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January 21, 2010

Todd Grantham Interview on 680theFan

680theFan spent 16 minutes today with new UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham discussing his defensive concepts, recruiting and personnel utilization. It's a confidence inspiring conversation.



Clinton said...

Told you, it was epic.

If he coaches half as smart as he talks, we'll be in excellent shape.

Here's to Richard Samuel becoming all SEC LB in year one!

Crane said...

It is very refreshing for a coach to actually get into the x's and o's on a radio interview instead of only the usual platitudes.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, if the 3-4 is so great why isn't everyone running it? Honest question.

Andy said...

Oh, I can't wait until Gary Danielson gets going on the 3-4 when we appear on CBS next Fall. The hype and drama awaits. . .

S.A.W.B. said...

Anon - The 3-4 is difficult to run without the right personnel in the front 7, or, more appropriately, 3 massive space eaters up front. We tend to have that sort of thing in spades.

What makes it good/great is the fact that it allows you to blitz from a greater variety of angles, which helps slow down pass-happy squads. It's also a vastly different read than the standard 4-3 that most college teams run. Think of how effective Charley Strong's 3-3-5 has been at SC and UF. Same idea, different personnel grouping.

fuelk2 said...

By the way, S.A.W.B., I think you'll see a lot of 3-3-5 this fall. We seem to be in nickel quite a bit for match-up purposes, and, if I understand Grantham correctly, that will be the primary alignment in nickel.

Anonymous said...

SAWB- From what I've heard TG doesn't want 3 big space eaters up front. I'm also assuming everyone in the NFL has the talent to run the 3-4, so again. why doesn't everyone run it? There has to be a drawback, I'm just wondering what it is. Single coverage? Soft over the middle?

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