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October 26, 2009

Tech Karma? Significant schedule conflict may emerge

When it comes to basketball, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are one of the toughest teams for the Bulldogs to schedule. Tech's preference is to pick a date when the UGA students are out of town and our fans are ideally traveling to or from a bowl game.

Georgia Tech travels to Athens to play the Bulldogs on Jan. 5, 2010 at 7:00 pm. Kickoff for the Orange Bowl (home of the ACC Champion) is 8:00 pm on the same day.

Ideally, Tech won't be in the Orange Bowl. However, with Miami's epic bed wetting against Clemson and Tech holding the tie breakers on VT...things look extremely good for the Yellow Jackets to make it to the ACC title game. From there, they could face the 4th or 5th best team in their conference.

Karma's a bitch.



Jason said...


I like your site a lot man. I am going to try to read it every day to keep up on some issues. In the meantime, I was wondering if we could exchange links. My site is I'm trying to make it a place for sports fans to come and debate and discuss sports 24/7. It's going to take a lot of work, but I'm willing to put the time in.

Let me know if this is possible.


Dawgnoxious said...

In fairness, GTU has absolutely no experience scheduling around meaningful bowl games. The schedulers had every reason to expect their season would have been over for weeks.

Anonymous said...

What game are we supposed to watch?

Why is UGA scheduling basketball games, especially important ones during BCS bowls?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:39, the SEC sends their rep to the Sugar which is on New Years day. The Orange would have a very slim chance of ever having a SEC team in it and the MNCG is later than Jan 5, so really there is no reason not to schedule it on that day.

Anonymous said...

this post is weak, i dont really think that this would "show" tech anything, they'd still be in the orange bowl.. who cares about the basketball game at that point.. even if we win, what are we gonna say.. haha we beat yall at basketball, oh yeah i didnt realize because we were playing in one of the nations most tradition rich bowls at the same time..

the only way this would be good for us is if we won out the football season, and played in a really good bowl as well..

then we would have bragging rights for football.. which is the most important thing.. and then if we beat them on that day.. IF they even make it to that game.. and only then would karma be a bitch..

otherwise we would sound like lame asses trying to talk mess about this

Anonymous said...

anon@ 9:41

Exactly. When we always provided a beat down to the gnats and they beat us in BB and tried to rub it in, I would always say, well, we own you in football, who gives a rats ass about basketball.

Anonymous said...

i vote this post be removed by author, before too many tech fans read this and think that the world is now vice versa...

weak post..

all in favor say I

all opposed same sign

Dan said...


Anonymous said...

This post is pointless! Sorry to say, but the GSB has been on the decline lately.

Anonymous said...

I know UGA has no shot of being in that bowl, but I still don't like the conflict.

What UGA basketball fan is not a fan of college football? What college football fan doesn't want to watch the BCS bowls? Therefore, what UGA basketball fan doesn't want to watch the BCS bowls?

Seriously dawgs, do you go to our basketball game or watch football?

Anonymous said...

I go to the basketball game because:

A. It is a Georgia sporting event, and I love basketball.

2. It's the Orange Bowl. ACC vs. Big East? ACC vs. Big 10 2nd place team? Ga Tech vs. Penn State doesn't really send any blood flowing to my groin.

III. We would have the opportunity to play our in-state rival with an unbelievable advantage, crowd- wise. All of their fans and students would be either watching the game or reading Physics books.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares? Just whip 'em in FOOTBALL on November 28.

KingDawg said...

Anon @8:05, TMI on the blood flowing to the groin area while watching football.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch BCS bowls that Fox has with Thom Brenneman as the announcer.

Of course unless my dawgs are playing.

Anonymous said...

Tech now has a better football program than Georgia and has a better basketball program than Georgia. It is sad that we as UGA fans have been reduced to stuff such as this.

Oh yeah, and Florida is about to make it 17 out of the last 20, maybe win their third MNC in the last four years. They of course have already won back to back NCs in basketball this decade.

When will we as fans start demanding excellence from our sports programs? Because until we do, we are going to be looking up at others.

Seventeen million a year and nothing to show for it.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 8:39,

Why are we scheduling bowls during BCS games? Or other SEC Bowl games?

The SEC has bowl games scheduled for Dec. 27, 28, 31, Jan 1, 2, and potentially 4, 5 and 7. Allowing for travel days, you're talking about not scheduling any basketball games for 2 solid weeks if we were to completely attempt to avoid any conflict.

That's impossible because those two weeks are the top non-conference scheduling days traditionally for hoops.

So you just hope for the best and avoid games on Jan. 1st or the national title game.

We haven't been to the Orange Bowl since 1960. There's a pretty good change that Jan. 5th is going to be free for our football fans.


Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 11:00,

My post may be weak. But not as weak as being scared of a Tech fan making fun of you.


Anonymous said...

wow pwd, good comeback..

Im just saying, and everyone else seems to agree, that your post seems very pre-2009 tech fan-esk of you.

you basically said "haha you guys will probably win your conference and play in the orange bowl, but we got you good, cause we scheduled the uga-gt basketball game that day! HAHA karma is a bitch.. now go have fun at the orange bowl"


sometime PWD you are literally too dumb to insult.

oh by the way, why does the post above this have a picture of AJ Green catching a downfield pass when the entire post with the exception of 4 sentences is about screen passes..


Anonymous said...

"Tech now has a better football program than Georgia and has a better basketball program than Georgia."

- Better football? One year does not a program make.

- Better basketball? They're saddled with Hewitt. We aren't.

Anonymous said...

Tech fans(all 132)will hear bowl game and go on to emerald bowl in mid dec.The concept of football in jan. is lost.

Wade Wilson said...

To all the morons above, it's "all in favor, say AYE" not "I". Bunch of dummies. Must be Auburn grads.

Anonymous said...

@ Joe-
Do you even read? Can you even read?

Middle screens, slip screens, bubble screens, tunnel screens . .

And then there's the kicker:

Hopefully, that'll open up the down field passes.

And why does it even matter what picture he uses? He's the best player to come thru Athens in years.

Paul Westerdawg said...


I see where you are coming from now. You've won me over with your rhetorical powers.

In an effort to relate to your eloquence and brilliance my retort is...

"Your mom."

Hector Alejandro said...

Georgia Tech will win its game against UGA in football, basketball, and whatever bowl game they go to.

It's really that simple.

Quentin said...

How is karma a bitch when we will be in the Orange Bowl and U(sic)GA might not even make it to a bowl?

FinanceBuzz said...

It's a basketball game. Who cares? Since when does UGA care about basketball?

As for the person that says there could be no SEC team in the Orange, I thought we were told that there two SEC teams were virtually a lock every year. Why couldn't there be a SEC at-large team in the Orange in some years? said...


.... really?

please remove this post

Anonymous said...

what the hell is GTU?

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