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September 16, 2009

Georgia vs. Florida Cut-Off Scores Announced

Florida Regular:
All contributors who ordered with a cumulative score of 9,200 and higher will receive tickets.

Florida Club:
All contributors who ordered with a cumulative score of 49,837 and higher will receive club level tickets.

Florida tickets will mail no later than Monday, September 21 via US Priority Mail with Signature Required.

Refund checks for unfulfilled orders will be issued the week of 9-21.
Georgia-Florida Game Parking:
The Georgia Bulldog Club receives a limited number of parking passes at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium for the Georgia versus Florida game. Hartman Fund donors who contribute a minimum of $5,000 and receive Georgia versus Florida game tickets through the Athletic Association will have the opportunity to receive a parking pass at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium for the Georgia versus Florida game, at no extra cost. For the 2009 game, all Hartman Fund contributors who qualified will receive a parking pass with their game tickets.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know the cut-off scores for last year's game?

Football Dude said...

2008 Cutoffs......

*Florida Club Level: Hartman Fund contributors who ordered Club Level tickets for the Florida game and who have a cumulative score of 42,500 and higher will receive Club Level tickets.

Florida: Hartman Fund contributors who ordered Florida game tickets and who have a cumulative score of 8,460 and higher will receive Regular/Non-Club tickets.

Trey said...

Can someone explain this process to me? Or point me to where I can see in dollar signs how much you have to donate to get what... I'm almost done with med school, and so is my fiance. We just want to know how much money it will cost us to get good tickets for each season. We want to know if its 5,000 dollars a year, or 20,000 dollars a year. Just an idea, we're not alumni. Thanks

sUGArdaddy said...

Being alumni means nothing. Points are based on dollars given over a lifetime. And there is a minimum dollar amount to get the right to buy season tickets. The cheapest of those is $250 each. So, theoretically, you could donate $500 total for the right to buy 2 tickets and renew those each year w/ the same minimum amount. However, demand has gone up so high in recent years, that you can't just start out at the minimum. If you give around $5,000, that will get your cumulative points up to 5000 and you'll probably be okay. Once you get season tickets, it only takes the minimum donation each season to retain them. If we go on an SEC or national championship run...that first year number will be something like $10,000-$15,000.

Anonymous said...

This will get you started in understadning the system:

There are also a few links within that article which are helpful.

$4,200 would have gotten you in the door for season tickets in 2009. The number should be lower for 2010 because the economy will still have a negative impact, and if we don't get better on defense, this year's potentially poor season will discourage renewals.

Anonymous said...

Call Steven Farmer at Athletic Ass'n and start writing checks!

Trey said...

And by in the door, you mean the worst possible seats? Like, is it a "senior status" type of thing where the longer you give money, the more you can move up to better seats through the years? Or will a certain amount get me good seats right off the bat?

Paul Westerdawg said...


Here's what you need to understand. The season ticket *contribution* gives you the right to buy a *renewable* season ticket.

That means that as long as you keep giving the minimum (once you get in for the first time), you keep getting that seat.

The only way to get a seat is to have someone else die or give up those seats.

To improve your seats, you need to contribute more than another person who wants to upgrade their existing seat.

You should call the athletic dept and not ask us. Just ask..."If I had contributed 4,500 last year, where would my 2 season tickets have been located?"

That doesn't mean that's where you'll be next year. But it'll give you a frame of reference.

(btw -- if you're willing to seat below the 5 or 10th row, you can get lower level tickets sometimes for much less point contribution than you'd think)

Squarebush said...

In other news, Adams on the tailgating trash situation, per the AJC:

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