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August 9, 2009

Most Wins in College Football: Past 10 Years

Boss Bailey. Part of the recruiting class that turned around UGA football.

I decided to research what teams had the most overall wins during the past 10 years (1999-2008). Let's start with the SEC....

Georgia 98
Florida 96
LSU 93
Auburn 85
Tennessee 85
Alabama 75
Arkansas 71
Ole Miss 62
South Carolina 61
Kentucky 49
Miss State 47
Vanderbilt 37

I also looked beyond the SEC at some other noteworthy BCS programs.

Oklahoma 109
Texas 106
Southern Cal 100
Virginia tech 100
Ohio State 97
Florida State 90
Michigan 86
Oregon 86
Georgia Tech 78
Penn State 76
Notre Dame 69

The second most wins during that period overall belong to Boise State with 108; however, that's hardly an apples to apples comparison.

My overall reaction to those numbers of the past 10 years...We're keeping some pretty elite company. We just don't have a national title...yet. But we're consistently knocking around that 10 win mark. If you do that long enough, you're going to win it all eventually. See Brown, Mack.

Not that you asked, but you have to extend the tracking back to 13 years before UGA loses it's lead in the SEC in overall wins.

Anyone on that list have a number of wins that surprises you?



Paul Westerdawg said...

Some others...

Nebraska at 86
Miami at 92

Paul Westerdawg said...

Other tidbits:

Other tidbits from '99-08

National Titles:

2 - UF
2 - LSU

SEC Titles:

3 - LSU ('01, '03 and '07)
3 - UF ('00, '06 and '08)
2 - UGA ('02 and '05)
1 - AU ('04)
1 - Bama ('99)

Appearances in SEC Title Game:

4 - LSU ('01, '03, '05 and '07) 3-1 record
4 - UF ('99, '00, '06 and '08) 3-1 record
3 - UGA ('02, '03 and '05) 2-1 record
2 - UT ('01 and '04) 0-2 record
2 - AU ('00, '04) 1-1 record
2 - ARK ('02 and '06) 0-2 record
2 - Alabama ('99 and '08) 1-1 record
1 - MSU ('97) 0-1 record

Mario said...

UT went in '07 too and lost...remember, b/c we would've gone but they beat us head-to-head that year and we had to rely on Kentucky beating them on Thanksgiving, which came down to the last play...that SEC Championship would've put us in the BCS Championship Game had we gone on to beat LSU.

sUGArdaddy said...

Well, you're dead on, PWD. It just goes to show how the ball has to bounce your way to get that big title. Richt is on the right path.

You know, you can point to that '97 win over Florida as really what did it. It was our first (and only) win over Spurrier, and it catapulted us to a solid recruiting class that year, including stealing Witherspoon from the Gators back yard. We loaded up that February namely on the coat-tails of that magical night in Duval County. We might want to thank Robert Edwards for that turn around. For whatever reason, he woke up that morning and said, "Hop on, boys. We're going to beat Florida and I'm going to get drafted in the first"

Paul Westerdawg said...

Mario - Thanks!

My error was not deleting MSU '97 and leaving off UT '07. Good catch!

AwesomeDawg said...

Great article PWD! I am anxious to see a list in the next few years detailing win totals from the on-set of the 12 game schedule. I really want to see a corralation between wins and championships (conference and/or national titles). Hopefully by then we will have another SEC title under our hat, in addtion to a national title!

Anonymous said...

I realize Notre Dame has been the epitome of suckage recently, but i would have never guessed that Arkansas has more wins the last 10 years than ND...of course, that may just be the media brainwashing to where if Notre Dame goes 9-3 they're talking national championship for the Irish with a BCS lock

Anonymous said...

I wish the jackass ohio st fan that was commenting on the previous post would look at these facts

Robert said...

I second that, Anon @1:28am.

Anonymous said...

No kidding anon 1:28. Even more, just compare our typical yearly schedule compared to theirs. While we're playing in the brutal SEC, against other powerhouses like LSU, UF, Bama, AU, UT, etc., along with a very touch OOC slate, they get to literally skate through the season against a joke of a Big 10 slate. On top of that, OSU schedules 2-3 joke OOC opponents on top of their weak ass yearly schedule. In the end, OSU only has to worry about 1, perhaps 2 tough games yearly. The other 10 games are literally sleepers for them.

If we could have traded schedules with OSU the last 10 years, we would have at LEAST 15 more victories, perhaps more, while OSU would have at least 15 less wins. I mean, I don't think any rational OSU fan would disagree with that.

Seth said...

I'm not sure how much room we have to talk on the scheduling issue. Sure, the SEC top to bottom is (much) tougher than the B10. It's hard to fault Ohio State for the relative weakness of their own conference, though. All they can do is haul in top recruiting class after top recruiting class (which they do). Wasn't last year the first time since the 60's that UGA scheduled a game outside of the southeast? That's not exactly ambitious scheduling. We've also played our fair share of cupcakes--Tennessee Tech, Western Carolina, GA Southern, etc. in recent years. Let's be honest: no one is innocent (except for Pete Carrol's teams) when it comes to scheduling cupcake teams.

DWH said...

I miss that OSU fan. He at least provided some comic relief to the board.

Anonymous said...


Exactly let's not pretend that this year's schedule is the status quo for UGA. The SEC is worse than a 1 year olds birthday with all of the cupcakes going around.

MeanOleDawg said...

Am I the only one that is surprised by the fact that Yech has more wins than Alabama in this period?

Kevin said...

va tech is averaging 10 wins a season for the past 10 years??? wow...

dean said...

So those "morale" victories for South Carolina don't really count? Well dang.

Mike said...

Biggest surprise to me is that VTech has 100 wins in 10 years. I figured they would be just below us.

WFdawg said...

Dear Big East,

Thanks for padding our stats.

Virginia Tech

JasonC said...

That jumped out at me too, but you have to remember the suckage of Mike Dubois. Didn't Bama have a 3 or 4 win season. At least Chan-tastic was like a metronome with 6 wins.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know I'm Johnny-come-lately on this blog, but as far as Florida only having 96 wins over the past 10 years, 3 of those were coached by Ron Zook, which was a very UN-popular choice by many Gator fans.
During those 3 seasons, the Gators record was 8-5 (2002), 8-5 (2003), 7-4 (2004). This is a 7 win difference compared to Steve Spurrier offense, which *averaged* 10 wins per season during his 12 years at UF.

Thankfully, the Gators now have another coach in Urban Meyer who has taken Florida to greater heights than Gator fans ever dared to dream of before.

My 2 cents.

dmtmst07 said...

Georgia has won a lot of games in the last 10 years. They also recruit in the Top 7 every year. That said, how many National Titles do they have to show for all that talent? Zero
Ohio St, lSU, Southern Cal, Okla, Florida have titles to show. Georgia has 0.
Mark Richt is a great coach, but will never win a National Championship.

ftrosset said...

Guess we will find out if Boise State is Apples to Apples with Georgia on saturday....CANT WAIT!!!

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