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February 17, 2010

Basketball Headlines

Coach Fox's squad faces Tennessee tonight at 8:00 pm in Knoxville.  Here are some headlines leading up to the game:
-- Mark Fox's relationship with UNC's Roy Williams - AJC
-- Fox makes free throws a point of emphasis - ABH
-- Road Wins could extend UGA's season - Hale
-- Bench to help Dawgs - RnB
-- Vols may shuffle their line-up - Knoxville News

By the way, I saw a message board comment that Coach Fox said during a recent Bulldog Hotline that he likes his chances of getting a future home and home with UNC.  He scheduled Roy Williams' teams when Fox was at Nevada so it seems possible.

Tubby was the last coach to book UNC in the regular season, and he got us a 2 for 1 with the #1 ranked Heels rolling into Athens in Jirsa's first year after Tubby left.  Helluva a game with Georgia taking Vince Carter, Antoine Jamison and Jerry Stackhouse into overtime. Sadly, that was Jirsa's last and only flirtation with greatness. Fun game though.



Anonymous said...

Not to be that guy but Stackhouse's career at UNC never overlapped with Jamison and Carter's. Those two were freshmen the year after Stackhouse went to the NBA.
That Guy

stick jackson said...

That UNC game was fun until we started missing free throws. Then it became an exercise in nausea.

It was moments like that horrible loss that I was thinking about as the strange feeling came over me last Saturday against the Chickens that we actually were going to hit our free throws and win the game.

Anonymous said...

Alright Paul, got to call you out on this one. First, its Antawn Jamison. Secondly, Stackhouse never played with Carter or Jamison. Their careers didn't even overlap.


David said...

If I'm not mistaken we had UNC on the ropes in Chapel Hill the next year...then Dryden missed a wide open dunk and it all went downhill from there.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Guys, do you honestly think I'm looking at a media guide. Just going by memory. At least I was there lol.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Btw - I was laughing when I wrote that.

Anonymous said...


We demand nothing less than absolute perfection from unpaid bloggers who spend their free time entertaining us while we get paid to loaf at our actual jobs.

Better shape up, or we'll have to find another bridge to hide under.

+100 cocktails to you for keeping us in the loop.

Anonymous said...

I was there too.


He single handedly kept us in that game.

Ed Cota
Vince Carter
Adamola Oculaja
Antawn Jamison
Serge Zwikker

Shammond Williams and Maktar Ndaiye off the bench...


Anonymous said...

were you laughing out loud?

Andy said...

Don't publish anymore comments until we get this first road win. And don't publish this comment, as it could be a jinx.

But you've got to figure out how to get these comments in real-time before football next fall. Just saying. . .

Anonymous said...

Struggling to play transition d, and struggling to not let ut have lay-ups in the second half. Que cera, cera.

Andy said...

I jinxed us. GD. Delete this and the other please.

Anonymous said...

Wow at least admit your mistake and don't submit a lame excuse. Very immature. Classic PWD...

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, a Robb Dryden reference. That takes me back.

Dan said...

I'm pretty sure James Worthy was on that UNC team

Quinton McDawg said...

Is it me of does UT or UF have the SEC's biggest douchebag basketball player every year. It's like a rotating award between Gainsville and Knoxville. Scotty Hopson or Chism gets the award this year.

Oh yeah, PWD should fire himself.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how Hopson didn't get a T for flexing there in the last few minutes...

I don't know how JP Prince didn't get one for hanging on the rim either.

They said he was making sure not to land on a player, but he had no idea there was anyone under him. He was looking up at the stands the whole time, playing to the crowd.

fuelk2 said...


That comment is worthy of a separate post. I expect Slay and Walsh to be specifically mentioned.

And on the note of real time commenting above, that WOULD be really nice. I know we have no right to ask for anything from a free site, but we're missing a nice forum here. Pre porngate, this was a great place to have a discussion without the general level of idiocy and whining that comes out on the Dawgvent. Don't get me wrong, I check the Dawgvent all the time, but you have to ignore 80% of the posts as flames. Much better success rate with this crowd. Hopefully you guys see this as the backhanded compliment it is.

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