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January 22, 2010

Huge win for Landers and the Lady Dawgs

The Lady Dawgs used a stifling defense to overcome an ugly offensive effort in toppling the #3 ranked Lady Vols. For all that Andy Landers has accomplished professionally, he has been cursed with the incredible misfortune of having the greatest coach in his sport's history as his in conference nemesis.

I've always compared Landers to Dean Smith...only imagine if Smith had been forced to play John Wooden 2, 3 or even 4 times per season...for 30 straight years. What would Smith's record and achievement list have looked like in that scenario?

What other Hall of Fame coach in any sport has faced such a burden? Regardless, Landers and his girls knocked down Summit and her boys for the big win. As David Ching said, they are back on the map.

If the Lady Dawgs take care of business against Ole Miss on Sunday, they should enter the Top 5. With a defense this tough, they could make a quality run in March.



Anonymous said...

Funny how the tv broadcasters said at the end of the game "UGA keeps the race alive for the SEC" when really they are in first place and the vols are looking up at the Lady Dogs.
It's too bad we are playing so well in a season where there is no doubt that UCONN is the best team in the country, but it only takes one game. Too bad we couldn't get Maya Moore from Collins Hill. Imagine her on this team.

LO Dawg said...

Agreed PWD.....great effort by the girls last night. Take nothing away from the coaching job down the stretch either. Big win for the program.

LHS said...

Great win and a great crowd. Do not overlook Andy's time management in the second half - our girls were fresh at the end of the game and our bench only received 7 total minutes of court time.

Big game of the boys on Saturday. Let's fill the house for them.

Anonymous said...

The only thing holding this team back is a pure shooter. We can go on long scoring droughts like last night because of the lack of a consistent shooter. But all the other qualities are there. Best pure PG in the country in Houts, slasher in James, Athletic wing in Mitchell, Low post offensive threat in Phillips, and a big body in Robinson. Bench is a bit of concern which might catch up with us in March.

Will said...

Well, I'd rather loose in a championship game to UCONN than the final four. Hopefully we can get a seed on the other side of bracket by winning the regular season in the SEC.

Russ said...

Congrats to Lander and the team!

And, uh, I'm pretty sure Coach Summit has women on their team, not "boys". ;)

David said...

I'd say Landers is more Roy Williams... KANSAS Roy Williams. And that's being generous. Never won a natl title, always overshadowed by the big(ger) boy coaches. Sorry, but apparently I don't hold him in the same high regard as the rest of the Dawg Nation, for several reasons. He couldn't land in-state player of the century Maya Moore, he couldn't win the big one (natty) that year he could, and more like probably should have... and I will NEVER forget the SEC Championship game against Vandy 4 or 5 years ago, when we had a huge first half lead, like 20+ points into the 2nd half, hit a dreadful run of play, he never once called timeout, he just sat there looking like "I can't believe they're doing this TO ME" and we lost another game we should have won, another opportunity to prove our program, and it's coach are bigtime, and he let it slip away. So sorry if I'm not making plans just yet to hang SEC Championship banners or purchase Final Four tickets, not as long as he's the man in charge. Andy Landers might be a good/higher tier NCAABB-W coach, but he's not elite. He's had chances to prove he is, and he fails miserably every time.

Anonymous said...

Landers is not Dean Smith, he is Lefty Dreisell to Dean Smith!!

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