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June 23, 2009

Things I Learned to Hate in 2008-2009

Every year my hate meter fluctuates somewhat.  Not on hating the truly repellent things, like the University of Florida, Dennis Felton's "offense," or temperance.  No, the fluctuating hate is at the margins and often temporary, but it is still a quality vitriol.  Here are a few things I can't forgive for their actions last year. 
  1. Alabama. - Some of you have always hated Alabama and will hate them forever.  I didn't really mind them too much until last year because we had beaten them in thrilling fashion during the Richt era and they were sometimes good for a crucial win over Florida or Tennessee when the East standings were tight.  This year's game set up perfectly for us: home night game, blackout, Bama showered bulletin board material at us, UF lost that afternoon, national television audience, USC lost earlier in the week, #1 was back in our grasp.  It had the feeling of a coronation in pregame warm-ups.  Then, this happened.  Total despair.  You won't endear yourself to me ever again, Bammers.  On a related note ...
  2. Being #1 Before the End of a Season. - Georgia doesn't do well as #1, unless they are hitting forehands, riding horses, or doing somersaults.  Need proof?  Football started the season at #1 and produced one of the most disappointing seasons we are likely to ever produce.  Baseball was #1 before, and briefly during, the conference slate.  They ended the year with a 3-12 streak and didn't host a regional, which appeared to be a lock half way through the year.  Even the golf team, ranked #1 for almost all of the year, almost choked away a spot for match play day before falling in the final four.  If we are never #1 during a season ever again, I'm OK.  I'll wait until the end of the season for that ranking.
  3. Rain - It makes the grass grow, sure, but rain really screwed us this year.  First, with the SEC Baseball Tournament title in sight, the SEC umps marched Alex McRee to the mound under heavy rain in Hoover and no hope of a break in the weather.  McRee gave up seven runs in the top of the first with water pouring off the bill of his cap.  Then, the umps called a four hour delay and we resumed play down 7-0 without McRee.  In the improved climate, LSU waltzed through the game and eventually took the title.  We were still trying to dry off.  It wasn't just baseball, though.  In the NCAA tennis quarterfinals, the Dawgs had just finished taking the doubles point from Texas when a long line of Texas thunderstorms soaked College Station and delayed play until the next morning.  Texas came out regrouped and ready.  The Horns got four singles courts in route to a 4-2 win, ending the season for UGA. 
Honorable mentions include: timeouts, Jeff Dantzler's designated driver, the Rally Rat, knee instability, and the inferno stadium bathrooms at Arizona State.
Any others that I should have listed?



Anonymous said...

Hating tech seemed like a waste of energy for the past eight years, but now the nerd hate is back.

Smitty said...

The ASU bathrooms were hell on earth. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Taking up every millisecond of the play clock calling meaningless audibles before punting the ball. The football equivalent to the old pitcher-fakes-to-third-then-looks-at-first trick in that IT! NEVER! FREAKING! WORKS!

Anonymous said...

Jeff Dantzler's designated driver is just a myth, like Norwals or the Easter Bunny. Why do you hate the Easter Bunny?

Anonymous said...

Ha..+1 for the bathrooms in tempe. Also, I now hate Columbia, SC. The heat in Tempe had nothing on the heat in that piece of shit town that day.

Anonymous said...

Quentin and Smitty, I am in total agreement about the bathrooms at ASU. How is it possible for a stadium to host Super Bowls without air conditioned bathrooms?

After almost passing out from sitting in the sun-soaked seats, I went to the bathroom for some "relief."

They really were hell on earth.

Anonymous said...

ASU bathroom is the single most gross thing I've ever experienced in my life. I almost gag thinking about it now. I mean seriously, you can't cut a window or put a fan blowing out of that thing?

Pee Humidity was not on Oprah's list of "Things I Love." I can promise you that.

JC said...

Granted...I didn't experience the bathrooms in Arizona, but Columbia, SC is the worst tailgate spot in the SEC. It's about 10 degrees hotter there than anywhere else plus concrete with no shade is a bad combination.

I did read (and see a pic) of the landscaping plans they've got going on though. The place might be OK in about 25 years after the trees grow.

Anonymous said...

Ol' Dante himself could not have dreamed up a better vision of the Gates of Hell than the terlets in Sun Devil Stadium. As noted earlier, the "pee humidity" was indeed horrific...

EmotionalFescue said...

Things I've grown to hate concerning over the past year

-Directional Kickoffs: My most annoying memory of football this year was the kick out of bounds vs Tech at the beginning of the second half

-Broken Hands: Asher would have had 4-6 picks

-Cocktail Party moving to the Dome debate: So. Sick. Of. It.

-Twitter: And I thought Facebook was bad

-Shia LaBeof: Has any guy gotten more pub and credit for doing seemingly nothing?

-Lane Kiffin: Uhhhh...I take back what I said about Shia

-Jeff Francouer: I'm done with this guy

-Arizona's tailgaiting regulations: You want to kill yourself by drinking go to Columbia the next week and sweat a gallon of liquid in 15 minutes. Other than the ovens they call bathrooms, I didn't think it was that bad out there. Columbia was like sitting in a sauna, wearing a North Face with a wool cap on your head.

-Mike Patrick, OAR, and Fresno State: Mike Patrick was already on thin ice for his Britney comment, but his coverage of the CWS was awful. I had heard of OAR but never really heard their music. Hearing "This Town" 70,000 times didn't help their case. And screw the bizarro Bulldawgs of California.

-Thompson-Boling Arena: I had never been there before but I went and saw a concert there a week or so ago and its really, really nice. I'm very jealous of that facility minus all the Orange.

That felt good...

Unknown said...

My #3 would've been "Implied Excuses for Failure."

Smitty said...

Directional kickoffs, Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit.

Anonymous said...

Paul Johnson. He looks like a fat baby with constipation.

Quinton McDawg said...

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego wouldn't have gotten out of those bathrooms in Tempe without heat stroke.

I'm consistent in my hatred of Mike Patrick, Emotional. I couldn't watch the CWS last night because of him. An LSU batter hit the first pitch he saw off the wall and Patrick said, "what an at bat!" Huh?

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andy said...

I'm sick of artificial playing surfaces. Grass, dirt and mud are the only way to go. I pray Sanford always has a natural grass field.

Unknown said...

I had a bet with a Bama pal that Georgia would go winless in the SEC. Lost because of Florida. OF course. Should have known.

Though I can't be upset over that, really. Instead, I'll be twerped at the pundits who think that Billy "Coaching involves coaching? Really?" Donovan is still an elite practitioner. If you can't adjust when your full-court press is getting torched by Zac Swansey and Ricky McPhee, it's time to reevaluate your existence. Congrats on those two titles when everyone else kinda sucked, though. (08-09 UNC would beat those two squads by 20+.)

A-Phiz said...

Jim Rome, Mike Patrick, Mark May, Lane Kiffin, and calling for a fair catch.

goalinestalker said...

My top 3 to punch right in the face
1. Urban... i am on my way to South Bend when the 4th part of the trinity leaves... Meyer
2. All tech fans who forgot they got blown out in there first bowl game in a decade.
3. Kirk Herbstreit...who i sat and watched him complete 3 passes against the dawgs in the 92 Citrus bowl and who by his self swung the entire media to start humping 2 loss Miles leg along with the entire LSU football program.
I know short list there were some honorable mentions
Lane Kiffin
Steve S.
Paul Johnson just because
Mark May
Stephen A Smith
Mick Hubert because he is most def gay
Billy i look like Eddie Monster Donavon...only because he let Jokeim Noah act like a complete retard!

Anonymous said...

Georgia "fans" and this blog. Maybe you can direct me to some other ones.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Felton's "Offense": Because Albert Jackson could not be more at home on the perimeter.

Unknown said...

Anon 11:08, you're right. I've got nothing...

blackertai said...

One of my friends works at the dinning halls here on campus and said that Richt and Martinez along with some other coaches were at the ECV with a HS corner today, and they told him that this kid would be the tallest corner on our team next year. Does anyone know who this CB might be?

Anonymous said...

Wow, after reading #3 I think you should change your name to Paul Whinerdawg.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who the "tallest corner" might be, but at least we won't be losing any recruits because of bad dining hall food.

Dawg19 said...

I've grown to hate d-bag trolls who post anonymously...

Crane said...


Kacy Rogers if I had to guess.

Anonymous said...

Playing down to a lesser team and calling it "a tough SEC win".

Unknown said...

It was also raining during Tech...

Anonymous said...

anon 4:13, that's a good one. That ticks me off, too.

Giving up 38 to UK and winning by 3 on a miracle defensive play is not beating "a tough SEC team"...

There are 3-4 teams in the SEC that we should struggle with. We should handle the rest with relative ease.

Anonymous said...

can someone fill me in on Jeff Dantzler's designated driver?

Unknown said...

Jeff Dantzler had (another?) DUI about a month or two ago

Anonymous said...

I'll take any win we can get in the SEC. You can't play 'up' every week. A good team finds a way to win even on a bad day.

My list is:
The Worldwide Leader and its talking heads
The "Corch" at F.U.
The coach that runs his mouth at U.T.
The coach that "doesn't cheat" at Alabama
The coach that stirs up the nerds at Tech.
Big 10 apologists
12:30 kick-offs

Hunkering Hank said...

You should have listed the fact that nothing is sold that says "DAWGS" on it any more.

Anonymous said...

The directional kickoff.

A "walk off" anything.

"Best damn" anything.

"Blackout" anything.

The BCS presented by Fox Sports.

ACC baseball hype.

Erin Andrews' voice.

Timeouts granted during kicks.

"Bowl eligible".

"Empty at bats".

The "greyshirt offer".


The "family friendly area".

A "BCS buster".

The "coach in waiting".

"What's in your wallet?"

The Football Bowl Championship Subdivision or whatever.

ABC's regional coverage of college football, a/k/a "ABC's pointless ACC Game of the Week".

"Going into the 10th inning tied."

Anonymous said...

All I know is these Bulldawgs better kick the Gay-tuh's collective asses in 2009. I'm sick of this crap.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, that couple of days between USC's loss on Thursday and kickoff against Bama on Saturday were a pretty magical time in Athens.

MikeInValdosta said...

1. Chris Fowler
2. Any team that wears orange
3. Early kick-offs
4. Directional kickoffs
5. Linebackers covering wideouts
6. Chris Fowler

Anonymous said...

if we're covering 2008 also. I have to throw in Fresno State and more specifically Steve Detweiller and his stupid thumb. I will forever hate those western bulldogs.

Brad said...

Detweiler and his roids

Jim Rome and his pointless hate of UGA

Anonymous said...

Corrine Brown and the sad state of affairs that allows her to play a part in running our nation.

The constant justification from certain fans of why we fail to look dominant against teams like Georgia Southern.

Anonymous said...

Brad, i was just about to post that one about Jim Rome.

1- Mark May
2- The inablility of our D of covering the flats.
3- Our KO coverage.
4- Notre Dame
5- USC west
6- Anyone that doesn't recognize the superiority of the SEC and whats it like week after week.
7- Jim Delaney of the Big 10
8- Penn Wagers and his crew.(I will forever blame him for last years lost after he failed to set the tone by not whistling Brandon Spikes for his laying on top of Moreno after the hit. Not to mention all the other blown calls in that game.)
9- Coach Willies inability to adjust on the fly.
10- CMRs blind loyalty to his assistants.

Mr. Bulldawg said...

Fox's BCS coverage.

Jim Rome

The so called fandom of some of the people that post here, and on Dawgpost.

Anonymous said...

1. Playing down to the level of our competition. I'd like to at least see some real beatdowns of the cupcake teams this year.

2. Top 10 rankings of undefeated teams with weak schedules in weak conferences.

3. Kickoffs before 3:00 p.m.. Anything earlier makes for a very early morning for those of us from Cataula and all 7 of us really hate it.

4. The ambience of the Capital One bowl. What a dump that stadium was.


AuditDawg said...

(1) Tech fans and their incessant "I make more than you", "You'll work for me one day", "Rednecks", "At least I went to the school" justifications for why they can be fans of their school.

(2) Tech fans again.

(3) Penn Wagers and his crew (they should be banned from ever working another Georgia game).

(4) Bobby Lowder (I guess I shouldn't hate the guy seeing as how he got removed from Colonial Bank, but he's about as likeable as Michael Adams)

(5) The Georgia Theater burning down.

That is all.

The Watch Dawg said...

Traffic is picking up. Must be getting close to football season.

skidawg1985 said...

I hate (once again) people who blog and think they know more about football than the coaches do.

If you know so much, then become a coach. I bet you will make far more money.

Anonymous said...

The myth of SEC supremecy when it's actually a league of only two powers:

Florida and LSU.

Anonymous said...

Everyone and everything associated with the Bugs of Tech.

Nuff said.

the anonymous suckup said...

Anon 2:35

I don't agree with you assertion AT ALL. But I will pretend to agree with it long enough to say this:

If the SEC is merely "a league of two powers", then that is:

1) two more powers than the Big T(elev)en

2) two more powers than the ACC

3) two more powers than the Big East

4) one more power than the PAC 1

5) the same number of powers as the Big 12

Once again, I don't agree with your assertion for one second. But even if your are right (which you are not), then the SEC still sounds pretty strong to me - even using your assertion (which was wrong).

Anonymous said...

anon suckup...

I agree with all 5 of your points. The fact still remains that the SEC is a conference with two great teams and whole bunch of average teams.

When the supposed 2nd best team in the conference gets run off the field by Utah it's hard to argue that entire conference is great from top to bottom.

LSU and Florida have proven over the entire past decade that they are powerhouses. No other team in the SEC can make that claim.

the anonymous suckup said...

Anon 11:29

I'm not sure what your point is. On one hand, you seem to be trying to belittle the SEC...or at least you are trying to belittle SEC fans for propagating the "myth" of SEC supremacy. On the other hand, you agree with my statements that the SEC (using your definition of strength) is superior to all other conferences except the Big 12. If so, then I hope we could agree that the SEC "non-powers" are superior (on average) to the Big 12 "non-powers". I would even go so far as to make that same point about the two powers in each conference. If we can clear that last hurdle, then we'll agree that the SEC is the toughest conference.

So what is your point then? Do you agree that the SEC is at least one of the best, but you just don't like the superior attitude of some SEC fans? Or do you seriously think the SEC is not anywhere near the best conference?

I know some fans take things to the extreme. But I don't think anyone seriously believes the bottom-feeders in the SEC are better than the elite teams in other conferences. But I'll tell you what I do believe. I believe many of those elite teams in other conferences wouldn't be quite so "elite" if they had to play eight SEC games a year.

As for your assertion that the SEC, beyond LSU and UF, is a bunch of average teams: You sure do seem to have a strange definition of “average”. Apparently, any team which has won a national championship or two in the last decade is a powerhouse, and everyone else is “average” or worse. You seem to be leaving out an entire class of teams which I call “pretty damn good, but not great”. You also are leaving out another class of teams that I’ll boringly call “above average”. The SEC has some of both of those. Over the last decade, UGA falls into the former category. Last year, Alabama and Ole Miss fell into the former category. And certainly Auburn and UT have fallen into both categories at different times over the last decade. And in any given year, I’ll take the fifth, sixth, and seventh best teams from the SEC and match them against the middling teams in any other conference. Every. Time.

So I’ll ask you again. What is your point? Are you saying the SEC is pretty good but not as good as some fans think? Or are you saying some other conference is clearly better? If so, who?

Me? I’m not saying the SEC is the best conference by a mile every single season. But I am saying it has been the best conference by a mile during some recent seasons. And some seasons it is merely “one of the best”. But that is still more than any other conference can say about the last decade or so.

Anonymous said...

My point is the SEC is a similar conference to every other power conference. It has two great teams and a large number of average teams.

What is the combined SEC record against the Big 10 over the past 10years in the Capital One and Outback bowls? I use those two bowls becasue they pit an SEC team againts a Big 10 team every single year. Also, both bowls aren't taking the very best teams from each league so it gives you a good indication of how the average teams in each conference match up head to head.

I do believe the SEC's two power teams are better than any other two teams from the other conferences.

Again, there just isn't that much difference among the average teams.

Anonymous said...


I'll save you the time...

Big Ten vs SEC over the past decade:

Outback Bowl 4-6

Capital One 6-4

Combined: 10-10 over the past 10 years.

That's as even as you can get.

Again, the SEC is top heavy. The rest of the conference is on par with the other power conferences. It's certainly no where near superior.

the anonymous suckup said...

Regarding those two bowls...they aren't always a matchup of equivalently ranked teams.

In the case of the CapOne Bowl, they purportedly take the Big 10 #2 team and the SEC #2 team. But the truth is that they get the first choice after the BCS bowls. Since the SEC frequently has two teams in BCS bowls, you sometimes get Big10 #2 versus SEC #3 (or worse if they pick a team based on ticket sales rather than pure merit).

In the case of the Outback Bowl, you almost always get a mismatch of ranks. The Big 10 #3 sometimes ends up going against the SEC #5 or worse - once again based on whether the SEC team was chosen on merit or ticket-selling ability. The fact that South Carolina went last year should tell you all you need to know about the selection process. I think we can agree that they have NEVER been the SEC #3 team...or #4...or#5...

Now you might say I'm quibbling, and you might be right. But I still say the middling SEC teams will beat the middling teams from the Big 10 or any other BCS conference. The strength of a conference schedule shows up in the not-so-sexy teams. I hope we can agree that the South Carolina and Arkansas types would usually have beaten the Illinois and Purdue types over the last decade.

Other than that, it is probably time to just politely disagree. You'll never get me to agree that the SEC is "similar to every other power conference" - especially since you never answered my direct question about which conference(s) is/are better than the SEC. And your definition of "average" still defies anything that you would ever find in a dictionary - another point you didn't want to address even though I asked you specifically to do so.

However, I would like to thank you for making your points without using the word "sux". That was refreshing, at least. Until we meet again...

Anonymous said...

Ahh...the whole "it's the match-ups" argument.

The Big 10 typically has two teams in the BCS year and year out as well.

That aside, I would think a decade of games would put to rest any "mismatch" concerns between the two conferences.

The fact of the matter is the SEC is .500 against the Big 10 over the past 10 years (minus the power teams).

I'm not concerned about what SEC teams you "believe" would beat Big 10 teams (or any other conference). I'm concerned with the actual results on the field.

Please don't take my opinion on this as belitting the SEC. Personally, I think the SEC has some of the greatest traditions and match-ups of all of college football.

the anonymous suckup said... It wasn't "the whole it's the match-ups argument". It was a very specific argument in which I made several very specific points - none of which you refuted.

You seem like a decent enough person who loves college football and who can form an intelligible sentence. I'd like to think I'm the same sort of person. It is OK if we don't agree. But I've made my best attempt to address your points in a thorough and systematic way, while you've repeatedly refused to address mine in any sort of way - systematic or otherwise. So if you aren't going to (at a minimum) answer specific questions which have been posed multiple times, then my time will be better spent elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

You pointed out that the SEC usually has two teams in the does the Big 10.

I don't buy the mismatch argument at all. Please detail for me in any game over the past decade where the Big 10 team was a huge favorite over the SEC team...or even ranked higher.

Again, we must look at the actual games played...not some imaginary match-ups we make up in our heads. The FACT is the Big 10 and SEC our dead even over the past decade.

Anonymous said...


"I hope we can agree that the South Carolina and Arkansas types would usually have beaten the Illinois and Purdue types over the last decade."

I don't agree with that statement at all. That is complete conjencture on your a part. In fact, the actual results on the field say that they would probably split.

the anonymous suckup said...

Strike 1 occurred at 1:41.

Strike 2 occurred at 2:53.

Your post at 3:22 was Strike 3.

No, I won't be detailing any games over the last decade for you. If you want me to do that, you'll have to thoroughly address about a dozen points and answer several specific questions first. See 12:29 and 2:36 for details. I'll check back Monday to see if you did it successfully. If you have, I'll be pleased to continue our discussion. If not, then I will treat it as Strike 4 (I guess I'm feeling generous today). Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

You two main questions seem to be who do I feel is superior to the SEC?


How do I define average teams?

First, I don't think there is a conference superior to the SEC. I also don't think the SEC is superior over any of other power conferences. My whole point is that, save the 2 power teams, the conferences are all pretty much even (which is proven by the facts I cited with the 2 bowls).

As far as my definition of average I was bascially lumping all teams not deemed super powers together (yes, lazy on my part). Every conference is going to have teams that fall into different different levels. My only point is that after the 2 top teams in the SEC the rest of the league is about the same as every other leauge.

Please let me know if there is any other specific point you'd like me to address. If not, please show me where the Big 10 had such a huge advantage over the SEC in either the Capital One or Outback bowls.

MikeInValdosta said...

Whi limit it to these two bowls? The citrus na doutback or hardly ever the 2 & 3 teams, as the west generally will get a cotton bowl for their #2 non BCS team.

If the only argument supporting the Big 11(11) is these bowls then you may have a point. But if you include all head to head match ups between the Big 10 and SEC and the conference records against same opponents, I would expect it begins to tilt heavily towards the SEC, atleast with regards to the Big 10.

Anonymous said...

The Capital One and Outback are the only two bowls that pit the SEC and Big 10 head to head every single year.

Again, please point out where the Big 10 has had a huge advantage over the SEC in either one of these bowls over the past ten years.

I won't even get into the topic of how much farther each Big 10 team has to travel to play in the Outback and Capital One.

Anonymous said...

Rain gave you the 2008 SEC Tourney Crown. If it weren't for that tornado, your POS Bball team wouldnt have been throttled in the opening round of the NCAA's.

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