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February 8, 2010

Baseball TV Schedule Released

The SEC released the baseball TV schedule today.  The Dawgs are fairly represented on the slate.  The entire LSU series will be on the tube, but you'll have to tune into three different networks for the three different games.  Parts of the Vandy, Arkansas and Florida weekends are also slated for broadcast.  

It's good to see college baseball getting some serious TV coverage.  The ESPN deal surely helped, as the Dawgs will make appearances on ESPNU and ESPN2 during the season.  Plus, all games that aren't broadcast on ESPNU will be on ESPN360.



Andy said...

I love college baseball, and I can't wait. Obviously, I subscribed back in the day to GXtra for football, but I find that I really get my money out of it during baseball season (and will this year too, since televised UGA baseball doesn't start until early April; oh well).


Anonymous said...

So the Ole Miss game the night before G-day is at 8:00. That weekend is going to be awesome.

I like the number of road games that will be televised. The exposure on ESPN will be great for College baseball and Georgia.

JJH4 said...

8 games are scheduled to be televised. I like the ESPN stuff but that is less total games on TV than the past couple of years.

RB Dawg said...

I am looking forward to this television contract over the next 10 years. Being able to see other smaller sports as well, especially living in alabama where it is Saban talk 365 days a year. Also looking forward to a weekend in the spring with a home baseball along side a home tennis match.

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