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July 31, 2009

More Ticket Cutoffs Announced

The athletic department released more ticket cutoffs yesterday and it looks like enthusiasm for UGA football has returned to sustainable levels after last year's stratospheric numbers.  How can I tell?  The cutoff for Oklahoma State was a score of 4,000!  Contrast that with last year's cutoff for Arizona State - 27,007.
There are a lot of reasons for that drop, but mainly I'd say it's because Stillwater, Oklahoma does not compare to Tempe, Arizona for a long weekend get away.  Maybe the economy has scaled back some travel plans.  Nevertheless, I'm shocked that the OSU game has that low of a cutoff.  It's a good shocked because I'm going to get tickets, but still.
Also, if you wanted to go to Fayetteville and ordered tickets, you got them.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Okie State thing also has to do with $100 per ticket. Many of our fans are experienced enough with scalping to recognize that there is no way tickets at gae time will still be $100. Just a thought. Tennessee was $450 below 2 years ago so there is a definite drop.


Quinton McDawg said...

I understand the point, but when you are traveling that far for a college football game, is the ticket price that much of a concern? A LOT of Dawgs laid down $100 for Arizona State season tickets last year. I'll admit that the OSU athletic department charging that much for one game is a surprise, but a large part of our fanbase doesn't seem to be overly sensitive to a $100 ticket.

Football Dude said...

I'm betting that the UF game cutoff will be at or below $10k. And that the reason they are taking so long to announce it, is because they are waiting on some people who were below the initial cutoff to respond.

Castleberry said...

Agree with anonymous... Between last year's cutoff for ASU and the ticket price, I figured it wasn't worth ordering.

Gen. Stoopnagle said...

Tempe vs Oklahoma

We flew to PHX on Thurs, stayed at a resort until Sun, drove to the Grand Canyon and camped for two days, flew home.

And for OSU? Fly in day of game, fly out that night if you can or the next day.

Oklahoma has nothing to offer outside of the game. I'll save up for a splurge in Boulder next year.

And the Dawgs will still win.

Anonymous said...

All of the above I'm sure are contributing reasons but no one has mentioned that there's also a HUGE lack of buzz for this season as well. Last year, pre-season #1,
star power in Knowshon and Stafford, lots of media hype, etc. This year the only thing I see are weak numbers at Bulldog meetings around the state, a lack of word-of-mouth buzz amongst fans, and an expectation of at 3 losses. It's a good sign when 10-3 is a deflating season but I think most people are taking a wait & see type approach with this team. Just one Dawg's opinion

SC Dawg said...

At least the Georgia ticket office isn't having to call people to get them to purchase season tickets. I got a call from the Tech office wanting to see if I was interested in purchasing their season tickets this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm @ 9,500 points, never heard anything from the ticket office. I was hoping for a drop but looks like I'll be just short again.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until next year, tickets will be easier to get.

Anonymous said...

Any hints on what might be good, but reasonable place to stay in Oklahoma....Tulsa or Oklahoma City? I really had not expected to get tickets, but with that cutoff score looks like I am going to get them. Want to fly out noonish Friday and return about same time Sunday. Any help would be appreciated.

sUGArdaddy said...

The deal w/ the university (Total Sports Travel) ain't that bad. It's a $500 flight w/ the cheerleaders and band direct from ATL to Stillwater. Leave out Saturday morning, charter bus to stadium 2 hrs prior to kickoff and leave 1 hr after game. Me and a friend are doing it and can't wait. You also get food on the charter flights. By the time you do hotel and flight, you can't be the price and the charter flight is the way to go.

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