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August 6, 2009

Georgia Bulldogs 2009 Football Tickets

Our Stubhub affiliate relationship is back up and running, and they have some interesting tickets seats available. (UPDATE: I updated the prices on Aug. 21st)
    All Home Games - Georgia Season Tickets
    Season ticket packages start at $595 each in the 300-level. Adjusted face value (tickets + required contribution) in that section start at roughly $500 if you bought them from the Athletic Department. That's not a bad deal. I saw a lower level at $645.

    Sept. 5 - UGA at Oklahoma State Cowboys
    Face value for this game is $100. Tickets start at $85 (via auction). The official Ok State seating chart says the Visitors sections are 201, 301, part of 302, 120, 228 and 334.

    Sept. 12 - South Carolina Gamecocks at UGA
    Ticket start at $105 each. You don't have to worry about buying student tickets this year. There aren't any. They are putting the ticket on the student's ID. The ID is the ticket. Now, you don't have to worry about accidentally buying a student ticket.

    Sept. 19 - UGA at Arkansas Razorbacks
    Tickets start at $82. According to the Arkansas official seating chart, the visitors sections are 111, 509-512 and 516-519.

    Sept. 26 - Arizona State Sun Devils at UGA
    Tickets in the 300 level start at $96 each. That's roughly what it cost a UGA fan to attend the ASU game last year....of course that covered our entire season ticket fees. If you're an ASU fan looking for the ASU sections, it'll be most of the 600 level plus parts of 101-103 and 301-302. That's not guaranteed, but that's pretty darn close.

    Oct. 3 - LSU Tigers at UGA
    Football tickets start at $145. LSU fans check the ASU note to see where the visitors section at Sanford stadium is typically located. Like I said...that's a pretty good estimate.

    Oct. 10 - UGA at Tennessee Volunteers
    Tickets start at $111. The official UT site doesn't have this year's visitor section clearly marked. However, I've been every time since '95, and it's about the same place. UGA's band typically sits around Z14 or Z15. We typically get a few really low rows in Section A and a big chunk of AA. Then we get the Top 5-10 rows of GG-NN (give or take). I prefer sitting in Y9 - Z15 in the lower endzone. That's a mix of UGA and UT fans. The closer you get to Z15, the more UGA it is. If the Vols lose to UCLA, the ticket prices may come down. If they win, I'd wager they go up.

    Oct. 17 - UGA at Vanderbilt Commodores
    Tickets start at $51. Let's be honest. You can wait, It'll get lower than that.

    Oct. 24 - Idle

    Oct. 31 - UGA vs. Florida Gators (Jacksonville)
    Tickets are still comically high, and I don't know which side is the UGA side yet. Once that gets sorted out, I'll provide more info.

    Nov. 7 - Tennessee Tech at UGA
    Prices currently start at $65/each. Obviously, well below face value. But there are some premium lower level sideline seats available for $65-90.

    Nov. 14 - Auburn Tigers at UGA
    Tickets start at $138 for tickets to the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.

    Nov. 21 - Kentucky Wildcats at UGA
    Tickets start at $80 for the last game of the 2009 regular season in Athens, Ga.

    Nov. 28 - UGA at Georgia Tech
    Football tickets start at $125. The athletic department lists the "official" visitor's sections as 130, 131, 221, 201, 208, and 210-218. Now, you and I both know that we're going to have 20,000 UGA fans there just like always. So you'll have Dawgs near you as long as you don't sit in their student sections 132-136 and 113-119.
The prices listed above were current as of the time that I published this note (UPDATE: They were current as of Aug. 21st). The visitor's sections aren't guaranteed to be accurate. They based on my best understanding of the seating charts or memory as stated clearly above.

Ticket prices on Stubhub are fluid because it's a marketplace where fans like you are selling to other fans. I used Stubhub last year to get premium tickets to an event out of state and had a great time.

Like I always say, aftermarket ticket sites aren't for everyone. Some people just want to pay face value for tickets. Some people will arrive at a game without tickets and deal with the hassle of scalpers. Me...I like to know that I have tickets before I get to town so that I can spend game day eating, drinking and talking smack. Not tracking down a good deal. But hey...that's just me.

There's no such thing as a sell out.



squarebush said...

We plan on heading up to Nashville for the first time this year and will probably end up having six in the group.

Is 6 (not necessarily all together) something that has been pretty easy in past years up there?

Anonymous said...

People who complain about the price of after market tickets are like the people who complain about the price of a steak at a really nice restaurant.

They are usually standing outside the restaurant when they say that.

The Watch Dawg said...

Unfortunately I'm one of those just-graduated students who planned on doing what every student before me has done... keep my student ID and buy student tickets the following year. However I cannot do that now, so I may take your advice and use your stubhub affiliate. eBay has worked for me in the past as well, but it's hit or miss with that particular site. I've gotten good tickets and I've gotten tickets smack dab in the middle of Vols without a bulldog in site.

ugacrazy said...

I have bought tickets two years in a row now from Stub Hub. Two years ago for the game at Tech and last year at Auburn. I have been very impressed with the service and would have no issue buying tickets again...

Anonymous said...

You cannot beat Stubhub for buying tickets. It is simply the best site out there and they will take care of any issues you may encounter (which will be few). It's a complete wild west over at ebay and craigslist, albeit usually a tad bit cheaper. I'd still rather pay more money and know that I am getting a secure transaction.

PTC DAWG said...

Vandy tix are the EASIEST to get by far. You'll have no trouble finding 3 pairs easily...probably 4 and 2 is very easy. Wait...wait...wait and save at Vandy.

The Tenn Tech game in Athens is basically going to be a freebie for anyone who wants to go.

SC Dawg said...

Georgia should be on the visitors side this year in Jacksonville.

dawgnotdog said...

Does StubHub by chance sell parking passes?

Football Dude said...

dawgnotdog - Scroll to the very last listings on StubHub. That's where you will find parking passes.

Anonymous said...

I too would have to agree that Stubhub is the absolute best in customer service and keeping me update don when my tickets will be coming. I bought from them for the Georgia Southern game last year and the Auburn game in 2007 and the tickets were shipped overnight in both cases!

Bernie said...

Another StubHub plug. Thru this blog found out CapOne tix were going pretty cheap. Used SH to purchase tix for the whole family. Decent seats among Dawg fans at a great value. But what really impressed was the fact that they arrived in a very timely manner and they followed up to make sure the experience was satisfactory.

Taking in the Dawgs on the road is something I do as much as I can afford. StubHub is a great resource for travelling Dawgs.

ArchDawg said...

Watch Dawg, I'm in the same boat man. And since I don't think anyone would be crazy enough to cough up their student ID, it looks like I'll have to go this route as well...unfortunately, the only game weekend I'll have off this season is the LSU game. Yike$

Jason said...

Stubhub isn't always the cheapest though. Sometimes Razorgator or Ticketnetwork (who both have 100% guarantees) offer a better selection or better prices. Use a service like to check them all.

wileycopy said...

So whats the best forum to purchase vandy tix at? Nashville cl, ebay, stubhub?

And how long should I wait before getting the tix?

Gen. Stoopnagle said...

For Nashville, you can usually troll the parking lots and pick them up at a huge discount.

Of course, this was two and four years ago. Vandy went bowling last year, so it might be a tad different.

Cristine said...

question for anyone who can answer-- i bought a season ticket about a month ago and still haven't received it in the mail. Was it not the case that tickets were sent out August 3rd? I have started to worry, but don't want to call stubhub and force them to hassle the seller. Should I just let the process take its course? If I cry foul now, stubhub will have time to find a similar ticket, but if I wait until later, I may be SOL.

SC Dawg said...

It can't hurt to see if the seller has mailed the tickets yet. And Stubhub is there to protect your interests.

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