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September 4, 2009

Cox tells the AJC: "I will play tomorrow"

ESPN and both reported that Joe Cox has the flu, and he's expected to play in tomorrow's game against Oklahoma State. Tim Tucker spoke with Joe minutes ago, and Joe says he will play.

He's on a separate flight from the rest of the team to Stillwater.

Don't get your hopes up Cowboy fans. The Ginger Ninja is coming.



Anonymous said...

From a reliable source he is just fine.

Anonymous said...

Ginja Ninja? Gordon Strachan is QBing Georgia in Stillwater??

Andy said...

Eh, Cox will be there. Enough said. Choke on it, Cowboys.

Sam said...

I pray this does not spread through the team.

Dawg Stephen said...

He had the symptoms and didnt practice on THURSDAY. which means he has been getting treatment, and has been getting better all day on Friday. Held back from teammates as precaution. Flew in Friday evening.

Joe will play. At what level??

Go Dawgs

Quinton McDawg said...

I'll be chanting "Cough on 'em, Joe" tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Joe Cox doesn't get the flu, the flu gets Joe Cox.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Anon 12:39...Bravo...

MykieSee said...

I think it's a Ho-Axe by Evil Richt.

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