schedule for the games, or listen to on the radio? Ie how can I follow uga baseball?

Unknown said...


When do we book our rooms for Omaha?


Anonymous said...

Let's kid our kids to use the same bats as Fresno State. Or, just shoot the same juice as those meatheads.

And yes, I'm still pissed about losing to a team that had like 10 HR's all year and hit 25 during the CWS. Stinks to high heaven. No way that team wasn't juiced up.

Quinton McDawg said...

I expect any trip to Omaha will involve months of well thought out advanced planning, including putting the wife on as much notice as possible. Just like the last trip.


Dubbayoo said...

Are the freshmen starting just to get the experience (Youngstown is D-IAA) or because they're the best we got?

tangent - I hate when people link to articles that require subscription w/o mentioning it.

David Manning said...

They are using the blue TPX bats.

Quinton McDawg said...

Sorry for fooling you, but I needed to acknowledge Dasher as the author of the story. You aren't missing much additional info, except a good Perno quote, by not seeing the subscription story.

As for your other point, I get the feeling that the freshmen are the best we got. In Perno's radio interview he mentions that Lyle Allen hasn't shown much in practice and that's why he lost his job to a talented freshman. The only exception might be Cone, but Cerione is suspended. Even with that said, Perno was gushing over Cone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that there is no D-IAA in anything except football. Youngstown may be a D-1AA football school, but it's still a D-1 school in baseball, if not a particularly well-known one.

Anonymous said...

meh, when's spring practice start?

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