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August 7, 2009

Coaches Poll is Out

The ESPN/USAToday Coaches Poll:

Team (1st place votes)
'08 record
Final '08
Florida (53)
Texas (4)
Boise State
North Carolina
Notre Dame
Oregon State

I just can't see how Bama is #5 with. The three most overrated teams on this list might be Bama, Cal and Notre Dame. Just because the Irish don't play anyone and will rack up a bunch of 8 or 9 wins against thin air doesn't mean they should be ranked high. I think Oregon, Florida State, UNC and Georgia Tech could all end up higher than their current ranking.

What jumps out at you?

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DWH said...

Bama at #5 is a joke. And I'm not even going to comment about Notre Dame. There's nothing that needs to be said that's not already understood about that overrated crew.

Anonymous said...

That we're overrated. We're not the 13th best team in the country, not unless Cox has an outstanding year.

Hunkering Hank said...

Anon. - your perception is skewed by the fact that we had a disappointing season last year. There are not any more than 12 teams better than UGA out there. Maybe that's the sad state of affairs in college football, but it's a fact. With our coaches, you simply can not pile up top recruiting classes year in and year out and not be relatively great compared to the other 119 or so teams. I like the DAWGS at No. 13 - not disrespectfully low, but not out of striking distance.

Anonymous said...

Well, we'll see how that will change once we rack up some loses against OSU, LSU and UF.

gadawgs158 said...

even if we do lose to those teams, they are all ranked above us in this poll.. so your argument that we're ranked high, because we might lose to those three teams is dumb. If you think its PROBABLE that we would lose to teams ranked lower than us, then that would mean we were ranked too high..

but losing to teams ranked in the top 11 does not mean that we arnt the 13th best team in the nation.

it means that teams that were supposed to beat us did.

i personally think we beat oklahoma st and lsu.. with more of a chance against fla than anyone will give us.. Our defense is going to be dirty this year(if they stay healthy) and we will have an amazing O-line. Poised QB and decent rb's...

Ben in Georgia said...

I guess Bama's #5 based solely on their returning defense? Which, should be pretty good, but I'm not putting them ahead of Ohio State and Va. Teech. I don't understand the Cal thing at all, maybe I just don't know enough about them. I believe Oregon will end up much higher, with a victory over USC. I believe Georgia will end up higher, with a victory over OK State and Florida, but a loss to two out of LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Auburn.

Jman781 said...

Remember where we were ranked last year to begin the season???? Other than positioning, the polls mean absolutely nothing at this point. They may do more harm than good, especially for those teams not even ranked. While preseason polls are interesting discussion points, that is all they are. I think the first polls should come out in week 8. In theory, the polls should represent how the teams are projected to finish. There's no way three SEC West teams will end up in the Top 10...I suppose big TV likes to tout matchups like #11 vs. #13 in the first week of the season, so the preseason polls will remain...

Anonymous said...

5 SEC teams in the top 13 and the next team not showing up until 37th (USC) seems a bit strange. Very top heavy.

I'm also not sold on Ole Miss as a top 10 team.

gadawgs158 said...

jman, i also agree that preseason polls mean nothing, it just gives us all something to debate about.. but last year, even though we ended up where we did. i dont think we were over-rated.. going into last season we were the hottest team in the nation, we had two future top picks at rb and qb, we had a swagger on defense from the year before. so i think we were ranked fairly going into the year.. obviously injuries and penalties grounded us, and we didnt finish the year #1.

Just like this, i feel that we are fairly ranked starting the season.

let me change my stance a little.. preseason polls DO matter a bit. Just ask auburn from a few years back, ask richt from 2 years ago..

If Florida, Texas USC and VT all go undefeated, guess who is playing for the championship.. Fla and Texas because where they were ranked at the beginning of the year.. conference toughness also influences that. but for the most part if your ranked 1 or 2 going into the year, and you win them all, your not going to get leap frogged but a team with the same record

Kevin said...

Preseason polls don't matter?
Auburn: 2004.

I agree with your stance on polls coming out in week 8, but then what would we be talking about right now.

The most striking thing about this is the absence of ANY Big East teams. Aren't they a "BCS" conference?

Anonymous said...

gadawgs158 - your post illustrates why preseason polls do more harm than good.

As for this poll, I agree that Bama at #5 is retarded. LSU doesn't deserve a top 10 ranking at this point either and I am definitely not sold on Ole Miss. Basically, the SEC west is a total crapshoot as per usual.

Anonymous said...

What the puck...Utah at 18?

mitchellpreacher said...

The thing that strikes me is the Mountain West Conference. They have three of their nine teams in the top 25. How is it that these three schools are in the top 25 from the Mountain West.

If the argument for the MWC not to be in the BCS is that they do not play hard enough schedules to warrant consideration then why are they so high. I mean they have a higher percentage of school from their division than the Big East or ACC.

The Big East has none in the top 25.

The ACC has 4 of 12.

Is the disparity that much between the MWC and these other two conferences. I don't think so.

This does open up a can of worms for the BCS discussion to exclude the MWC. If they are going to be ranked better than any of the other conferences then why should they not be included.

I personally don't care one way or another. Include them or not; either way UGA is going to have to win its games and let everything else fall into place. GATA.

Jman781 said...

gadawgs158 - Agreed. Like I said, for positioning purposes the polls are important. I just feel that since they ARE that important, the arbitrary basis in which the polls are created to begin a season is the exact reason I hate preseason polls. By week 8, the rankings would look much different. Teams that have lost would be removed from the top 10, as well as teams that are still undefeated but look unimpressive.

For example, say UGA wins every game by double digits heading into the Florida week (which would be the first week I would have teams actually ranked). Under the current system, they would likely still be behind teams like USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Ole Miss, etc., if those teams were undefeated but only winning games by a few points. Under my system, there would be no starting point until week 8, and UGA would have a better shot at landing the 1 or 2 poll position...Of course, I would have a pretty good feeling about the season if UGA is indeed 7-0 and averaging double digit wins heading into the UF game! I hope I have a chance to see if I am right...

gadawgs158 said...

anon 2:22... elaborate please

Anonymous said...


The elaboration is simple. Auburn should have played for the national championship but they were HARMED by the preseason polls when the BCS numbers came out.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are still looking for your manhood after playing Alabama last year and you have a problem with them being ranked #5? Some of you should have followed Kyle's advice and let it bleed.

Smitty said...

Auburn would not have jumped over either USC or Oklamhoma that year if they had started higher. Only if they had been preseaon #1 or #2 would they have been in the nat. title game. Auburn had a horrible non-conference schedule and quite frankly they just were not as thrilling of a pick that Oklahoma and Southern Cal were. It may not be fair but that is the way it is.

jaxdawg said...

Who cares?

Just beat 'em.

And a big F you to the Iranian kid with the attitude problem.

You know who you are.

Anonymous said...

We finished 13th and 10th last year in the polls with 3 losses. We were blown out in 2 of those losses and gave up 45 points in the other loss. We had the 29th scoring offense and the 58th scoring defense. We lost our quarterback and running back with no clear good sucessors. So assuming we are not as good on offense this year and we stay the same on defense, I am surprised we are not ranked lower. If we win 8 games this yearduring the season I will count it as a successful year.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone check out CFN rankings? UGA at #5. Interesting

Hunkering Hank said...

Anon. at 6:07 p.m. - we had a ton of injuries on the two deep last season. With those guys back, we have a much deeper team. That may be a factor you are ignoring in your analysis. Of course, this is why they play the games.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Random observations:

-No Clemson. They'll win 9 games this year.

-Great opportunity for UGA to move up if they can TCOB in week one.

-No problem with Bama being #5. They went 12-2 last year with an atrocious QB.

-BYU? Really?

-USC and Ole Miss are a bit high.

Anonymous said...

Auburn '04 in a National Championship game? LOL

You wanna know why that Auburn team didn't play for the championship...

-The Citadel
-Louisiana Tech

That's why.

Anonymous said...

Didn't UF play the Citadel and Hawaii?

That basically throws out the Auburn schedule argument.

Anonymous said...

There weren't 2 other undefeated teams last year.

In '04 you had 4 undefeated teams. One of them played an embarrassingly weak non-conference schedule.

Anonymous said...

Hunkering Hank, I hope you are right and it was all the fault of having too many injuries and other correctable problems (penalties, etc.). That is why this year is a critical year for the coaches. If we turn it around and develop a good defense, don't have the offense or the defense fails to show up and play competitively, then we are fine. But if it is because of coaching, then Richt will have to make adjustments on his staff.

Anonymous said...

Ole Miss sticks out. Following the Phil Steele logic about strength and experience along the trenches I have to think they're too high. They lost some very good players on the OL and DL. Notre Dame, they've been overated for the last ten years. Bama earned it, now they've got to prove it with a new QB and some changes in the OL.

The 'dogs slotted well with plenty of chances to move to the top 5.

Anonymous said...

Preseason polls are complete horse manure anyway. Discussing them is an utter waste of time.

coreyugacubs9 said...

cal ranked ahead of us wow

Anonymous said...

I'm beyond sick of Ohio State being ranked high. They've gotten waxed in 3 out of their last 4 big out-of-conference games (the other was still a loss) - see below. They're a perfect example of why the whole system is flawed. Their conference sucks, so they pile up wins and get to the top of the rankings by default. Most of the people who vote in these polls (including the coaches) are either a) too stupid to see through this, b) not paying close enough attention or c) biased as hell.

Florida L 41-14 (nat'l champ game)

LSU L 38-24 (nat'l Champ game)

at USC L 35-3
Texas L 24-21 (Fiesta Bowl)

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:33

Aside from beating Va Tech in the '06 Chik-Fil-A Bowl I can't think of a significant game/opponent UGA has won/beaten during that same time period.

OSU and UGA played a common opponent last year: MSU.

OSU beat MSU 45-7 (in East Lansing)

UGA beat MSU 24-12 (in Orlando)

You can be upset all you want with OSU being ranked high but don't pretend the Dawgs could hang with the Buckeyes.

coreyugacubs9 said...

all stupid jealous ohio state fans need to go back on there own blogs and cry about how bad they suck vs the sec GO DAWGS

Anonymous said...


Florida and LSU typically beat the hell out of the Dawgs too. You are not part of the SEC elite.

coreyugacubs9 said...

we beat lsu at lsu last year dude

Anonymous said...

Last 3 Georgia-LSU games:

2008 in Baton Rouge - Georgia 52, LSU 38

2005 in SEC Champ Game - Georgia 34, LSU 14

2004 in Athens - Georgia 45, LSU 16

Nice try Anon 6:34.

Anonymous said...

I know Ohio State is playing USC this year (and will probably get slaughtered again) but shouldn't they be doing more with their out-of-conference schedule to make up for the Big 10 games? Navy, Toledo, and New Mexico State aren't exactly cutting the mustard.

Anonymous said...

Could we be the opening college gameday game? Big opening matchup, on ABC...

Hunkering Hank said...

And OSU fan, don't forget, UGA whipped Florida's ass two seasons ago on top of that string of LSU wins. The DAWGS are definitely elite. Might not have played up to expectations last year, might have a Florida problem, but we will take OSU any time, any place, any day. Go win a single bowl game against an SEC team before you come back here talkin' that weak ass smack.

Anonymous said...


LOL at bragging about beating a 4 loss Florida team. Hell, a Big Ten team beat that Florida team too!

UGA is hardly elite. All UGA does is whine about how tough the SEC is. I don't hear the Gators whining about it. Win your conference more than once every decade and maybe you can be considered elite.

OSU: 7 National Championships and 7 Heismans.

UGA: 2 National Championships and 2 Heismans.

Oh, and OSU has over 800 wins.

Come talk to me when your little program reaches those milestones.

Anonymous said...

Great, sport, we've won the SEC twice in 7 years. We're elite even by your definition.

Now run along and come back when your little program plays a competitive game against anyone in the SEC.

Anonymous said...

OSU has beaten SEC teams plenty of times. Hell, I was in the Shoe when OSU beat LSU. Great game.

Again, UGA has a long, long way to go before it can be in the same league as OSU. Talk to me when you achieve even close to what the Buckeyes have achieved.

Anonymous said...

Why yes, Anon@10:18, I guess you have beaten SEC teams plenty of times, if plenty means 3.


But hey, congrats on those victories over Vandy and Kentucky. And the one over LSU--but if you're going to 'LOL' (at 9:31) about someone mentioning a blowout win 2 years ago against "4-loss UF", maybe you shouldn't mention a 3-point win against a 4-loss LSU 21 years ago.

Of course, you only won 3 other games that year, so I guess it was a highlight.

Looks like you play 2 top 20 teams this year--that's about double the usual.

Anonymous said...

And UGA is 0-2 against the Big East. That obv means that UGA isn't as good as any team in the Big East.

Again, 7 National Championships, 7 Heismans, 800+ wins. I'm not sure how many All Americans UGA has but I'm sure it's less than OSU.

Why are you bragging about playing in a conference when you are one of the medicore teams in said conference.


Hobnail_Boot said...

Ahhh, my favorite.. anOSU fans.

The class of Tennessee, the recruiting tactics of Alabama, and the little brother complex of Auburn.. all rolled into one.

Hunkering Hank said...

Anon. Your "logic" is ridiculous. Even assuming UGA were mediocre by SEC standards (which, by any objective measure it is not), OSU has not done well against SEC teams - from the bottom feeders (South Carolina bowl losses) to the top (Florida, LSU, Georgia). OSU has a great history, nobody is saying it doesn't - but I'm talking about here and now. For all OSU has accomplished, it has had its clock cleaned for the last decade by the SEC. And by the way, what's UGA's record against OSU and the Big Ten?

Anonymous said...


I believe UGA is 10-8 against the Big10 and like 1-0 against OSU. UGA beat a Herbie led team (arguably one of the worst QB's in OSU history).

OSU doesn't measure success by beating SEC teams. SEC teams are no different than any other conference as far as OSU is concerned.

I'm measuring UGA's programs against OSU's overall.

Doing so there is no comparison.

Anonymous said...


Trust me. OSU does not have a little brother complex...especially when we're talking about comparing the Bucks to UGA.

Anonymous said...

From the official tOSU website the overall record of tOSU in bowl games is 18-21. Wow for such a wonderful team you guys sure do suck when you play outside your conference.

The argument about the 800 wins would be a good argument if it was not the case that Michigan has more wins than you. By your reasoning Michigan is a better team than you.

Sure if you want to compare accomplishments we can. tOSU likes to claim 7 National Championships. How many of those are unanimous? How many of those are granted by credible sources? As a matter of fact UGA and tOSU shared a national championship in 1968. The difference is that we don't count that as national championships. So go pound your drum somewhere else with your chump national championships.

Honestly I only count 6 Heisman trophy winners. Just because Archie won it twice does not mean you get to count him twice. Surely beating out Chuch Muncie in 1975 must have been a down year for football.

Anonymous said...

One of those "7" NC's was in 1970, when Ohio State LOST ITS BOWL GAME, and wasn't #1 in either the AP or UPI.

PTC DAWG said...

So we have a Ohio St fan on here? LOL

UGA will finish higher than 13th when the dust settles.

Anonymous said...

Pretty easy to pile up 800 wins when your only tough game each year is Michigan.

And 7 Nat'l Championships? Who do you think you're kidding?

Anonymous said...

By even the most modest assessment OSU has more National Championships than the's simply fact. And yes, OSU does count all 7 Heismans even though Archie won it twice.

OSU bowl record is deceiving. For the longest time the Big 10 didn't allow any of its team to play any bowl outside the Rose. So basically if you didn't win the conference you weren't allowed to go to ANY bowl.

Dawg fans are so cute. They so badly want to be one of the elite programs in college football. The only problem is they don't have the historical (or current) accomplishments to warrant it.

The Cuatro said...

7 national titles...


DWH said...

Is this OSU fan serious? I'm really having a tough time telling whether he's being facetious or not. What an absolute delusional douche bag.

Anonymous said...


Delusional? You just defined Bulldawg nation. Most delusional fans in college football. UGA football history is a joke compared with the big boys.

Anonymous said...


OSU has 5 AP titles. How many does UGA have?

Nothin' Finer said...

Try this quote from ESPN's Geoffrey Norman:

"Several schools have won national championships and fielded Heisman winners. And these accomplishments go a long way toward making a program eligible for "elite" status in the universe of college football. But a few teams have gone even further and become iconic. To get to this level, you need to have been coached, at some time, by a man whose name is mythic -- like, oh, Pop Warner. You need a stadium that doesn't even have to go by its proper name, so when the team is at home, you could say it plays "between the hedges." You need a mascot that everyone in the world recognizes -- an English bulldog would do nicely. And you need a war cry that has been appropriated all over the football world but resonates best in the original, 'How 'bout them Dawgs!'
One team, of course, has all these things and, thus, an undeniable place in the pantheon of college football programs. It is impossible, in short, to imagine college football without the University of Georgia."

Anonymous said...

Woody Hayes

The Shoe

Script Ohio

Plays in the greatest rivalry in all of sports

Etc, etc.

Plus the National Championships and Heismans.

DWH said... you have nothing better to do with your life? You play in a joke of a conference pal. Face it, when OSU plays one of the "big boys" they get throttled and embarrassed. Why you would come on a UGA board and spout this nonsense is beyond me.

Paul Westerdawg said...

UGA is 11th all-time in wins. Ohio State is only 5th. Southern Cal is 10th. If Southern Cal is elite at 10th, we're elite at 11th. UGA is ahead of LSU and Florida by that metric. If you're going to count total wins, UGA is elite.

In terms of winning percentage, UGA is 11th among schools who have at least 500 wins.

Georgia hasn't lost to a team that was a Big 10 member at the time since 1956. During that team, we've beaten Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State (2x) Purdue (2x), and Wisconsin (2x). None of those games were played at home, and all were played on New Year's Day or later...except Michigan which was played regular season in the Big House.

Heisman's...who cares. It's a popularity contest.

Since 1968, Georgia has EXACTLY the same number of legitimate National Titles as Ohio State.
But none of that matters. All that matters is Georgia beat Ohio State, and Ohio State hasn't beaten Georgia. Or any other SEC team in a long damn time.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Over the past 12 seasons:

UGA - 119 wins
Florida - 118 wins
Tennessee - 111 wins
LSU - 105 wins
AU - 98 wins

Ohio State - 118 wins

Over the past 10 years:
UGA = 100 wins
OSU = 97 wins

Know what you're talking about before you come on someone else's blog talking smack.

Anonymous said...

I love it. I love the "we were awesome decades and decades and decades ago" argument. Under that standard, GT is superior to every SEC team, for in the 1950s, they were something special!

I am not making the argument that tOSU is a terrible team; however, let's keep this to the last decade please. And if y'all are elite, then we are. If you don't include us, then you must only include teams like Florida and USC and, maybe, LSU or Texas. And against those teams, we have fared better. Even in your mNC year of 2002, you didn't exactly dominate your opponents and luckily dodged the second best team that year in your own conference (Iowa) due to the fact your conference packs it in early every year and doesn't play a championship game.

Also, for a terrible team that is not elite, please peruse the NFL rosters for a second. Count the players. Look at the recent drafts. Count the players. For a team that is closer to Kentucky than LSU (in your world), why does the NFL keep taking our trash???? Oh, yeah, because, as Westerdawg pointed out in this post and the next post, we have won the most games in the last decade. Not too shabby for a non-elite team...

Anonymous said...

hey i'm getting the last word on the OSU guy...

how many times has OSU beaten a SEC team since 1936?

once so STFU

Anonymous said...

Keep the argument to the last decade?

Ok, sure.

OSU has a National Championship AND a Heisman the last decade.


If all times wins doesn't matter, why do wins only over the last decade matter?

You have to count them all. UGA has a long way to go before it catches OSU in wins.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12AM

When was the last time UGA beat a Big East team?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:22,

When was the last time an Ohio State fan rode someone else's coattails? Answer: 12:22.

Georgia's got more wins than Ohio State in the last decade ... and we play in the SEC. God knows how many wins we'd have if we got to play Ohio State's schedules. Meanwhile, the Buckeyes would likely be on the level of Arkansas if they played in our league.

Anonymous said...

LOL...typical Dawg fan. Use the SEC as an excuse. Playing in the SEC hasn't seemed to bother the Gators much.

Anonymous said...

An OSU fan boasting that we can't hang with his buckeyes (even though they can't beat any SEC team in a bowl game to save their lives) is the equivalent of some South Carolina fan telling Texas fans that they can't hang with their history and tradition.

Jman781 said...

Last comment and then I am going to hang up and let y'all discuss further, if y'all wish.

1. One has to look at the quality of wins versus the quantity of wins. Not all wins are created equal. In is not even debated that the South has better recruiting grounds than the Northeast and the Midwest. While we can debate recruiting rankings later, the caliber of player that an SEC school gets is much higher than the caliber that a Big Ten school gets. That's not say an individual on a Big Ten team cannot be an All American, but the speed and the size of an SEC player simply is greater. Once again, look at the draft classes. Thus, UGA is playing teams with better average players than Ohio State does, for most top recruits end up on OSU, Michigan and Penn State, while teams like Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Michigan State, etc. just don't cut it. Once OSU plays a team not in the Big Ten, what is their record? Please. Tell me???

2. If you love history so much, other than tOSU and Michigan, what other team (Penn State joined in the 1990s) makes the Big Ten so tough???? Purdue? Iowa? The SEC? What about Alabama? Auburn? Two teams we haven't even discussed. Is Alabama an elite team? Notre Dame? Historically yes, but right now? Other than last year, what has Alabama done lately? Do you think Michigan is a better team than y'all? Historically? Right now? Careful how you answer.

Is Florida considered elite? Please answer. If so, you are limiting them to the 1990s and later, for before that, they were absolutely nothing, save a few years here and there. Thus, if you want to count historical numbers, you are getting manhandled by teams far inferior to your program, like LSU, Florida and UGA (remember: 1-0 against tOSU). Historically, UGA STILL has a winning record against Florida, and even I would be stupid to say that we are better than them right now. Stupid.

4. Why do I limit to the last decade? Considering that we are debating this on a national preseason ranking post, we are debating which teams are better NOW. Why do I care if tOSU could have beaten us in 1970? I was not even born yet. 5 SEC schools are in the top 13. How many Big Ten Schools are in top 25? 3. Thus, we're not the only ones who think that the SEC is better than the Big Ten.

5. I am tired of teams touting the National Championship as a magical "we're better than you" argument. In case you have not noticed, there is not a playoff system in college football. Thus, letting computers decide who wins a championship is hardly definitive. What were the records of Florida and LSU when they won their National Titles? They had a combined 5 losses over their 4 titles. Why is it UGA's fault that in the year they have one loss they don't go? Why is it Auburn's fault that they go undefeated and don't even get a shot at a title? This argument fails miserably, for it depends on luck. A team can only control what they do on the field, not what computers and other teams do around the country. As an aside, OSU is in the only conference that does not settle their championship on the field. At least everyone in the Pac 10 play each other. Once again, in 2002, if find it convenient that you avoid Iowa the entire year...

Anonymous said...

We've already discussed this decade...

OSU has a National Championship and a Heisman...this decade.

What does UGA have? Excuses.

The SEC is a power conference now but that has hardly been the case throughout history.

The SEC was known as a one team conference for a very long time (much like the Pac 10 today). Alabama and a bunch of scrubs. At least OSU competed with the other power team in its conference.

PTC DAWG said...

Is there not an Ohio State board that would love to hear your drivel?

Anonymous said...


I'm just responding to the person who is sick of OSU being ranked so high. He obv doesn't remember last year and how overrated UGA was at the beginning of the year.

Anonymous said...

You're a moron. We were ranked #1 preseason and it lasted only about a month until we were knocked off. We weren't vaulted to the top of the rankings again this year. Ohio State continues to get rankings love even though they've been getting creamed the last few years.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time OSU lost to a team that didn't play in a BCS bowl game?

And yes, OSU lost to Texas last year but they hardly got creamed (with a true Freshman QB and center no less). Texas is being picked as a National Championship contender by everyone.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time OSU beat a team that played in a BCS bowl game?

And yes, OSU lost to USC last year 35-3.

Gen. Stoopnagle said...

What? Not at tOSU's level?

And we're talking history?

And no one has mentioned the 1993 Citrus Bowl?

That reminds me. I need to send a thank you card to Herbie for coughing it up in the clutch. Go Bucks indeed.

21-14 bucknut!

Gen. Stoopnagle said...


We were such a solid #1 last year that we got demoted to #2 after winning in week one. And to #3 after winning in week 2.

We were barely #1 for a week let along a month.

JasonC said...

Does the OSU fan (anon 7:57, et al.) keep trotting Florida out there to insult us or to praise his master? Because after all, OSU is just as much Florida's bitch as we are. Seriously, when was the last time OSU beat an SEC team or better yet, UGA?

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