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August 3, 2009


2009 fall football practice begins tomorrow!  I'll hopefully have a few things to watch for in fall camp later today.



Anonymous said...

Looks like we made it unscathed through the summer, what only 1 suspension? Just maybe there are some leaders on this team this year. Could it be that Cox is a better leader than Stafford? Hope it tranfers over to the field.

Dubbayoo said...

I'm far less worried about Joe Cox than I am the RB position. The fact that "Second Coming of Herschel" Caleb King hasn't locked down the #1 slot scares me to tears.

BenG said...

By my possibly faulty count, zero arrests, two suspensions (Just Houston for 2 games, Bruce Figgins for 6 games) and one player (Tony Wilson) sent packing. Not too shabby.

FisheriesDawg said...

I'm happy to see that light at the end of the tunnel, but slightly wary at this point about whether or not it is actually a train. My usual sense of excitement for football season is accompanied with a slight sense of dread this year.

Perhaps that's just a factor of living in Gainesville, FL and getting beat over the head with TIMTEBOWTIMTEBOWTIMTEBOW mania since January.

As of right now, as long as the Dawgs don't lose at least four games, the Gators don't win another MNC, and Tech doesn't win anything of note (yet again), I'm afraid I'll be happy. In most years, that's a mediocre season.

Patrick said...

Hey BenG... I could be wrong, but I think Tony Wilson is out this year due to a medical issue, and John Knox may be the player you're thinking of who is no longer on the team.

Anonymous said...

No Patrick, Tony Wilson got in to the same trouble as Figgins and Houston, but because he hadn't ever been able to fully recover from injury, instead of suspending him they just released him from the team. John Knox transferred due to grades.

Patrick said...

Indeed. I stand corrected.

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