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September 4, 2009

Reading for the Plane and a Few Notes

If you're heading out to Stillwater or just want to do a little cramming before Saturday's game, here's a few resources you should check out.
  • The UGA Game Notes are here in convenient .pdf format. Page two is a handy, one-page depth chart for both teams. Print it out and there's your free, single page program. The rest of the file is made up of handy facts for the season and the Okie State game specifically.
  • Here are OSU's game notes.
  • The Poke athletic department has also put together this Gameday Guide that has some useful info on Stillwater and Oklahoma in general.
  • If you haven't read Chris Brown's technical breakdown of Oklahoma State's speed option, you should read it before the game. It is his usual fantastic stuff.
A few other notes:
  • The pregame handshakes went well last night. If you saw them on TV, it was just each player shaking hands with an opposing player, not a little league style high five line. The postgame handshakes didn't go so smoothly.
  • UGA alum John Isner advanced to the third round of the U.S. Open and will face Andy Roddick Saturday. Last time we played Oklahoma State, Isner faced Federer in the third round during part of the game. That didn't go well for Isner, but did go well for the Dawgs. Coincidence?
If you're traveling to Stillwater, be safe and be loud. Otherwise, have a good Labor Day weekend.

PWD Update 2: ESPN and are both reporting that Joe Cox has the flu, but he's expected to play. One way or the other, looks like The Grayhound is playing.



Anonymous said...

Anybody hearing about the flu situation?

7-5 said...

Looks like Cox has the flu and is traveling tonight without the team.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope it is the Michael Jordan strand of the flu that enables people to perform even better than usual

Anonymous said...

Or the Tiger Woods puke-behind-a-tree-and-win-flu.

Anonymous said...

Even though that punch was wrong. How about single punch that drops a lineman? That was wicked. Right on the square part of the jaw. Great Punch but unforgivable behavior.

nemov said...

Who starts if Cox can't play?

nemov said...

Logan Gray of course! Hopefully Cox can play. If Gray plays and we win it would create a nasty QB controversy for the rest of the season and if we lose...

Tommy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tommy said...

I'll cop to being overly superstitious, but still. From here on out, the term "grayhound" needs to go the way of "cherrishinski." Let us not speak of this again.

Paul Westerdawg said...


Why? Because of the Flu? Get serious.

Tommy said...


Get serious about controlling my superstitiousness? You get serious. I wish I could help it. So does my wife.

Seriously, feel free to heap all kinds of scorn and ridicule on me if we're celebrating a big win tomorrow night, particularly if Joe lights it up. I'll welcome it.

In the meantime, my ears are deaf to the word.


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